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Cameron Fous has been involved in day trading for almost a decade. He initially ran a site called “The Technical Trader” and now runs His style is simple, easy-to-follow, and focused primarily on market open and close. The service includes a chat room, trading courses (purchased separately) and FousTV, a live screenshare hosted by Cameron Fous.

Who is Cameron Fous?

Cameron Fous is a day trader with over a decade of experience trading the markets. Fous started trading back in college but eventually dropped out to focus on trading full-time. He initially started providing free trading services under the name “The Technical Ticker.” After adapting a paid service model, the service has now evolved into Fous Alerts.

Cameron Fous

Cameron Fous trades out of San Diego, California. His rise to recognition was given a boost when he traded at alongside Tim Sykes and other gurus. Fous later separated from the service, revamped Fous Alerts and continues to grow the business. As Fous Alerts evolved, Fous has introduced new services such as trading courses, a hedge fund, and a trading software called Alpha Scans. He is well known for his high-end lifestyle, which is promoted heavily on Instagram.

Lifestyle Marketing

Cameron Fous uses “lifestyle marketing” as a means of attracting new traders. Similar to Timothy Sykes, Cameron Fous’ Instagram page is loaded with vivid imagery consisting of world travels, exotic cars, fancy watches, and attractive women. He promotes the freedom and luxuries that are often associated with the life of a successful day trader. Fous can be seen traveling the world to places ranging from Columbia to Hawaii.

Trading Style

Cameron Fous’ trading style is based heavily around technical analysis and reading chart patterns. When Cameron Fous initially released his first training course “Fous 4,” he was primarily focused on long setups and would swing trade more frequently than he would day trade. His trading style eventually broadened to include more day trades and short selling, as explained on the “Fous 4×2” trading course.

Fous focuses a lot on variations of ascending triangle patterns and intraday flag patterns, referred to in his courses as “Fous” patterns (Gold, Revival, Survival, etc.) and “F” patterns (F1, F2, F3). These patterns are similar to the ABCD pattern taught at Investors Underground.

Fous has a firm understanding of technical analysis and risk management.

Fous Alerts Technical Analysis

Fous 4 Trading Courses

While Cameron Fous uses a lot of lifestyle marketing to attract new traders, he actually knows what he is doing. I was pleasantly surprised when I first watched Fous 4. The course is well organized and actually contains a lot of high quality trading education. This may be one of the best produced courses on the market. Fous talks about topics such as:

  • Market Psychology
  • Risk Management
  • Breakout Structures
  • Candlestick Analysis
  • Technical Indicators
  • Stock Fundamentals
  • Chart Patterns
  • and more

The courses include lessons on the theory behind certain strategies as well as examples of specific trades. Fous puts a strong focus on risk management and explains how to account for risk when trading the setups mentioned in the course.

The DVD course discusses a lot of the basics of day trading and provides great visual support for each of the topics. Watching the “Fous 4” DVD is a great way to jumpstart your trading education by focusing on the most important elements of day trading. In this aspect, it is one of the more actionable courses on the market.

Fous 4 Course Breakouts

The “Fous 4” DVD is focused more on swing trading whereas the sequel, “Fous 4×2,” delves deeper into day trading tactics. In “Fous 4×2,” Cameron discusses many intraday trading tactics. He introduces the F1, F2, and F3 chart patterns, which are variations of the ascending triangle pattern segmented by intraday timeframes. This course is just as well produced and contains visual support and rules that make it easy for a new trader to grasp the concepts.

Fous 4 Day Trading

Fous Alerts Chat Room

The Fous Alerts chat room is relatively easy to follow. Cameron Fous will alert his trades and you can see his open positions in a tab in the chat room. There are a few other solid traders in the chat room, but the main value is getting Cameron’s trade alerts.

To make the most of the chat room subscription, you need to be following FousTV. FousTV serves as a real-time education tool through which Fous shares his screen and explains his thought processes for entering trades in real-time (usually during market open and close). He used to offer FousTV for free once a week which is what initially attracted me to the service, however I’m not sure he still does this.

Fous Alerts Chat Room

Who is Fous Alerts Best For?

Fous Alerts is a good option for new traders who are placing a few trades per day and still trying to learn the market. FousTV is a valuable education tool, so it is recommended that new traders choose the “Elite” membership over the “Alerts” membership.

If you sign up for Fous Alerts, make sure you are able to trade during the market open, as this is when most of the action goes down. You will also need a decent understanding of technical analysis as well as a suitable trading platform if you want to follow along properly.

This service is best for traders who already have a decent understanding of the market and (ideally) have an account with $25,000+ to bypass the PDT rule.

Is The Service a Good Value?

Fous Alerts offers two membership plans: Elite and Alerts. The Alerts plan includes chat and trade alerts via email and SMS. The Elite plan includes access to video lessons and the FousTV broadcasts. The “Elite” plan is definitely a better value and recommended for new traders looking to try the service.

Fous Alerts Membership

The Elite plan is priced at $197/month and the Alerts plan is priced at $147/month. This pricing is somewhat standard and similar to other comparable services. The value derived will be relevant to individual traders. If you have a bigger account, you will be able to take bigger positions which may lead to higher profits. If you value education, the Elite plan is a great learning tool as it allows you to watch Fous trade in real-time and also gives you access to a video lesson library filled with trade recaps.

If you are still unsure about the service, you may consider following Cameron Fous on Twitter and keeping an eye on his “RADAR” tweets in which he gives a few trade alerts for free.

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