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Stocks to Trade Software Review

By Dave

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Stocks to Trade Review

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StockstoTrade Review

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Stocks to Trade is a trading platform designed by penny stock trader, Timothy Sykes. The platform includes a variety of features including scanners, charts, watch lists, level 2, and more.

About Stocks to Trade

Stockstotrade.com is a stock market scanning and research tool that integrates charting, watch lists, level 2, news, paper trading, training, and chatroom/social media into a single platform. Traders designed the software and seamlessly integrated so many useful features in one spot, making it a complete trading platform, minus the broker. The platform initially was launched as an EquityFeed lookalike and slowly evolved to become its own unique platform.

StocksToTrade is planning on integrating the platform to existing online brokers so users can make trades.

This innovative product was the brainchild of Timothy Sykes, the infamous guru of penny stock trading and founder of Profit.ly. Sykes put together a reliable development team to create an all-in-one research platform with intuitive features that even newbies can acclimate to quickly. The software is cloud-based and accessible via browser from any internet connection.

Pricing Options

StocksToTrade is a subscription-based membership service, which costs $179.95 per month. They offer a yearly pre-pay plan for $1,799.50. Traders can test out the service with the $1 weekly free trial offer.

Stockstotrade Pro is the advanced trader-training program that integrates training tools, including the live trading chat room run by moderator Tim Bohen. Bohen live streams the market open with audio and video analysis from his trading workstation. Members can watch as Bohen puts together his watch list and explains his strategy for the session. He provides his insights and analysis of the market action as members can follow along and learn from a master trader. Weekly strategy webinars are available for members. The cost is an annual fee, which is only disclosed upon upgrade.

NOTE: We currently recommend Trade Ideas over StockstoTrade. Here’s why

Platform Features

The platform has a ton of tools and features that are integrated seamlessly. This one has almost everything a trader needs at his fingertips. The following are some of the ones I found most useful for active intra-day and swing traders.

Stocks to Trade


The charts run very smoothly with loads of popular indicators and tools. Traders can choose between candlestick, line and bar charts, and select different time frames ranging from one-minute to monthly. This allows for multiple time frame analysis to get a full range perspective on price action. It also appeals to both intra-day and swing traders. The drawing tools enable users to manually mark-up the charts with trend lines and channels to identify when patterns are forming. Charts can be linked to other windows for convenience.

Stocks to Trade Charts

StocksToTrade Charts

Technical Indicators

The charts are pre-loaded with most of the necessary technical price and momentum indicators, including moving averages, stochastic, Bollinger bands, MACD, and pivot points. Users can adjust the settings and colors of each indicator through the convenient customization panel.

Level 2

This platform is unique in that it offers level 2 windows for stocks. The level 2 windows provide a glimpse into the depth of a stock’s price on both the bid and ask side. While the size may not be accurate, the prices are active. Traders often use level 2 to spot where they might place their trade orders to ensure the most liquidity.

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Level 2 Screens


The news can be streamed through a separate window and also linked to other windows. Users can also filter the news by stock, topics, and keywords as it pulls headlines from Yahoo! Finance, Twitter, MSN Money, Wall Street Journal, Seeking Alpha, and Finviz. The developers knew how influential social media could be on stock prices and incorporated a Twitter filter also to spot news and activity pertaining to the user’s criteria. Very often, something may transpire on social media first and then ripple through the markets, so the feature is well warranted.

Scanners/Trading Alerts

The scanner has built-in scans and also allows users to customize scans and settings. A unique aspect is the ability to scan through OTCBB and Pink Sheet stocks in addition to NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX, which results in over 15,000 stocks being monitored for the best ideas. The scanner does all the legwork leaving the user to select the handful of the best stocks to watch and trade.

Another significant feature is the proprietary algorithms scan called Oracle, which alerts users to a list of stocks triggering high-probability momentum-based breakouts and breakdowns. Tim Sykes helped to develop this program using many of his favorite stock patterns and setups. Oracle is very useful in getting eyeballs focused on stocks that are moving in a timely manner. This tool is especially valuable when general markets are stale or in a lull. Oracle can spot that proverbial needle in a haystack quickly before the volume and momentum top out.

You can see how StocksToTrade compares to Trade Ideas here.

Timothy Sykes Oracle

Order Entry & Compatible Brokers

The platform has an excellent paper trading simulator with a $30,000 starting balance, which can be adjusted. A trade has many moving parts, with most of them inside the mind of the trader. The simulator helps traders get acclimated to placing and managing trades while simultaneously monitoring the charts objectively and non-emotionally. This is preparing for trading real money, which is an entirely different ballgame. As Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone has a game plan until they get punched in the faceโ€ฆ”

STT Paper Trading

Stockstotrade is now integrated with a variety of brokers including:

  • Etrade
  • Just2Trade
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Ally Invest
  • Robinhood

The company also seems to be teaming up with Tradier to push a $14.99/month unlimited trading plan.

Watch Lists

Users can set up multiple watch lists simultaneously on the platform. The various built-in scans help users compile many watch lists to monitor throughout the day, along with alarms to alert you when specific prices are triggered.

Watch Lists

Customization and Saved Layouts

The platform is very flexible and allows users to build their scans. All data is saved on the cloud, which makes access convenient from any location with an internet connection.

Stocks to Trade Videos

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StocksToTrade Differentiators

While there are many research, charting, and scanning platforms on the market, very few include so many features. The most notable unique features include level 2 quotes, the Oracle scan, OTC and Pink Sheet scans, and a paper trading simulator. StockstotradePro includes live webinars, training sessions, and video streams from top traders.

Day Trading Chat Room
StocksToTrade Chat Room

StocksToTrade Bug Reports

We’ve received reports from quite a few users that StocksToTrade has a lot of bugs that continue to cause issues with the platform. Traders have reported problems with the app freezing up and or shutting down unexpectedly. Every software will have bugs, and we don’t expect perfection, but we have received a disproportionate amount of complaints about the StocksToTrade platform.

In fairness to the company, we don’t know what percentage of users these bugs affect. I recommend starting with the 7-day trial to see if the platform plays nicely with your computer setup.

What Type of Trader Is StocksToTrade Best For?

Stockstotrade.com is an all-in-one research platform suitable for all traders from newbies to seasoned professionals. For traders who are ready for the next level, they may be interested in StocksToTrade Pro to get some advanced training directly from season pros, which is integrated directly into the platform. I would recommend having at least two monitors just for the platform, so you have enough screen real estate to take advantage of all the tools. Paying for a full trading platform may not be viable for newer traders. There are plenty of free scanning tools like FinViz and charting platforms like TradingView that can be great alternatives.

StocksToTrade Alternatives

There are two apparent alternatives to the StocksToTrade platform.

First, there’s EquityFeed. It’s no secret that StocksToTrade was initially a white-labeled version of the EquityFeed platform. I remember testing StocksToTrade when it first came out only to be disappointed by the fact that it was a subpar version of EquityFeed. Of course, the platform has improved a lot since then, but so has EquityFeed.

EquityFeed offers most of the same tools as StocksToTrade at a slightly lower price. I also prefer the platform for its speed, reliability, and ease of use. EquityFeed includes data scanners, news scanners, charting, level 2, integrated trading, and more.

The second alternative is Trade Ideas. If you’re using StocksToTrade solely for the scanning functionality, Trade Ideas offers a great option. Trade Ideas has some great pre-built scanners and exciting features. Of course, Trade Ideas is not an “all in one” trading platform, and I wouldn’t recommend it for charting, level 2, etc.


  • All-in-one research, charting, scanning, level 2, simulator and community-based trading platform
  • Free one-week trial for $1
  • Effectively spots where “the action is” even in stale markets
  • Filters news and social media in real-time for trade-able ideas
  • The Oracle scan reveals five to 10 high-probability picks daily
  • Advanced education and community tools
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows


  • Can be a bit overwhelming at first
  • Price is somewhat costly
  • No broker integration
Day Trade Review


Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

12 thoughts on “Stocks to Trade Software Review”

  1. I use to use Stockstotrade, and one day I go to log on and it said my account was suspended, I called and wrote customer services and they said it was do to Market Compliance inconsistencies. because they didn’t have any of my job info. I wrote back and explained I wasn’t working at the time. and for nothing they never wrote me back, no response no nothing. this mad me really upset, I was sitting there with the market about to open with this platform that suspended, my account for what I believe is bs. Also Stockstotrade wasn’t a very good platform anyway always shutting down on me at the worse times, it literally shutdowns on you every time you try to open a window or try to click on a ticker. for $200 dollars a month it was def not worth and I wouldn’t recommend to anybody, and everytime id bad mouth it on profitly Tim Sykes would threaten to kick me off the chat for life! Hey Tim its not my fault you platform is a piece of trash! why don’t you make it better instead if threatening people!

  2. Yes. STT is probably one of the worst trading software package on the market. It will crash several times per day and one clear sign it is badly maintained is that there has not been a new patch released for more than 6 months. It originally promised to include live trading integration but that never materialized. Save your money and look elsewhere…Seriously.

    • I also having been using STT for the past 6 months and I have to admit that if not for constant crashing of the software it would be a good programme. Unfortunately, it has crashed so often that I have missed many great trading opportunities, especially at market open. I have had this conversation with their technical team and they simply could not resolve the issue. I have tested their server download speed with an online programme it rates very low.

      Simply put, if you are an investor looking for end-of-day updates its not a bad software package…however if you need to day trade and need real time charting / level 2 information, look elsewhere!!!!!

      For interest, I am still waiting for a refund on the remaining balance of my yearly subscription, but I am not too optimistic as you can only cancel your policy the first three days after purchasing their services.

  3. TLDR; “It isn’t consistently useful enough for use by a professional, or for its price point.” – A multi-year STT user.

    There are CONSTANT errors requiring you to redownload from scratch (which removes all of your customizations). Quite simply, I don’t think I’ve made it one month over my last few years of using STT where I haven’t had to contact support. Their support group is honestly decent and professional, probably because they get so much practice troubleshooting the myriad of errors.
    This product is not worth the money. Period.
    Today its connection problems, last month (during broker integration) the platform lagged through the most crucial 5 minutes of the trading day rendering it completely useless, the screeners have never been programmed properly (for example, running a simple screener looking for stocks green on the day and above $1 will frequently give results of pennystocks that are red on the day).
    It causes more headaches than it solves and if you are a professional trader it is absolutely and unequivocally not worth your efforts. If you insist on using STT then please buy a monthly subscription, as you are not allowed out of an annual one at any time despite them not providing the services that the user agreement says they do (which is also written in there; they do not guarantee the accuracy of any bit of data or function at any time whatsoever).
    I’ve used STT for years, and I stuck through the good and bad for a long, long time. They refuse to correct the core issues and instead put bandaids over them, or release pointless additions (like broker integration) to bring new members in and shift focus from the poor programming.
    I encourage you to consider all of your options.
    Bottom line: StocksToTrade does not allow me to conduct my trading as a business, which is a vital part of becoming a successful daytrader (words from interviews with millionaires whom have come out the other side, not my own).

  4. i came here to say stockstotrade is the worst platform to use
    it is slow as %$#@. I have the top specs for the 2017 macbook and it would keep crashing every time you click something.
    i bought another laptop 2018 macbook with all the top specs and its still the same. i have tried other charting platforms that were very very fast compared to stocks to trade.
    if you tried use brokerage integration and try to get out of a losing trade you will be stuck and take a big loss.
    i made about 30 complaints in the last 6 months of using it.

    the software crashes 15 times a day. the charting features are crap.
    scanners are difficult to use compared to other platforms.

    the only good thing about it is it looks good

    i am pissed i wish i could smash the software with a hammer

    EVEN TIM SYKES doesn’t even uses stocktotrade


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