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Madaz Money Review – A Community For Intraday Traders

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Madaz Money Review

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Madaz Money Review

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Madaz Money is a trading chatroom and community built for intraday traders. It specializes in scalping high-volatility momentum stocks, from penny stocks and small-caps to mid-caps. Madaz Money has four traders on their team that each offer their own unique style of trading and methodology. Does this chatroom have what you’re looking for? Read our review of Madaz Money and find out.

About Madaz Money

Madaz Money, also known as MadazMoney.com, is a trading chatroom and community for intraday active traders specializing in scalping high-volatility momentum stocks ranging from penny stocks/small-caps to mid-caps.

The service is operated by Madaz, a former structural engineer turned full-time intraday trader. There is a surprising amount of transparency as Madaz provides live voice commentary on his trades through the chatroom with video updates and a mobile app with real-time engagement with his team of traders.

Like a band of mercenaries, Madaz and his crew can be found trading the most active and volatile stocks throughout the day. Members can manage their own trades with the provided daily watch list or piggyback on the team’s trades, which is obviously not encouraged but is the reason most subscribers join in reality.

There are other trading chatrooms out there, such as Profit Prism and Warrior Trading, so what sets Madaz Money apart? Let’s take a closer look in our Madaz Money Review.

Madaz Money Styles Of Trading

There are four traders on the team lead by Madaz. Each trader has their own distinct style of trading and methodology that accompanies it. Madaz is a small-cap scalper mostly utilizing candlestick charts with several price indicators along with level 2 and time of sales to spot his trades. He is often in and out of trades within minutes to hours at most. Positions are usually closed out before the end of the day.

Micah is a short seller utilizing Fibonacci tools combined with technical analysis to spot and take down short trades. Anthony is a long-bias trader using technical analysis-based methods to trade mid-cap to large-cap stocks. Lukas is a small-cap trader with an affinity for short-selling based on fundamental analysis, including news and event catalysts. 

Madaz Money Chart


Madaz likes to play momentum breakouts and breakdowns, catching entries on pullbacks. He is exceptionally seasoned when it comes to timing his trades and tends to scale in and out of positions. Reversion scalps are also a big part of his arsenal of money makers as he likes to short exceptionally overextended stocks but is amazingly disciplined in stopping out and shorting higher when necessary. He is an exceptional tape reader combining time of sales and level 2 to generate trigger signals using a combination of pivots and moving averages on his price charts. Ironically, he doesn’t seem to use a momentum indicator but rather intuitively seems to time exhaustions and reversions phenomenally. 


Madaz uses multiple time frames, including a daily chart to get a wider perspective of the price action and a 3-minute chart to time his scalps. His chart template layout is available for members as he uses Think or Swim along with Das Trader for direct routing executions.      

Madaz Money Features

Trading Education Content

Membership to MadazMoney provides access to trading videos, recaps, and podcasts. There isn’t a pre-bundled training course, yet which makes it more of a watch and follow form a learning process. In one sense, this enables serious “hungry” traders to soak up all the insights and nuances provided by Madaz and his team. However, it can also lead ‘lazy’ traders to stick to just piggybacking trades, which may work for a while until the inevitable ‘deer in the headlight’ incident happens when the market takes a bite of out of newbies.

Madaz trades quickly and implements very fast stops as the underlying stocks can reverse super quickly. The type of stocks they trade can turn a trader into a bag holder quickly.

Madaz Money PL Transparency


The live online chatroom is available for subscribers. There are many rooms available, including main stock talk, where most trades hang out all day. There are additional rooms by topic, including swing trade, strategy fundamental analysis, long term investments, watchlist, and charts.

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In addition to the Madaz team traders, there are many talented traders within the membership that provide insights and their own trade ideas. They are helpful, and a sense of community can definitely be felt. However, it’s always crucial not to just in headfirst on any trade idea that isn’t your own. Ideas are rarely shared out of purely selfless intentions when it comes to trading small caps. The moderators do a good job of keeping hype down and controlled, but trust no one is the motto to embrace at all times in chatrooms.

The chatrooms also have voice and audio capabilities enabling subscribers to listen to Madaz and his team in real time. 

Madaz Money Chatroom

What Type Of Trader Is Madaz Money Best For? 

This service is best suited for more experienced intraday active traders that are seeking to adopt momentum trade ideas consistently each day. These guys go where the action is, and the benefit of watching how pros tackle volatility is actually inspirational.

With enough observation and learning from real time commentary, trades, and recaps videos, traders can get a sense of the trading methodology. However, don’t expect to be spoon fed the methods since these guys are presenting the outcome of their individual systems. At some point, they may provide more formal educational bundled packages.

Is Madaz Money A Good Value? 

The service is a great value at $99-per month or $990-per year with annual prepayment. It’s a great place to know where the action is on a daily basis, along with being able to follow along with a very seasoned team of successful active traders. While not recommended, most will likely be piggybacking trades, which can make a material impact on the underlying momentum stocks. Subscribers should be aware of the impact of ‘cattle calls’ when a chatroom jumps in and out of positions on thinner traded small-cap stocks and have the skill sets to capitalize and not get ‘stuck’ in positions.


  • Transparent performance with live commentary and P/L blotter postings
  • Very insightful and transparency trading videos reviewing trades
  • Growing community of skilled intraday scalping traders 
  • Easy access via online chatroom and mobile app
  • Good value at only $99-per month and no upselling of packages
  • Always trading where ‘the action is’ 


  • Small-cap stocks are high risk due to thin liquidity and potential manipulation 
  • Not as much educational content explaining the methodologies
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