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Bullish Bears Review – How Does This Chat Room Compare?

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Bullish Bears Review

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Bullish Bears Review

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Bullish Bears is a trader education website that offers many interesting features for its growing user base. With training courses, chatrooms, and more Bullish Bears has peaked many traders interest. So, is Bullish Bears worth the hype? Read our review to learn more.

About Bullish Bears

Bullish Bears is an online trader education site that offers training courses, live streaming chatrooms, watchlists and trade alerts to its growing community of active intraday and swing traders. The site is run by the three founders Tim Davis, Daniel Adams and Lucien Bechard. As a team they are approachable, sympathetic and compassionate embracing a running theme that “hope is real” interpreted to describe the community as a “safe place” for traders to learn and bond. This holistic theme of social interaction and awareness is embedded into the operations resulting in a non-intimidating, relaxing and tranquil environment, especially for beginners. Their YouTube channel has over 46,000 subscribers and content are updated every few days.

Bullish Bears

Bullish Bears Styles of Trading

The team of moderators encompass many types of trading styles ranging from intraday scalping to swing trading stocks, options and futures. Tim specializes in stocks. Lucien focuses mainly on options strategies including credit and debit spreads. Daniel focus on futures trading. This diversification makes the value proposition very appealing for members.

Set-ups: The morning watch list stream describes many of the specific stock patterns traders should be tracking. They incorporate many classic candlestick patterns including bull/bear flags, double tops/bottoms, wedges and head-and-shoulders are some of the common set-ups. Trend lines are regularly used to identify support and resistance levels which also represent breakout and breakdown price areas.

Timeframes: With chatrooms dedicated to both day trading and swing trading, the times frames range from minutes to months depending on the trade. Intraday traders will prioritize one-minute to 30-minute charts while swing traders will primarily utilize daily charts.

Bullish Bears Trading Courses

Bullish Bears provides comprehensive trader training courses from basic technical analysis to putting on multi-leg options strategies like calendar spreads, iron condors and butterflies. The courses were developed to really simplify complex material into bite-sized pieces for beginners to easily digest. For example, I finally learned what a call credit spread is and how to execute one. Since they are also labelled as bear call spreads and short call verticals, it’s easy to get them confused. This Bullish Bears video lesson explains the Call Credit Spread and does an excellent job of putting the pieces together. This is the style of education that is most effective for my own style.

The trading courses are estimated to be valued over $3,000, but full access is provided free with membership. More content is added to the trading courses on a regular basis as it continues to grow cumulatively and comprehensively with time. I can’t stress the generous helpings of educational content on the site and the YouTube channel catering to all levels of trader experience. Many of the course videos are available for free just for registering.

Chat Room  

There are three chatrooms (Day trading, Swing Trade and Futures) running simultaneously throughout the day catering to the different styles and asset classes. The chatrooms are meant to illustrate how the methodologies work in real-time and provide insight into the minds of the moderators as well as interact and engage. There is a cumulative and osmosis-like effect that form perpetually when you continually get exposed to the chatroom action daily.

The chat room is not as active as rooms like Investors Underground but the moderators are very attentive and helpful

Bullish Bears also runs a group on Facebook (similar to Learn Plan Profit) that is pretty active and free to the public.

Bullish Bears Day Trading Room

Bullish Bears Live Screen Share Stream

One of the most helpful components of the service is the live screen share that the moderators provide every day as they go through potential trading candidates. I really enjoy how the coaches go through each stock and point out the patterns they see and the price levels of interest. This provides real-time insights into how a trader analyzes the potential for a high-probability price move. I find this more helpful than just providing cattle call trade alerts where the members pile into a stock, which is common with typical pump-and-dump penny stock chatrooms. Trading is most psychological and gaining a true perspective through the lens of a seasoned trader is the most effective engagement I’ve found. If a trader doesn’t know why he or she has entered a trade, then it’s only a matter of time before they blow out. Bullish Bears understands this and goes out of its way to get traders to think out trades and prepare ahead of time before pulling the trigger.

Bullish Bears Live Stream

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Trade-Ideas Pre-Built Scanner Template

‘Teach a man to fish’ means provide members with the tools they need to find, analyze, execute and manage trades on their own. The goal is self-sufficiency. For this reason, Bullish Bears  provides members with their own customized Trade-Ideas scanner template ($150-value) with membership. Members can use this template every day to find potential opportunities without having to rely on the coaches.

The recommended plan of action is to work through the courses, attend the chatroom and spend three-to-six months making hundreds of paper trades. When the win ratio exceeds 65-percent, then gradually transition to cash trades. The holistic approach combined with the very easy-going temperament of the moderators enhances the learning curve for members.  

Bullish Bears Scan Template

What Type of Trader is Bullish Bears Best For?

This is one of those rare services that caters to traders of all skill levels. For beginners, the non-intimidating and supportive environment combined with easy access and engagement with instructors and moderators makes this an ideal gateway to the world of trading. Experienced and seasoned traders will enjoy the camaraderie that is prevalent among the community as well as gain new insights and strategies. There is something to be said about the tranquil environment that makes trading less stressful than it needs to be. It’s easier to learn in this setting. There is transparency without the constant up-selling of products often found on trading education sites.   

Is Bullish Bears a Good Value?

Bullishbears.com is a great value even for the free content. The Deluxe membership is only $49-per month with a 14-day free trial to begin with. This includes access to all trading courses, chatrooms, scanner templates, watch list and swing alerts. The best value is the Deluxe annual prepaid membership at $300-per year, which brings the monthly cost down to $25-per month. This is a super value for all the content and services received.


  • Holistic approach to trader education and daily growth
  • Interactive chatroom gives transparent and full-access engagement to coaches
  • Soothing and tranquil learning environment
  • Live-stream screen share speeds up learning curve
  • Free stock scanner template with membership to find your own trades
  • Beginner-friendly content and materials
  • No hard or soft sell on services


  • Penny stocks are excessively riskier to start off trading
  • Too much content can be confusing as well
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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