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Timothy Sykes Review: Is Tim Sykes Legit or a Scam?

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Timothy Sykes Review

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Timothy Sykes Review

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Timothy Sykes is one of the most well-known day traders in the online trading world. From using controversial marketing to sharing photos of a luxurious lifestyle, Tim certainly knows how to capture attention. This review discusses the quality of Tim’s trading service and gives recommendations on who it is best for.

About Timothy Sykes

If you’re entering the world of online trading, Timothy Sykes is likely one of the first traders you will discover. Tim has been day trading for a long time and his marketing tactics provide him with an impressive reach.

Tim Sykes

Tim Sykes started trading with his Bar Mitzvah gift money during his college years. He’s well-known for turning $12,415 of gift money into over $4 million in trading profits.

Tim primarily focuses on penny stocks. However, his style has evolved over the years, allowing him to profit from more types of stocks and in a variety of different market conditions.

While Sykes is known as a trader, he is also a prominent entrepreneur in the penny stock trading world. Sykes has launched websites like Profit.ly, Investimonials, and StocksToTrade. Tim has also done work with the financial media company, Agora Financial.

Our Timothy Sykes review will focus on Tim’s main trading service, PennyStocking Silver. It’s available to purchase through Tim’s personal website and provides access to many of the features of Profit.ly.

Tim Sykes: The Marketer

If you’ve been trading for some time, you’re probably familiar with Tim and his marketing style. Love it or hate it, Tim Sykes uses marketing tactics that attract ambitious new traders to the markets. His Instagram page is plastered with images of luxury cars, exotic vacations, and even stacks of cash. Tim is well aware of the image he has created, but claims that it’s motivational for aspiring new traders. The markets can be dull, so Tim focuses on the rewards of becoming a profitable trader and shares photos from his luxurious lifestyle to motivate others.

Timothy Sykes’ Trading Style

Sykes initially started out trading penny stocks and he is known for being one of the first prominent penny stock short-sellers. As many people know, penny stocks can be very sketchy. The penny stock markets are filled with shady companies who engage in paid promotion schemes, dilute their share structure, and don’t provide full transparency about their financials. Tim focuses on short selling a lot of these penny stocks after they experience an irrational spike or after a paid promotion scheme.

Penny stocks are usually cyclical. Sometimes, penny stocks are hot, and other times they are entirely dead. Over time, Tim has expanded his style to take advantage of different types of penny stocks and market-making news, such as earnings winners.

Tim’s penny stock trading strategies are rooted heavily in technical analysis. He uses stock charts to make most of his trading decisions. However, he also focuses on more fundamental factors like paid promotions, earnings, and news catalysts. His approach to the markets could be described as “common sense” trading backed by technical analysis. For example, if a stock runs simply due to a paid promotion, Tim may conclude that the company is garbage, and the share prices will drop right after the promotion is over.

Emphasis on Education

Tim is a strong advocate of trading education. He was one of the first traders to start providing online courses and was later followed by traders like Nathan Michaud and Cameron Fous.

Tim continually encourages his students and followers to study hard. Although it’s easy to get distracted by Tim Sykes’ flashy marketing, he provides a lot of trading education resources. To date, he has released many trading courses, such as:

  • PennyStocking
  • PennyStocking Part Deux
  • Tim Raw
  • Spikeability
  • TimFundamentals
  • Learn Level 2
  • TimTactics
  • Read SEC Filings
  • ShortStocking
  • How to Make Millions

All of these are available through Profit.ly, an online trading community that Sykes built. We’ve checked out most of the courses and would recommend PennyStocking, PennyStocking Part Deux, and ShortStocking for new traders. These three DVDs cover the basics of Tim’s stock trading style and provide the most bang for your buck.

Tim Sykes Trading Courses

We recommend watching the trading courses before trying to follow along with Tim’s trade alerts. The videos explain Tim’s trading style in great detail. It will be easier to understand Tim’s alerts and chat room commentary if you have familiarized yourself with his basic methodology.

Tim also provides video lessons in which he goes over recent trades. The videos are released weekly and stored in a video lesson library that has over 8,000 videos. It’s impossible to watch them all, but it can be helpful to search by ticker or strategy if you’re trying to brush up on your trading knowledge.

Video Lessons

Tim’s video lessons provide a lot of value for new traders. Traders get access to a video lesson library that includes every video Tim has ever created. You can search for videos by ticker, strategy, date, and more. The video library is a gold mine for learning about penny stock trading, technical analysis, level 2 trading, and individual penny stocks.

Tim puts out new video lessons weekly, so the library is constantly growing.

timothy sykes video lessons

Here is an example of one of the free lessons from YouTube

Timothy Sykes Chat Room

Timothy Sykes runs a chat room through his Profit.ly website. Tim isn’t super active in the chat room, instead relying on moderators like trader Michael Goode. This is a little disappointing compared to chat room services like Investors Underground and Bulls on Wall Street that get more attention from their creators. Goode is one of Tim’s millionaire students who provides traders with a steady stream of trade ideas.

timothy sykes chat room

Instead of being active in the chat room, Tim focuses on finding a few significant trades (10-20%+ gains) every day. Tim sends alerts to his trades in the chat room as well as via email and text alerts.

This “alert-style” approach can be both good and bad. If you catch the alerts right away, you may be able to trade similarly to Tim. However, if you are late, the stock may have spiked a few cents already, making it difficult to get a good entry. Ultimately, this means that you have to think carefully about the alerts and plan a good entry, not just follow the alerts blindly.

tim sykes chatroom

There are usually a lot of new traders in the Profit.ly chat room, making it a bit “noisier” than other services. But you can choose to focus only on moderator posts if you want to block out the noise.

Daily Watchlists

In addition to real-time alerts in the chat room, Tim provides a daily watchlist. This is available as a simple watchlist and as a video that quickly breaks down the tickers Tim is watching and why. For self-driven traders, the watchlists can be really valuable for finding opportunities and getting ahead of trade alerts.

Tim Sykes Book: An American Hedge Fund

Timothy Sykes has also published a book that explains his journey into the world of trading. The book, titled “An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund,” explains how Tim developed his strategy and the mistakes he made along the way.

Tim Sykes Book

Tim explains how he started in the world of penny stocks. Eventually, his ambitions grew, and he attempted to create a hedge fund. The hedge fund wasn’t a success, so Tim returned to his roots as a penny stock trader. The autobiographical book offers an exciting story and explains why Tim trades the way he does today.

An American Hedge Fund is for sale on Amazon for $19.99. However, you can get a digital copy for free on Tim’s website. We won’t discuss the book too much in this review, but it’s definitely an enjoyable read.

What Type of Trader is Timothy Sykes’ Service Best For?

Timothy Sykes’s service provides the most value for new traders. The chat room, daily watchlists, and trade alerts are all geared towards individuals who are jumping into day trading and penny stocks for the first time. The videos are especially for new traders since they clearly lay out Tim’s strategy and process.

Tim’s services focus heavily on penny stocks, which many traders with small accounts are fond of. Tim’s style also works well for traders who are under the Pattern Day Trader rule and have less than $25,000 in trading capital. However, some traders will find that penny stocks are too volatile for their liking. It’s important to consider whether you can stomach high volatility before you try to trade penny stocks.

Traders who have a bit more experience may want to venture to a more active trading room. However, Tim still provides quality alerts that can be of service and he offers a lower-priced plan, Tim’s Alerts, for traders who want the alerts but don’t need all his educational resources.

How Much is Timothy Sykes’ Training?

Timothy Sykes Review - Pricing

Timothy Sykes provides two membership plans:

Tim’s Alerts includes access to the chat room and trade alerts, while PennyStocking Silver adds access to Tim’s more than 8,000 educational videos. Beginner traders will benefit from PennyStocking Silver, while more experienced traders can get all they need from Tim’s Alerts.

On the whole, Tim’s services are relatively inexpensive for access to a highly active trading community and alerts. Don’t mistake price with quality. We suspect that Tim can offer lower pricing because he has far more subscribers than most other services. Based on our Tim Sykes review, think these services are superior to many higher-priced trading subscriptions.

What About the Millionaire Challenge?

A lot of Tim’s marketing is focused around his Millionaire Challenge. Tim has a few millionaire students, and he is looking to help create more. So, what is Timothy Sykes’ Millionaire Challenge?

Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge

The bulk of our Tim Sykes review has been focused on the Pennystocking Silver membership. We believe this is the most affordable plan and delivers the most value. That said, Tim offers an “exclusive” plan that may seem enticing to some.

The millionaire challenge is Tim’s “all-in-one” plan that includes access to all of Tim’s DVD courses, access to the chat room, and access to private webinars with Tim and his millionaire students (including Michael Goode and Tim Grittani).

You have to apply to the challenge if you are interested. However, we doubt that anyone gets turned down. We applied to the challenge and were accepted with no issue.

At the time, the challenge cost $5,000 and no payment plans or discounts were available. That’s a lot of money, but it’s a one-time payment. For $5,000, you could sign up for PennyStocking Silver for about 2.5 years.

For most traders, it would make sense to sign up for a monthly subscription and put the extra cash towards trading. However, if you’re serious about sticking with Tim for many years to come, the Millionaire Challenge could be worthwhile.

Is the Millionaire Challenge Worth It?

We find it difficult to recommend the Millionaire Challenge. While there have been students who found success with this program – and Tim does have a few successful students who have earned a million dollars – we think most penny stock traders are better off sticking with the Pennystocking Silver subscription. As shown throughout our Timothy Sykes review, the PennyStocking Silver membership gives you everything you need to break into the markets.
There are over 8,000 educational videos, daily watch lists, stock alerts, and more. While the Millionaire Challange gives you access to all of Tim’s courses (as well as smaller group mentorship), it’s likely overkill for many new traders. Spending $5,000 at the beginning of your trading career is a major investment, especially if you aren’t starting with a lot of money. We certainly believe that it is worth investing in education, but at some point it’s better to have capital ready for trading.

Is Timothy Sykes Legit?

Now that you know all about the services Timothy Sykes offers, you’re probably wondering whether or not he is legit. With guys like Timothy Sykes, it can be challenging to separate the aggressive marketing messages from the actual services being offered.

Tim is one of the leading gurus who focuses on creating millionaires. This type of messaging is all over Tim’s marketing and his course materials. He has his Millionaire Challenge program, a course called “How to Make Millions,” and plenty of marketing materials that promote the idea that traders can make tons of money trading penny stocks. Is there any legitimacy to these claims? If you read Tim Sykes reviews, you will see mixed responses.

We would argue that Tim is the real deal. He has been active in this industry for over a decade, and he’s pretty transparent about his trades. Is he the best trader in the world? Definitely not. He would probably admit to this as well. We’ve seen more diverse traders in the Investors Underground chat room, and we’ve seen better long term stock pickers at The Motley Fool.

But Tim does make money consistently, which is what matters in the end. He focuses on a niche strategy that’s designed to capture profits from short-term momentum.

In addition, Tim’s trading style stands out for its simplicity. His style is tailored for newer traders with smaller accounts. The proof of the effectiveness of his strategy can be found from his verified track record.

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Timothy Sykes and Profit.ly

Tim Sykes is the founder of Profit.ly, a social trading platform and trade verification software. Sykes is both the founder of the platform and one of its key users. He verifies all of his trades on the platform, and we can see he has a 76% win rate with an average gain of 8.5% per trade. You can see a history of all of Tim’s trades on his Profit.ly profile page.

Tim has reported career earnings of over $7.4 million. It’s essential to consider the length of his career. $7.4 million is impressive. However, these earnings are spread over a 25-year career. This means Tim averages around $300,000 per year from trading. While this is undoubtedly an impressive feat, it’s far less than other professional traders. Tim almost certainly makes more money from teaching than he does from trading.

Timothy Sykes Net Worth

Timothy Sykes has an estimated net worth of $15 million. These estimates are never entirely accurate, but they’re close enough to satiate anyone’s curiosity. We’ve also heard Tim boast of a similar net worth at some of his conferences. We know that Tim’s trading profits account for $7.4 million, meaning that at least $7.5 million comes from his other businesses. Of course, Tim also has expenses, so he has likely made more than $10 million from his education services and related companies (i.e., Profitly, Investimonials, and StockstoTrade).

Tim works closely with digital marketer Neil Patel, and Neil has mentioned that Tim makes millions a month in sales. Compare that to Tim’s $250,000 average yearly trading profits, and it’s clear that the bulk of Tim’s net worth comes from selling services. Of course, there is nothing wrong with generating income from teaching and providing services. Tim has been effective at both teaching new traders and motivating new traders.

Tim Sykes Revenue

Because of Tim Sykes’ marketing, many traders learn about the world of trading through Tim. Tim increases the awareness of the potential of trading, and he helps motivate new traders. Some of these traders move onto other services or create their own strategies, but ultimately, we think Tim has had a positive impact on the world of trading.

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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

45 thoughts on “Timothy Sykes Review: Is Tim Sykes Legit or a Scam?”

    • it is legit and a scam at the same time. I say that because I saw him once saw him trade a penny stock that was not volatile at all but he bought it all his followers bought it and right away he sold it again. Just taking money from his followers as nobody else was there trading it. my guess if you have to follow somebody use it as a tool to learn don’t think you will make money making the same buys.

    • You have to be careful with Tim Sykes. He doesn’t have a 75% success rate, not for the service I purchased. I paid $9000. for his millionaire challenge and weekly alerts the last 5 of his alerts were losers, one lost 15%. Before that maybe half made money, half lost… the alerts were advertised as his “proprietary “ system in the info commercial where people were shown to casually make money by just following his alerts…. based on his recent track record and how you traded, you could have been wiped out if you got desperate with each loss and then invested more to make up for the loss therefore accelerating your losses. I did make some money as I went against some of his calls, so I’m up but alittle confused on how to proceed cause maybe I’m up by dumb luck … I didn’t buy his service to win by betting against him, I thought his picks were almost guaranteed to make 5-15% as he claims. I’m hoping he isn’t burnt out as a trader so is now scamming people and only making money by selling programs and getting his followers to buy his picks while he sells into them to make a profit… not saying he’s doing that but who knows what’s happening behind the scenes cause the way his stock alerts are advertised are not lined up with reality.

  1. I would love to talk to this guy, if he is available.!!! I have my friends totally interested but I can’t get a direct contact with this guy! I took a Online Trading Academy class here in southern California and all I want to do is make some money so I can move back to Colorado and be with my family.
    Tim, if you get this can you please send me a personal email.

    • Depends on your current situation and what you are expecting.

      $150 is a lot but the proper education can save you thousands of dollars in expensive lessons.

      Whether you choose to use Tim’s service, a different service, or free education, keep your expectations realistic. No one is going to make the money for you.

  2. Let’s see – this guy claims to have thousands of followers/subscribers but has managed to create only 3 millionaires? I think I’ll put my credit card back in my wallet and move on.

    • The “Millionaire Challenge” is something else and I think the marketing for that is overkill. The chances of turning a few grand into a million are slim to none.

      Don’t join any of these services expecting to make millions. You shouldn’t even expect to make “easy” money. Regardless of how these services are promoted, the real value comes from the education and resources they provide.

      Tim provides some quality education through video lessons and watch lists – whether or not that is worth the price tag is up to you.


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