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Product Name: Stock Rover

Product Description: is a subscription-based research software service. It provides a one-stop resource for a wealth of fundamental data, scans, watchlist, charting tools along with market analysis reports.

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Looking to try out a new trading software? provides you with a wealth of interesting features. Read this review to find out if this research software service can measure up to your needs.

About Stock Rover is a subscription-based research software service. It provides a one-stop resource for a wealth of fundamental data, scans, watchlist, charting tools along with market analysis reports. While a lot of the research can be found on many different free sites, the convenience of having everything in one place saves a lot of legwork and time enabling users to focus more on analysis.

Stock Rover Trading Style

Users with an affinity for financial metrics and qualitative data will be in heaven. This tends to appeal to swing traders and self-directed investors with on medium to long-term holding periods. The service really caters to users who manage a portfolio of stocks. The service can be plugged directly into a user’s brokerage account to monitor, research and analyze performance. Stock Rover is compatible with a large assortment of online brokers.

Stock Rover Pricing Options

Stock Rover is free to sign up and have access to basic functions including delayed quotes, analyst rankings, news and market updates. This is a great way to kick the tires. There are three paid plans billed annually.

The Essentials plan costs $79.99 per year and contains everything in the free plan plus portfolio watch lists, over 240 additional financial metrics, stock screener, five-years of historical data, real-time text and e-mail alerts, investment comparison tables and brokerage integration.

The Premium plan costs $179.99 per year and includes everything in the Essentials plus over 360 financial metrics and 10-years of historical data, data exporting, ranked screening, ETF scanning, portfolio and correlation analytics, trade planning and rebalancing tools, integrated notes/comments and multi-monitor support.

The Premium Plus costs $279.99 per year and contained everything in Premium plus over 500 financial metrics with customization, screening with equations, portfolio health analysis, higher data limits and top priority e-mail support.

Stock Rover Workspace

Features of Stock Rover

Stock Rover has many unique features that sets it apart from many other research platforms. However, these are available with higher priced subscription plans.

Stock Rover Charts


The platform has all the basic types of charts including candlestick, bar and line. There are also fundamentals and events-based charts, which are more like graphs. The events charts include portfolio activity, earnings, splits, max drawdown and dividends. The technical analysis chart time frames are focused on longer periods, which further leans towards accommodating swing traders and investors.

Technical Indicators

The charting comes with a limited number of the most popular indicators including moving averages, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands and volume. When I say limited, it means only eight indicators. However, using the right mix of these basic indicators can yield nice results or confirm signals. Key price inflection points can be confirmed with the volume by price indicator to spot meaningful reversal levels.

Stock Rover Screener


Stock Rover has a great fundamentals-based stock screener with powerful built-in scans. Explanation and criteria formulas are provided for each of the built-in scans. Many of them are quite detailed and in-depth. Users can also tweak the criteria with their own customized scans.  Exotic scans like Buffettology Inspired, Piotrosky-High F-Score, Capital Efficiency and Small Cap Rockets are unique only to Stock Rover.


The newsfeed is sourced from Yahoo, Google and Benzinga in one place. Keyword searches can be used to scan for news.

Manager Alerts

Alerts can be pre-configured with a wide selection of triggers. The selections range from simple price triggers to P/E, volume earnings events and comparisons to industry averages.

Watch Lists and Portfolio

Users can create watch lists to track stocks or whole portfolios with customizable columns. Stocks can also be analyzed through various pages including profile, performance, returns vs. S&P 500, dividends, grades and valuations. The best part is being able to compare metrics on all the stocks on your watchlist or portfolio.

Additional Features

Stock Rover is packed with useful metric-based information to empower deeper qualitative analysis. For example, the Peers window can be selected for any stock to bring up a list of comparable stocks for analysis and ranking. Unlike many free sites, the stocks that are pulled up in this list are truly peers or peer-related via industry, themes and/or sector. Criteria like P/E, 52-Week Range, Dividend Yield, Growth Grade and Performance provides a convenient snap shot.

Customization and Saved Layouts

Users can save multiple different workspace layouts and customize the windows based on subscription plan. I like having it run on two-screens to get the most value out of the screen real estate. Higher plan subscriptions enable more data and windows to layouts.

Compatible Brokers

Stock Rover can be connected to literally all the most popular online brokers including: Charles Schwab, E*TRADE, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity Investments, Scottrade, T. Rowe Price, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch Merrill Edge and Vanguard Investments. Account linking enables the software to track and analyze your portfolios, which is much more convenient than manually keying in all the data.

What Type of Trader is Stock Rover Best For?

Self-directed investors and swing traders that rely more heavily on fundamental and qualitative data to for stock selection and portfolio management. Stock Rover appeals to the same type of investors as Motley Fool or Investors Business Daily. Researchers and analyst-types that love comparing financial ratios and metrics to find the “need-in-the-haystack” overlooked stocks will love this service. I like tweaking and compounding many of the unique scans to narrow down selections to just a handful of undervalued and overlooked stock candidates. This takes a few rounds of refining through trial and error. However, the results are impressive.

Is The Service a Good Value?

This is a great value for the Premium Plan at $179.99 a year. More advanced users that want customizability can consider the Premium Plus. Having access to the built-in screens alone is worth the costs. The only downside is paying the annual fee upfront.


  • Comprehensive set of investment analysis tools
  • Unique built-in screens
  • Solid plug-in portfolio tracking and analysis tools
  • Efficient watch lists to enable snapshot comparisons
  • Detailed alert parameters and convenient text and email delivery
  • Flexible customizable screens (Premium Plus subscribers)


  • Limited charting technical indicators
  • Not robust enough for intra-day traders