Robinhood App Review
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The Robinhood Trading App gained a lot of attention by offering free trades with no commissions. Many new traders see this as a great alternative to discount brokers who charge a per-share commission. This isn't the first time the free trading concept has been applied but it is the first time it gained real traction. So, is it worth to switch to Robinhood and get free trading commissions? Read the review to find out?


About the Robinhood Trading App

Robinhood is a mobile trading application for iPhone and Android that provides zero commission trades on U.S. stocks and ETFs. While their website is at, the platform is purely designed for mobile trades, with no desktop access. Robinhood is an SEC registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA & SIPC. However, they are a mobile-only stock brokerage, with access to listed foreign securities as well (for a fee). The app is intuitively designed and flows very smoothly. Kudos to the designers for the sleek, simple and contemporary feel.

Robinhood was the brainchild of Stanford classmates Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt. The duo designed trading platforms on Wall Street for some the largest financial institutions and derived a mobile platform that could take advantage of electronic trading and automation to cut costs down to zero for the end-user while maintaining efficiency and stability on the back end. As of April 2017, Robinhood has grown to two million users.

To open an account, the trader must have a legal U.S. address and U.S. citizenship or valid U.S. visa, valid social security number, and be at least 18 years or age. The standard/basic account is a limited margin account that allows for instant settlement and instant desposits. This doesn’t allow for shorting shorts or leverage. Those are available through Robinhood Gold fully leveraged margin accounts. Cash accounts are available through downgrading in the app. There are no account minimums for the regular Robinhood account. All accounts for personal single person accounts, no corporate or joint account capabilities are available yet.

Robinhood Mobile AppRobinhood Gold

Robinhood Gold is an advanced upgrade with flat commission fees. Robinhood Gold requires a $2,000 minimum account as per regulatory compliance. This account allows you to trade extended hours 30-minutes before and 120-minutes after regular market hours. Gold allows for two times your cash value in margin. The app always tracks the available Gold buying power. The commissions are flat rates set by account size tiers currently at 0.005% of the account value. For a $4,000 account, the cost is a flat $20 period month fee to cover all trades. A $6,000 account is $30 per month and $10,000 is $50 period month. Regulatory fees like SEC is $21.80 per $1,000,000 of sells rounded up to nearest penny.

Robinhood Instant

This is a free upgrade lets you use up to $1,000 of pending bank deposits immediately. Robinhood instant allows you to re-invest funds without waiting the three-day settlement process as in a cash account. The limited margin account lets you invest the funds from selling a stock position immediately. Margin regulation and limitations will apply, including the PDT rule (no more than three roundtrips during a rolling five business day period for accounts under the $25,000 threshold).

Commissions & Fees

Commissions are $0 for U.S. equities and ETFs and ACH fund transfers. Outgoing ACAT (automatic customer account transfer service) transfers have $75 fees but incoming ACT are free. International wire transfers are $50 and outgoing domestic wire transfers are $25. Broker-assisted phone trades cost $10. Domestic overnight check delivery is $35 and $30 penalties apply for returned and NSF checks. For Robinhood Gold accounts, the commissions are tiered in increments at a 0.005% monthly account fee. Currently Robinhood only allows trading in stocks and ETFs, not options, futures or commodities. There are no software fees. The company claims to make money only on the monthly fees through Robinhood Gold and interest on cash and securities in Robinhood accounts.

Robinhood Commissions

Platforms & Tools

Robinhood is purely a mobile low-cost mobile execution platform. There are very simple line graphs with no indicators or charting tools. There are streaming newsf eeds, just headlines. There are no scanners or layout pages to contend with. All research has to be performed on your own through other services. This is strictly a base bones no-cost execution system. Regular margin is available through Robinhood Gold.


Watch Lists

You can add watch lists simply by typing in the company name/symbol. This is a simple and convenient feature. The platform is all about simplicity, like a tiny house. You really have to know which stocks you want to monitor and trade.

Robinhood Watch lists

Customer Service

Traders can e-mail and message customer service with issues. Phone support is also available. Keep in mind broker assisted phone trades are charged $10 each.

Executions and Routes

Robinhood doesn’t allow direct order routing like a direct access online brokerage. The platform allows market orders. Market buy orders are actually adjusted to limit orders “collared” up 5% to prevent overpaying for shares. Market sell orders have no collars. Limit orders are available for both buy and sell orders with good-for-day (GFD) or good-til-cancelled (GTC) time in force choices available. Stop Loss orders are stop limit orders that trigger a market order when the stop price is reached.

Robinhood receives order flow payments from various clearing and execution firms including Apex Clearing Corporation averaging less than $0.0008 per share, Citadel Execution Services averaging less than $0.0016 per share, KCG Americas, LLC averaging less than $0.0017 per share and Two Sigma Securities, LLC, averaging less than $0.0015 period shares for order flow executed in Q1 2017.

Borrows and Locates

Currently, Robinhood does not allow for short selling on the app.

Type of Trader Its Best For

The Robinhood application caters to new and casual investors who rely solely on their mobile devices. The simplicity of the app appeals to Millennials who are the most comfortable demographic with a mobile-only stock brokerage. Swing traders and investors will appreciate the portability and streamlined convenience of the app. Intra-day traders will need a more thorough routing system as well as research and charting features found with a direct access broker.

It’s very hard to trade actively on this platform since there is no direct order routing, chart indicators, news feeds, scanners or much screen space. While the zero commissions are the main selling point, the portability and convenience is an additional benefit. Robinhood is like the tiny house of online brokerages. Users need to be self-directed, independent and resourceful enough to supplement this no-cost platform with research and analysis off another platform. The fills may also be tricky since Robinhood has order flow deals with multiple firms.


  • Zero commissions on U.S. stocks and ETFs
  • Convenience and accessible through mobile
  • Always connected to the U.S. equity markets
  • Flexible API
  • Seamless design integrates features well
  • Good intro/starter brokerage for Millennials


  • No order routing options or short selling
  • Weak chartings and research functions
  • Not the best fit for active traders (mostly designed for investing)