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Learn Plan Profit is the trading course created by Ricky Gutierrez, a young millionaire YouTube star, trader, and entrepreneur. This may be one of the best selling courses on the market right now. The question is – is it worth it?

About Learn Plan Profit

Learn Plan Profit is the brainchild of Ricky Gutierrez, a young trader from Arizona. Learn Plan Profit’s parent company, Techbud Solutions, offers a couple of courses, but it appears as if the stock trading services are the most popular.  So who exactly is Ricky Gutierrez, and what does Learn Plan Profit offer to traders? We set out to review the service and learn more.

Ricky Gutierrez

Who is Ricky Gutierrez?

Ricky Gutierrez is a young entrepreneur and day trader from Gilbert, Arizona. On his Instagram page, he claims to be the “youngest millionaire in Gilbert, AZ.” Ricky found early success in the world of trading, and he has since turned his company, Techbud Solutions, into an online content powerhouse catering to young entrepreneurs. While the bulk of Ricky’s content is focused on stock trading, he also expands into other entrepreneurial ventures, such as flipping cars and real estate. For the sake of our review, we’re most interested in Ricky’s trading.

I initially became aware of Ricky Gutierrez after seeing a viral video on YouTube that showcased Ricky’s trading profits. That led me to the Techbud Solutions Facebook Group, which is the biggest trading group I’m aware of. The group, which is teeming with Robinhood screenshots from new traders, is home to many who are seeking to emulate Ricky’s strategy by following the lessons he teaches on YouTube and in his premium day trading course.

Ricky has a large audience. At the time of writing, the Facebook group has over 300,000 members, his YouTube channel has over 900,000 subscribers, and his Instagram account has over 180,000 followers.

There’s no doubt that Ricky has done a good job of creating a business out of teaching trading. The question is – is his material worth paying attention to?

I felt inclined to dig deeper to see if Ricky’s strategy was legit or if he was just another YouTube star selling a dream.

What is Learn Plan Profit?

After watching a few of Ricky’s YouTube videos and monitoring the content in the Facebook group, I became curious about the hype. I’m a natural skeptic when it comes to anything “guru-related” in the trading world, so I started diving deeper in. It was easy enough to figure out that Ricky’s free trading videos and the group were designed to help promote his course, Learn Plan Profit. While the course isn’t promoted aggressively, it’s the main product Ricky sells, so it’s clear that his business model is centered around the Learn Plan Profit course.

This seemed like the appropriate target for my research.

Learn Plan Profit

There are a lot of overnight gurus who create courses and subsequently make more money from teaching than they do from trading. I have no problem with people profiting from education, but I’m inclined to objectively analyze the quality of the content. The Learn Plan Profit course has generated over $1 million in revenue since it launched, meaning it has sold upwards of 3,000 copies (as previously showcased by ClickFunnels). The Learn Plan Profit website mentions that the discord group has over 20,000 active members, which means the course may have generated upwards of $5 million in revenue. There’s no doubt that this is a popular course and trading group. The question is – is it legit?

Today’s review will focus on the quality of the Learn Plan Profit course in an effort to determine whether or not it is an effective trading course.

Learn Plan Profit Review: Key Facts
📈 Course Material Technical Analysis, Trade Management, Swing Trading, Mindset
💰 Pricing $299
Discounts $75 Off
Best For Beginner Traders
🙍‍♂ Key People Ricky Gutierrez

Learn Plan Profit Pricing

The Learn Plan Profit course sells for $299 for lifetime access. This price is on the low-end for comprehensive trading courses, and there are none of those sneaky up-sells that you often find in other low-priced trading courses.

I was impressed by the pricing and even more impressed by the fact that Ricky doesn’t tirelessly peddle the course to his “free” audience.

Learn Plan Profit Coupons

Coupons are available from time to time, but there are no ongoing discounts. Your best bet at finding a coupon is by watching Ricky’s live videos where he will sometimes share a limited discount on the Learn Plan Profit course. Currently, the best deal is $75 off, which you can claim using the link below.

EXCLUSIVE: Save $75 on the Learn Plan Profit Course

Learn Plan Profit Course

The Learn Plan Profit course is designed to be a comprehensive trading course for beginner traders. The course features over 70 videos that total 7 hours of viewing time. The video formats switch between live-recorded videos of Ricky talking and screen recordings where Ricky discusses different trading strategies.

Learn Plan Profit Course

So, what exactly is covered in the course?

Module 1: Mastering the Market

The first module of the course serves as a foundation for new traders. Ricky introduces the concepts of small-cap trading and covers a handful of related topics.

Ricky Gutierrez Learn Plan Profit

Two things surprised me when I started watching the course.

First, Ricky doesn’t try to make trading seem overly easy. This is a problem with many trading “gurus” who lure new traders in under the guise of a foolproof system. Ricky stays true to the education process and offers lessons, not marketing pitches.

Second, the content itself is surprisingly comprehensive and well-created. Of course, that should be expected when paying for a course, but I’ll admit I had my doubts when purchasing a course from a young YouTube millionaire.

Anyway, back to the course.

The first module is designed to familiarize new traders with basic trading principles, methodologies, and tools of the trade. Each video is relatively short and focuses on a single topic. Here’s what’s covered in module 1:

  • What Are Low Cap Stocks? (AKA Penny Stocks)
  • Support and Resistance
  • How Much Money To Start Investing With
  • How to Get the Most Out of Paper Trading
  • How To Use TD Ameritrade
  • The Most Important Indicator
  • What Are Pump and Dumps
  • The Core Styles of Trading
  • The PDT Rule
  • 4 Keys to Technical Trading Success
  • Why To NEVER Hold Penny Stocks
  • Setting Expectations and How to Stay Consistent with Your Trades
  • BulletProof Process to Identify Potential
  • How, When and Why To Cut Your Losses
  • How to Manage Risk
  • Ricky’s Golden Ratio
  • How to Avoid Hype (and Identify Real Opportunity)

Module 2: The Mechanics of Trading

Module 2 of the Learn Plan Profit course begins to dive into some of the more actionable trading lessons. Whereas module 1 helps traders build a strong foundation, module 2 starts to prepare traders for real trading.

This module covers topics like building watch lists, reading charts, and monitoring level 2. The content is beginner-friendly, and each video within the module serves as a basic “101” course on the designated topic. For example, the level 2 video provides an explanation of what level 2 is and why it matters, but it doesn’t go into any advanced strategies. Similarly, the candlestick video provides an elementary explanation of how candles work but doesn’t dive deeper into candlestick trading strategies.

Learn Plan Profit Course Module 2

If you’re already familiar with the topics discussed in the videos, you’re unlikely to learn anything new, but Ricky does a good job of simplifying these trading lessons. This module reminds me of a simplified, personalized version of Investopedia. The following topics are covered:

  • How To Build a Watch List
  • Japanese CandleSticks and How To Read Them
  • The 4 Most Common Order Types (and How I Use Them)
  • Step by Step Alert Setting Method
  • Cash Accounts vs. Margin Accounts (Pros and Cons)
  • Stop Losses vs. Mental Stop Losses
  • Using Level 2 To Forecast Stock Values
  • Pre-Market and After-Market Hours
  • My Scanner and Scan Criteria

Module 3: My Indicators and Best Practices

Whereas module 2 offers an elementary, Investopedia-style explanation of trading concepts, Module 3 starts to dive into Ricky’s personal trading system.

The module starts with Ricky discussing his technical indicators of choice, which include the RSI, EMA’s, VWAP, and MACD. The course does a good job of explaining how to use these indicators vs. simply explaining how they work.

The module continues with lessons on chart setups, such as pullbacks and breakouts. In this section, the viewer gets a better understanding of what Ricky is looking for when he enters a position. Ricky shares his screen and provides insights on a handful of chart setups using the ThinkorSwim Platform.

Towards the end of the module, there are videos discussing different trading styles, asset classes, and trade management strategies.

The full video list includes:

  • Using The RSI Study
  • How I Use EMA, VWAP and the MACD Indicator
  • Buying on Pullbacks
  • Identifying Manipulation in Real-Time
  • How To Use Frequencies Accurately
  • Bag Holding (Common Mistakes People Make)
  • How I Lock in Profits
  • How to Trade Your BEST Stock
  • Inverse ETFs
  • How, When and Why To Cut Your Losses
  • Breakdown of a Typical Swing Trade
  • What I Look For in a Momentum Trade
  • How I Identify and Capitalize on a Breakout #1
  • How I Identify and Capitalize on a Breakout #2
  • Trading Desk Setup
  • Delisting Notice – What To Do
  • The Reverse Stock Split

This module is where the course really starts to come together. The videos begin to bridge the gap between theory and practice by showing how the previous lessons can be applied to real trades.

Traders will also be happy to know that Ricky Gutierrez shares his trading setup details in this video.

Ricky Gutierrez Trading Setup

Module 4: Mindset for Success

Module 4 covers a lot of topics related to trading psychology. Most of these videos feature Ricky talking to the camera and sharing insights about the trading mindset.

Learn Plan Profit Module 4

As someone who has spent a lot of time focusing on trading psychology, I found these lessons to be pretty basic, but there are a lot of lessons new traders need to hear. In fact, this is where the lessons in Learn Plan Profit differentiate themselves from other courses. The lessons are not overly complicated, meaning they are likely to resonate well with new traders. In the grand scheme of things, Ricky is still a pretty new trader, and he does a good job of sharing lessons new traders “wish they knew” when they got started.

For example, this module of the course promotes keeping things simple, trading without emotions, and locking in profits. For anyone who has been around the block, these lessons seem simple, but for new traders, these lessons can help them build the right foundation and avoid potentially costly trading mistakes.

The videos in this module include:

  • My Biggest Mistakes and How To Not Make Them
  • How To Keep Your Trading Life Simple and Consistent
  • How to Set and Breakdown Yearly Goals
  • Lock in Profits without Forcing a Trade
  • Trading with No Emotions
  • Mindset of the Trade
  • If I Had To Start All Over Again
  • How Your Quality of Questions Determine Quality of Life and Business

Module 5: Swing Trading

Module 5 serves as an introduction to swing trading. This module includes videos that teach traders how to scan for stocks, what to look for in a swing trade, and how to manage a swing trading position. The videos are concise and coherent, making them ideal for new traders.

Learn Plan Profit Swing Trading

Ricky explains everything simply and provides some actionable “golden rules” for swing traders.

The videos include:

  • How to Scan For The Right Swing Stocks
  • 6 Golden Steps For Swing Trading
  • The Ideal Swing Trade
  • How To Know When To Buy
  • The Tools For Swing Trading

Course Analysis and Verdict

Now you know what to expect from the content of Learn Plan Profit. So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth buying?

To answer that question, I’ll start by saying you should check out Ricky’s YouTube videos and join the free Facebook group. From there, you can decide if Ricky’s teaching style resonates with you. With every trading course, you have to remember two things:

  1. Education doesn’t guarantee success – Trading is difficult, and the success rates are low. A good course helps you become more knowledgeable, which can help you avoid common trading pitfalls. That said, taking a course doesn’t guarantee you will make money.
  2. Everyone learns differently – Have you ever wondered why most trading services have mixed reviews? The simple answer is that trading is inherently difficult, and everyone learns differently. What resonates with one trader may not resonate with another. The same course can propel one trader to success and leave another disgruntled. This is why we recommend starting with the free content to see if there is a good educator/student fit.

Here are my final thoughts on Learn Plan Profit:

The Good

The course itself is well organized and provides a nice combination of basic trading education and unique trading strategies. Ricky seems like a genuine guy, and his course actually contains a lot of legitimate trading lessons. The lessons are coherent and effective, particularly for new traders. While you can find a lot of this information for free on YouTube (a lot from Ricky, himself), the course is well structured and certainly warrants the price.

One of the things you pay for when you sign up for a course is the curriculum itself – the organization of content. The internet is teeming with valuable resources, but they are scattered. While free information exists, you may not always know what you need to learn. For example, there are hundreds of technical indicators and thousands of resources explaining their usage. That said, it’s more beneficial for new traders to know which indicators to focus on and how to effectively apply them. A well-crafted course like Learn Plan Profit organizes this type of content in a sensible, linear manner.

Furthermore, the course can help new traders bypass a potentially expensive part of the trading “learning process.” Gutierrez does a good job of guiding new traders in the right direction. Since Ricky is still relatively new to trading himself, he’s able to explain concepts in a way that resonates well with new traders. This type of education can help new traders avoid costly trading mistakes and set themselves up for success.

Learn Plan Profit is well-recorded and easy-to-follow. At the price, it’s one of the best courses for trading newbies.

The Bad

The Learn Plan Profit course is mostly intended for complete newbies. Intermediate-advanced traders are unlikely to learn anything new from this course. Ricky himself is still a relatively small trader when compared to others in the space, and he doesn’t try to hide it. While some gurus tout 4 and 5-figure trading profits daily, Ricky seems to average a few hundred dollars a day (as high as $1,000+). This is good money, but it won’t turn heads in many veteran trading circles.

That’s not to say that profitability and teaching ability are directly correlated. However, Ricky is still relatively young, and his strategies are best fit for other new traders looking to get their feet wet with trading. If you’ve already been through a few other courses, you may prefer an advanced trading course, such as the ones offered by Investors Underground. If you are new to trading and looking for an affordable trading course to get you started, Learn Plan Profit is a good option.

New traders should also keep in mind that trading and investing are very different. Trading is active where investing is passive. If you are simply looking for good stock picks, you may want to check out our Motley Fool review. Many new traders think they want to trade until they realize how much work is involved. This isn’t to deter anyone from trading, but beginner traders should have realistic expectations before venturing into the world of trading.

Final Verdict

Overall, I was impressed with the comprehensiveness of the Learn Plan Profit trading course. It’s a great option for beginner traders and/or those who haven’t watched any other trading courses yet. If you’re just getting started with a small trading account, this course is a good deal at $299 (even better at $224 with a discount).

EXCLUSIVE: Save $75 on the Learn Plan Profit Course


  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Well-recorded videos
  • Simple, easy-to-follow explanations
  • Actionable trading strategies
  • Relatively competitive price point


  • Primarily for beginner traders
  • Strategies are not fully “time-tested”