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TradeTheNews Review – How Does This News Service Compare?

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Trade The News Review

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TradeTheNews Review

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TradeTheNews is a financial markets news feed for experienced traders and institutions, focusing on the “edge” that it provides to trader. More than just a simple news feed, the platform provides speed, age, depth of coverage, diverse offering, unbiased insight, and confidence for investors. 


  • Very fast news feed
  • Short and to-the-point headlines
  • Actionable morning reports
  • Audio squawk feature available
  • Customize news feed based on your watchlist


  • Limited selection of news filters
  • Doesn’t include a stock scanner

About TradeTheNews

TradeTheNews is a financial markets news service designed for the most serious traders and institutions. The company markets itself to those who need the fastest and most consistent information flow. It offers news feeds for equities, fixed-income assets, commodities, and currencies. TradeTheNews also offers proprietary research to clients.

The main focus of TradeTheNews’ marketing is on the “edge” the platform provides compared to other news services. In essence, TradeTheNews makes the pitch that the service isn’t simply a market news feed, but that their platform can actually be a source of alpha for traders and institutions. The platform credits this edge to its speed, depth of coverage, and unbiased insight.

In our TradeTheNews review, we’ll help you decide if that edge can make a difference to your trading.

TradeTheNews Pricing

TradeTheNews offers five tiers of paid membership for individuals, with no free memberships outside of a free trial. Prices will vary for institutions.

Standard Equity Text Membership

Price: $150/month

This monthly subscription gives you access to the TradeTheNews equity news feed and associated research. It includes:

  • Interactive earnings reports calendar
  • Worldwide breaking news headlines
  • Email alerts
  • Custom AM email report
  • Morning market report
  • Daily global market updates
  • Weekly wrap-up email

Premium 13F Radar Membership

Price: $225/month

This plan gets you everything from the Standard Equity Text Membership, plus the 13F Radar, a 13F analytics tool.

PRO Equity Membership

Price: $350/month

This plan adds an audio squawk feature for breaking news in the equity markets.

Standard Macro/FX Text Membership

Price: $85/month

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This plan for forex traders gives you access to text-based news feeds for the global forex and credit markets. It includes morning reports and daily market updates, similar to those available for equities.

PRO Macro/FX Audio Membership

Price: $185/month

This plan adds an audio squawk feature for forex and credit market headlines.

Plan Comparison

TradeTheNews has a comparison of their plans on its site:

Tradethenews Pricing

TradeTheNews Features

News Feed

Tradethenews Newsfeed

The TradeTheNews dashboard is simple and easy to use. TradeTheNews definitely has a speed edge over other platforms like Benzinga Pro. It’s roughly equal in speed for breaking news with platforms like Newsquawk.

My favorite part about this platform is how practical and to-the-point each headline and news piece is. That’s something that traditional news feed, especially those packaged with broker platforms, just don’t seem to get right. Headlines at TradeTheNews are written by professional analysts and it shows.

As an example, let’s look at the difference in how TradeTheNews reports an analyst upgrade of Mastercard compared to how another firm reported it:


Tradethenews Upgrade

Other Firm:

Tradethenews News Comparison

Clearly, it takes a lot less time for traders to glean actionable information about financial events from the TradeTheNews brief headline than it does from the other firm’s paragraph of text.

Another nice feature is that if you see a headline you don’t entirely understand, you can send a question to the TradeTheNews news desk for instant analysis. A professional analyst will get back to you with more information about what happened or why the market is moving a certain way.

The news feed enables you to filter news events by sector or asset class. You can also create a portfolio of securities and have a custom news feed for that portfolio. However, the list of filters is a little underwhelming – you can’t filter by market cap, for example.

Tradethenews Filters

Economic Calendar

Tradethenews Economic Calendar

TradeTheNews curates economic and corporate earnings calendars that give you a rundown of financial events to watch in the week ahead. Here’s some of the news events you can monitor using the calendar:

  • Economic releases
  • Earnings reports
  • Ex-dividend dates
  • Speakers
  • Conferences
  • Analyst/Investor events
  • Annual meetings
  • Political events

Morning Report

Tradethenews Morning Report

TradeTheNews curates a daily morning report that’s filled with actionable market intelligence. It lays out trade ideas and catalysts that traders may want to be aware of before the market opens. TradeTheNews curates separate reports for the North American markets, European markets, and Asian markets.

Here’s some key information that TradeTheNews highlights in the morning reports:

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  • Highlight stocks from previous day
  • Economic data releases
  • Stocks with pre-market news
  • Analyst upgrades/downgrades
  • Insider buying activity
  • New debt & equity offerings
  • Earnings reports

Who is TradeTheNews Best For?

TradeTheNews is a quality news service that I think is priced quite fairly given the wealth of information it offers. While it’s designed with professional traders, hedge funds, and institutions in mind, it can be quite effective for almost any active trader.

Still, TradeTheNews isn’t cheap, so it’s important to think about whether an advanced news service makes sense for you. Some traders may be better served by technical charts and a stock scanner, while others can use the real-time news available through TradeTheNews to find trading opportunities.

Traders should also consider whether the new feed that their brokerage platform provides is enough on its own. Traders who rely on speed and want to trade around breaking news would benefit most from TradeTheNews or a similar news service. On the other hand, traders who use headlines to spot trends and wait to enter a stock might find that TradeTheNews is more overwhelming than helpful.

Finally, it’s worth comparing TradeTheNews to other news services. Two of the biggest competitors are Benzinga Pro and Newsquawk. Benzinga Pro is available for free or costs $177/month for audio squawk, while Newsquawk starts at $167/month. I think TradeTheNews is a bit faster at breaking headlines than Benzinga Pro, but Benzinga offers a really powerful news scanner. Newsquawk can be a good option if you prefer audio squawk over reading text headlines.

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