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Warrior Trading Review: My Experience With Ross Cameron

By Dave

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Warrior Trading Review

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Warrior Trading Review

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Warrior Trading is a chat room and trading education service run by Ross Cameron. The community is focused on momentum trading, although there are a few moderators with other styles. Ross puts together quality education and provides members with a lot of tools to help them improve their odds of success.

About Warrior Trading

Ross Cameron
Ross Cameron, Owner

Warrior Trading is a day trading chat room and education site operated by Ross Cameron.

Cameron was wiped out of day trading during the internet bubble in the early 2000s. Afterward, he picked up the pieces and proceeded to re-engineer his approach to trading. He painstakingly developed a successful strategy based on trading small-cap stocks under $20, then launched Warrior Trading in 2012 based on what he learned.

At Warring Trading, Cameron focuses on the process of selecting the right stocks, managing risk, and spotting safe entries based on proven chart setups. Warrior Trading offers a moderated trader chat room and a detailed educational course for new traders. The site also provides a unique simulator service that lets subscribers try their hand at day trading with a $200,000 paper trading account.

The site claims to have an online community of over 500,000 traders worldwide and 5,000 premium members. They were nominated twice for Best Trading Educator in 2017 and 2016 Benzinga Fintech Awards.

Keep reading our Warrior Trading review to find out if this is the right trading service for you.

Warrior Trading Features

Ross Cameron’s Trading Strategies

Ross Cameron comes off as friendly, calm, and open, which makes for a comfortable atmosphere even when the market is volatile and stress levels are high. Cameron has a video stream that includes his webcam, stock scanner, and charts. A newsfeed is also included in the streaming video feed. Overall, it’s very interactive.

Along with Cameron, who tends to trade small-caps, there are five other moderators providing trading signals and mentoring. Each of these All the moderators chime in throughout the day via audio and text.

Warrior Trading Swing Watch Lists

Warrior Trading Education Courses

Warrior Trading’s training courses are all accessible via mobile and desktop devices. There are nine trading courses from Cameron, plus an additional four courses created by Warrior Trading graduates. The courses are pretty comprehensive, covering topics like trading psychology, algo scalping, day trading in an IRA, and more.

Warrior Trading education courses

The Day Trading: The Basics course is included with every Warrior Trading membership. It includes 18 hours of material, so traders can get a lot of value out of it.

Warrior Trading Chat Room

The trading chat room streams Cameron’s Trade Ideas scanner, live mugshot, and charts throughout the day. Cameron chimes in frequently to provide commentary on market action. He does a thorough job of explaining the set-ups and analysis of stocks in play in the trading chat room. Plus, he has a very calming and down to earth demeanor that makes him very approachable and unassuming.

Cameron and the chat room’s five moderators focus on day trading and swing trading low-priced momentum stocks. Most of these stocks are making technical moves or moves off of stock market news. Scalping is the main trading strategy promoted in the chat room. Some of the moderators use slightly different strategies, which is helpful for exposing traders to a wider range of trading approaches.

The chat room does an excellent job of selecting stocks that are moving with momentum and volume. The low-priced stocks are suitable for small accounts, especially when they nail a big mover (up over 30%).

The chat room regularly draws hundreds of day traders that rotate throughout the day. The members tend to be more vocal in this chatroom than many others of a similar size. There is a lot of interaction between Warrior Trading members, Cameron, and the moderators.

The interaction can provide many trade ideas, especially from some of the veteran members who have become successful traders. There is a material impact on prices when alerts are given, especially with the small-caps. The problem, as with most cattle calls, is the price can get away from you quickly and force chasing. For the solid set-ups, you may not be able to get a decent fill without chasing. However, there are many times you end up chasing only to get whipsawed and stopped out as momentum dissipates.

Cameron seems to be aware of the market impact and manages to accommodate the liquidity that’s available with subtle hints and comments when a play is not working out. For beginner traders, it’s important not to get “stuck” in a position that turned sour. Cameron and the moderators often take surveys after trades asking if members made profits, which is a nice sign that the team really cares about the community.

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Live Trading Simulator

The trading simulator can instill patience and discipline for those willing to slowly improve their results steadily before going live. The goal is to build up your skillsets without emotions or risking real money.

Warrior Trading simulator

When using the simulator, it’s important to have the right attitude. Don’t go all-in on trades just because it’s paper money. Trade like you would with a real account.

The simulator is pretty powerful. It gives you $200,000 in initial buying power and includes Level 2 data. There are screening tools, customizable charts, and more. You should find everything you need in the simulator to follow along with trades in the Warrior Trading chat room.

Ross Cameron’s Performance

Cameron appeals and relates to new traders by focusing on growing smaller sized accounts. He trades with real money and works to grow small accounts.

In January 2017, Cameron started with $583.15 and grew his account to $335,027.71 by the end of December (bringing in over $100k in profits within the first 30 days). After 6 years, Cameron has turned his original $583 into more than $10 million.

Helpfully, Cameron posts all of his trade results, so you can see exactly what he’s done. That’s a lot more transparency than other trading gurus provide, and it’s totally in line with Cameron’s transparent personality. Importantly, Cameron reports losses as well as profits. In March of 2019, Ross reported monthly losses of ~$20,000 – it’s important for traders to understand that losses are part of trading.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Ross uses 6X margin on his trading account (meaning every $100 can be leveraged to provide $600 of buying power).  Leverage can be a useful tool for experienced traders, but new traders should always be cautious when using it. If you want to trade like Ross, you will need to use leverage, but you should be cautious if you are new to trading.

Warrior Trading Pricing

Warrior Trading offers two membership plans: Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro.

Warrior Trading Pricing

The Warrior Starter plan costs $698. That’s a one-time fee, not an annual subscription. It includes the Day Trading: The Basics course plus view-only access to the Warrior Trading chatroom.

The Warrior Pro program is the flagship offering from Warrior Trading. It costs $2,798 – again, that’s a one-time fee.

For that price, you get access to all of Warrior Trading’s education courses, full access to the chatroom, and premium member support.

The trade simulator requires the trading tools add-on, which costs $247 per month. Alternatively, you can bundle a one-year subscription to the simulator with Warrior Pro for a total of $3,997.

Here’s a complete rundown of what’s included in Warrior Pro:

  • All Warrior Pro Courses – This includes multiple trading courses that cover trading fundamentals, small-cap trading, large-cap trading, swing trading, options trading, futures trading, cryptocurrency trading, and more.
  • Chat Room Access – This is similar to the monthly subscription. Traders will have access to real-time alerts in the chat room.
  • Scanner Settings – Get access to the scan settings Ross uses to find trading opportunities every day.
  • Simulator Access (add-on) – Get access to the paper trading simulator to test out the strategies you learn in the trading courses without risking real money.
  • Mentor Sessions – Get access to small group mentorship sessions where you can ask questions and seek guidance.

Warrior Pro Preview

Try Warrior Pro for 14 Days for $19

Is Warrior Trading Good For You?

Warrior Trading is a respected service, but is it good for you? The answer depends on your trading style.

Warrior Trading caters to both beginning and experienced stock traders, but a lot of the educational resources and simulator are geared towards first-time traders. Experienced traders can certainly get their money’s worth from the chatroom, but there is some degree of paying for services you may not need.

To make the most of Warrior Trading, you need to be willing to put in a significant amount of time. The educational courses are lengthy and will take most traders a few weeks to get through. You also need to show up to the chatroom every day to keep track of what’s going on and really learn the strategy. This service is ideal for traders who are approaching day trading as a full-time job rather than an occasional side hustle.


  • Transparent real-time stock analysis
  • Always watching stocks that are “in play” with momentum
  • Comprehensive trading education for new traders
  • Mobile-friendly website and chat rooms
  • Impressive results in the live trading chat room
  • Friendly, engaging and interactive moderators


  • Expensive upfront fee for membership
  • Doesn’t provide daily performance statistics for trade alerts
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

6 thoughts on “Warrior Trading Review: My Experience With Ross Cameron”

  1. I have been a warrior pro student for about 6 months now. I have tried other services, and although i have learned a lot from other services, there is NO TEACHER out there like Ross. The courses provided are very well constructed and with a clear path to help anyone that wishes to learn about the stock market, even for someone with zero knowledge. Is it expensive? yes, but it is 100% worth it if you can afford to become a Warrior Pro student. I am a much better trader today thanks to the Warrior Trading team

  2. A valid criticism is that Ross creates his own momentum through the 7000 viewers following his trades live. The YT stream lag gives him an edge and the viewers hold the bag.

  3. I joined Warrior Trading about a month ago and have just started through the “pro” courses. I can say that I thoroughly enjoy the way that Ross teaches, and while I am still using fake money in the simulator, I have managed to learn enough to make thousands of dollars following the techniques that you learn from his classes. As as far as I have seen, there are no “copy cat” trades going on. I have been following nobody. You watch the scanners, pick stocks, and use the process that Ross teaches to make your own decisions on trades.

  4. I have been in the Pro program for 4 months now and should have listened to the critical warning to trade in the simulator profitably for one month before attempting going live. Had I taken that advice to heart I would not be down the 125k that I am currently. The speed at which Ross trades is hard to replicate. He has mastered momentum trading. He is a natural when it comes to teaching and no stone is left unturned. As for creating the momentum that he trades and many traders left holding the bag, there may be some validity to that however very hard to prove. Some of the Warrior Pro students are having incredible success while the majority still struggle to become profitable and lose considerable amounts of money like me. The warnings are explicit, take heed.


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