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Jason Bond Picks is a stock trading alerts service with packages ranging from $399 to $9,999. The service caters to a few different styles of traders by providing swing trade alerts and intraday momentum alerts in the chat room. Read the full review for further details.

About Jason Bond Picks

Focusing mostly on small-caps and penny stocks, JasonBondPicks.com is a subscription-based trade alerts service that also markets training programs. The chatroom offers 10-20 intra-day trade alerts with a daily profit goal of $500 and up to ten weekly swing trade alerts with an annual profit target of $100,000. The long-term trading newsletter offers a weekly combination of up to two swing trades and up to three long-term trades delivered via e-mail and text messenger. The Millionaire Roadmap service combines all the services in an annual package in addition to special access to the VIP chatroom, special direct access to Jason Bond’s and Luke Murray’s live brokerage platforms, mentorship/training webinars and access to TopStockPicks ETF services suited for the “serious traders”. This package costs a whopping $9,999 annually.

jason bond picks site

The site is filled with positive video and written testimonials, endorsements and success stories almost to a point of overload. It’s very hard not to be convinced of the validity of this service after listening to a few of them, especially some of the celebrity endorsements including Jose Conseco and former UFC champion Frank Mir. The $15,000 to $2 million video testimonial right on the homepage is pretty compelling. However, I know penny stocks are the most manipulated “pump and dump” riddled scams in the markets, so I had my “guards up” trying the day trading/swing trading service for the $399 quarterly rate. They offer no trial period or refunds and bill on a recurring basis for whichever membership plan is taken.

Trading Style

The services cover three styles of trading including intraday trading for quick scalps, swing trades and long-term positions that may be held for months. Jason Bond handles the swing trades and will also place some intraday trades. His trades focus on small to nano-cap stocks under $10 and two-billion market cap. Luke Murray is mostly scalping momentum penny stocks with occasional options trades. He doesn’t explain his positions or set-ups much, which makes it tough to follow. He tends to jump from stock to stock quickly throughout the day and packs in a lot of alerts.

Moderator Bart Van makes day trades on more liquid mid and large-cap stocks as well as take overnight positions. The swing trades are usually long positions with very few if any shorts, especially since small-caps can be tough to locate short shares. Jason will use a combination of technical analysis and news related catalysts to justify the swing positions. Since penny stocks tend to have limited fundamentals, themes and sentiment that trigger volume and momentum takes priority on the fundamental analysis front. For the most part, they seem like basic candlestick patterns like triangles, flags and pennants with trend lines and moving averages to identify support and resistance levels. Hans seems like a solid trader making big scores on his trades, but they can be tough to follow, as he doesn’t provide much by way of explaining his positions.

Trading Courses & Education

Basic membership provides access to a ton of educational videos and webinars on the site. Additional courses can be purchased individually or in bundles. The Millionaire Roadmap program gives access to all courses, videos and lives webinars.

Jason Bond Picks Video Lessons

Jason Bond Chat Room

The main moderators in the chatroom are Jason Bond, a down to earth former New York State teacher turned trader. He tends to ramble quite a bit but does give some pretty good insights when he talks about the watchlist stocks. Luke Murray announces scalp trades on penny stocks throughout the day. Bart Van Hol announces his intraday and swing trade alerts mostly in the mornings. The chatroom gives each moderator a different color so their alerts and comments are differentiated from the members.

Jason Bond Picks Chat Room

Jason tends to hang out mostly in the Millionaire Roadmap (MP) program chatroom, while Luke and Bart manage the regular membership room. Jason reviews the watchlist in the morning and will stick around sometimes in the main chatroom before heading over to the MR chatroom. It does feel like the MR room is where all the “cool kids” hang out.

The chatroom regularly has over 500 attendees throughout the day. Most of them never say a word. There are a lot of newbies asking a ton of questions along with the typical “cheerleaders” that cheer on their positions. Luke’s alerts are very tough to follow since he gets in and out with no warning on penny stocks. Sometimes, there is enough liquidity to catch an entry around the same price as Luke but once an alert is made, the stock usually gets too far away for a decent entry, in my opinion. I make it a rule not to chase more than .10 on any alert. The massive number of members in the room chasing the alerts has a self-fulfilling prophecy of moving the stocks (initially) in the intended directions. The followup and sustained movement is the really important factor. I have made some profits but also got burned on stocks that collapsed as soon as Luke announces his exit. However, Luke’s options alerts are pretty spot-on and I’ve been profitable on most of them. I had more success with Bart’s alerts as he tends to hold his positions a little longer and they are in more liquid stocks. Unfortunately, Bart rarely explains the rationale for the entries and exits or provides much color on his methodology. It’s also not clear what is in his portfolio at any given time. The streaming stock scanner has been proved useful for finding stocks that are gaining momentum or “in play”. I find one or two decent trading ideas from it on a daily basis. It feels like most of the members will just jump headfirst into any alerts that are called, at least the most vocal ones. I see people posting profits constantly in the chatroom.

Overall, the chatroom has a lot of golden nuggets for traders who are prudent, disciplined and can react on their own. The site likes to spotlight the big winners and testimonials from members who made big scores on the picks. However, penny stocks can falls very quickly as liquidity can evaporate once the momentum dies down. There are so many alerts throughout the day that it’s probably not possible to keep a comprehensive daily track record of all of them.

What Type of Trader is the Service Best For?

There is a ton of newbies in the room. The ideal type of trader would be someone who has learned the methodology or has confidence in their own trading system and cherry picks the alerts that work for their trading style and methodology. A disciplined trader who can quickly react and discern between hype and substance, or at least the perception of it can do well in the chatroom.

Is the Service a Good Value?

jason bond pricing

The quarterly plan at $399 is a pretty good value for the information you get including the chatroom stock scanner, swing trading newsletter, watchlist, Jason’s swing trades, Luke’s day trades and Bart’s day trades and the various ideas that pop up in the chatroom. I can’t speak for the MR program as the $9,999 price tag is too much for me to consider. Naturally, they want to have as many regular members upgrade to the Millionaire Roadmap program and they do tend to pitch it in the room often. It gets to be irritating at times but for the regular plan, the value is good. The winners produce big gains. I give the site a B-.


  • Tons of trade ideas throughout the day
  • Effective day trade stock scanner stream in chatroom
  • Large video library of trading lessons
  • Stable chatroom software connection
  • Large chatroom is well organized with strict moderation
  • The winning alerts can generate large percentage gains quickly
  • Lots of ideas throughout the day in the chatroom and newsletter


  • Pricing for all-inclusive Millionaire Roadmap program too expensive
  • Constantly up-selling of MR program
  • Risky penny stocks can leave you holding the bag when momentum vanishes
  • Lack of itemized daily trades showing both winners and losers
  • No trial period to test out the service
  • Lots of noise in the chatroom at times

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