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Dekmar Trades Review – Is Sean Dekmar Legit or a Scam?

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Dekmar Trades Review

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Dekmar Trades is a day trading chat room run by Sean Dekmar. The chat room specializes in momentum trading and other similar trading styles. Dekmar Trades also offers a library of educational videos and the option to buy stock market scanners. Read this review to see if it is worth the price.

About Dekmar Trades

Dekmartrades.com is a trader education website offering chatrooms, trading alerts, watch lists, newsletter, trader training, community forums and various merchandise. The site was launched October of 2015 by Sean Dekmar, who turned $2,000 into a fortune. Dekmar decided to shift focus to training, coaching and educating traders worldwide. In less than four years, Dekmar has gained a popular following that has grown well over 3,000 members throughout 20 countries worldwide.   

About Dekmar Trades

Dekmar’s Style of Trading

Sean Dekmar is primarily an intraday momentum day trader with an affinity for scalping penny stocks (under-$1 to $20-per share prices). He shares his custom-built scans on the Trade-Ideas platform, which focus on low-cost stocks moving on news, events (earnings) and momentum. He is quick with his entries and exits, especially stop-losses. This is a major key to his success, always cutting losers early. Dekmar surrounds himself with many skilled traders as moderators and encourages a community approach to helping each other throughout the chatrooms.

Trading Setups

Some of Dekmar’s favorite set-ups are based on breakouts, breakdowns and pullback entries (continuations). These include bull/bear flags, pennants, mid-candle breakouts and especially triangles (ascending for breakouts and descending for breakdowns). While these may seem elusively simple, Dekmar has mastered the precise timing of the triggers and innate ability to gauge when a set-up is losing steam quick enough to stop-out with little damage.

Dekmar Trading Setups


While penny stocks are the riskiest to play, Dekmar offsets that risk by limiting exposure to intra-day, rarely taking overnights. The one-minute chart is his scalping weapon and five-minute chart is used for determining short-term trend with support and resistance. On swing trades, he takes smaller shares to offset the risks using larger time frames primarily the daily chart with a 13-period and 50-period moving averages. Swing trades are usually pointed out in the morning newsletter first or start off as intraday swings that are taken overnight for larger moves.

Trading Courses

Dekmar provides many types of trader education content for members. The most comprehensive content can be found in the Video Library, which ranges in topics for setting up charts to trading earnings season and pre-market buying strategy. The subjects are diverse and Dekmar’s voice, pitch and presentation is extreme easy on the ears and pleasant to listen to. He has a knack for simplifying complicated issues. Not to be nitpicky but I’ve been in too many rooms with extremely unpleasant voices and delivery that make it unbearable to sit through.

Dekmar Trades Video Library

Dekmar is a believer that public companies hire traders to advise when to time press releases and seasoned traders should expect fundamental catalyst to precede the set-ups. As they say, the message gets lost in the delivery, unless the delivery is pleasant.

Dekmar Trades Video Lesson

Dekmar Trades Chat Room  

There are five chat rooms on Dekmartrades.com. While this may sound a bit overwhelming, they are surprisingly effective in keeping chat matter segmented to enable members to focus better. Technically, the chat room are more like chat windows: Trading Chat is for pointing out set-ups, Public Chat is for social comments, Profits Chat is for posting individual profits, Alert Box and then his live stream of scans.

Dekmar Trade Chat Room

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Dekmar stays engaged with commentary constant commentary throughout the day where he’s scanning, pointing out patterns and suggestions along with alerts. When the action dies down he also takes One-on-One questions in a special window. There is very good transparency in terms of explaining before, during and after trades are made. I’m very impressed with the depth of education, transparency and engagement in the room.

Dekmar Different Rooms Opt

What Type of Trader is the Service Best For?

This service is great for newbie traders and seasoned traders who have an affinity for intra-day scalps as well as overnight swing trades. The training and constant navigation and narration by Dekmar and his moderators is intensive and shows a commitment to trader development that is rare.

Is Dekmar Trades a Good Value?

The monthly subscription rate of $59.99 is an extremely cheap price for the valuable content you receive, which includes: morning newsletter with watch list and stock of the day, chart set-ups, live feed of Dekmar’s scans with audio commentary and alerts window to piggyback trades. Dekmar is also profitable and has a high win/loss ratio on his alerts close to 3-to-1 from what I’ve seen. The video library is included with the monthly subscription. There are also discounts for the Bi-Annual Subscription for $324 and Annual Subscription for $599 prepaid, which include a t-shirt and hat too.

For those who want to be more independent can buy Dekmar Trade-Ideas Scans programmed around his methodology, these include: The Pre-Market Package is $399, which includes pre-market gappers and dumpers. The Live Trading Package includes Top Gainers/Losers and Mid Candle Breakout Pattern/Bull Flag, High of the Day Momentum, Breakout, 5-Minute Reversal, Consecutive Candles, Low Float, Previous Day Runners and Parabolic Movers scan are $149 each or $599 for all the scans. The Post-Market Package contains four scans for $599.  You need to have a subscription to Trade-Ideas.com to enable the scans.

Dekmar Trades Scanners


  • Cheap monthly rate of $59.99 and no upsell to “elite” status like other rooms
  • Full transparency on Alerts and trades taken with updated portfolio window
  • Free expansive and growing Video Library
  • High win/loss performance
  • Tight community of traders openly willing to help each other
  • Unparalleled continuous narrating and engagement by Dekmar
  • Segmented chat rooms keep the noise and clutter down


  • Penny stocks are risky with thin liquidity causing more slippage
  • Order fills can be difficult at Alert prices
Day Trade Review


Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

9 thoughts on “Dekmar Trades Review – Is Sean Dekmar Legit or a Scam?”

  1. DekmarTrades is a complete pump and dump channel, I’ve seen him buy 10-12k shares in almost zero volume stocks that have absolutely no movement/interest on the day and all he does is showboat the stock on his channel forcing all his channel users to see this stock on his screen, while he constantly says things like, “the stocks going to take off guys, watch it”, Then of course as his channel starts to buy in he unloads his shares in several parts(Partials) to get out easily.

    Many have seen him do it, I’ve personally witnessed this shocking crap behaviour and can honestly say he is a rat. He actually barely trades as well, rarely takes trades and when he does you can tell he’s no real market experience and his videos are far from stellar on the technical analysis front, a kid playing the game of “milk cash from channel subs as much as possible”.

    You have been warned.

      • They are greedy now that Trade Caster is up and running. A mistake in billing for me and my son as they charged both of us for the service. We trade together so no need for two monthly fees. They would not check the records they have we had to prove to them the mistake so I am done with them. They are too big to care so be careful.
        We never made money with them as by the time the call was made the stock had moved and Dek had sold just as we got in, not every time but enough we lost money.
        We are now with a real trader with calls before the move and a stop loss both short and long.

  2. I’ve joined his channel 5 years ago. Lost tons of money to his low-float penny stocks (low cap stocks). This is a magnet for beginners and who can’t afford big cap stocks. This is a trap, get out. I left his channel and I now trade big cap stocks. Best decision every made. I am now a profitable trader and earned back what i lost.

  3. My personal Experience: I Am starting this thread to make everyone aware that he is a fraud.
    Sean Dekmar (Dekmar Trades, TradeCaster) He is a Cheater, DO not try the small account challenge that dekmar trades provides. He is a total fraud and accumulates small amounts of money from newbie investors mentioning this is part of a new program and learning and eventually he will cheat at the end by not providing anything in return. Please do not take the small account challenge and don’t become a fool like me. #SeanDekmar #TradeCaster #DekmarTrades #Fraud #Cheater #Investement #DekmarCheates?

    • Hey Pioneer Dom. Are you referring to the management program? I got a message from him about the program and he is wanting me to just send him the money then he will open the account with my money then once it’s open a legal document will be drawn up to link us together as he will be the money manager. It just sounds weird as he wants me to send the money to him first with out signing anything first. What’s your view on this?

      • I found out that it wasn’t Sean. Be very careful about who you give your money to. The real Sean Dekmar doesn’t have a money management program. The fake account on Instagram is called SeanDekmarTrades. It is 100% a scam! Be careful!


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