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Weekly Windfalls Review – A Look At This Options Trading Service By Jason Bond

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Weekly Windfalls Review

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Weekly Windfalls Review

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If you’re an options trader, you know how important a good alerts and ideas service can be. Considering using Weekly Windfalls? Weekly Windfalls is an options trading ideas and alerts service by Jason Bond that includes features such as video tutorials and more. Is this service right for you? Read our in-depth review of Weekly Windfalls to learn more.

About Weekly Windfalls

Weekly Windfalls is a service that provides options trading ideas and alerts to generate weekly income based on selling the premium on options contracts.

The service is operated by Jason Bond. Formerly a struggling teacher with $250,000 in debt, Bond learned to trade successfully transforming himself into a millionaire, providing trading signals and educational content through various services. He is co-owner of RagingBull.com with Jeff Bishop. Together they operate a network of services dedicated to providing trading education and alert services.

Weekly Windfalls

Weekly Windfalls markets itself as an effective way to generate passive weekly income by selling options through spreads on the most liquid and widely held publicly traded companies to regularly earn 30% to 100% returns on a weekly basis. This service plays the other side of trading options by being a seller rather than a buyer, thereby having time decay on your side rather than fighting it playing a directional single-leg option.

The testimonials are impressive, and even the operator provides compelling performance documentation to illustrate the effectiveness of this strategy. So let’s see how Weekly Windfalls truly measures up in this review.

Weekly Windfalls Intro

How Does Weekly Windfalls Work?

Jason Bond is a swing trader with a disposition to playing long trades, no short selling. He combines fundamental analysis with simple technical analysis to derive an easily digestible narrative that justifies a position and makes sense even for beginners.Weekly Windfalls Alerts

Bond has other trading services, including his chatroom, swing trading newsletters, and his Jason Bond Picks service; but Weekly Windfalls is primarily focused on the long side price action by selling vertical put spreads at specific price ranges to capture the premium.  


Bond uses the overall market context to determine the climate for a risk-on, long-only market climate before selecting various mainstay stocks and their strike prices to consider. He also uses fundamental analysis, including events and upcoming catalysts, to help subscribers understand the positive sentiment underlying the set-up.

Just as with any service, members are expected to understand the set-ups and manage them individually according to their own risk tolerance and skill set levels. However, most users likely just piggyback off Bond’s actions.

Keep in mind that options spreads can get wide even for the most active stocks, which can impact your maximum gains, especially when sending in a two-leg vertical in a single order, which puts the control in the hands of the broker and options market maker to fill. Weekly Windfalls Trade Setups


Bond is a swing trader that sells put spreads with weekly expirations utilizing 60-minute to weekly time frame charts.

While members can cover the puts prior to expiration, especially in situations where prices spike fast and heavy, the usual plan of action is to ride them into expiration to collect the full premium. This is assuming they aren’t underwater and get assigned shares, which is a potential danger.     

Weekly Windfalls Features

Weekly Windfalls Trading Courses

The Weekly Windfalls service provides comprehensive tutorials and videos for subscribers to get familiarized with options trading and the premium selling strategy.

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Weekly Windfalls Education

Bond provides lots of update videos on trades as well as tons of options tutorials with specific order placing instructions through step-by-step videos.

A basic understanding of options trading is a requirement in addition to awareness of the risk of selling naked options. The training videos are solid and easy to understand.Weekly Windfalls Video Updates


The RagingBull network is a vast community of subscribers to the various services in the network. The community is composed of traders and investors of all skill levels sharing ideas and feedback that can be used as a reference and sounding board for users.

It’s important to always take any opinions with a grain of salt since you don’t know the intention of the poster, but having that filter in place is important. Shark Tank’s Daymond John apparently endorses the service, possibly as an affiliate. 

What Type Of Trader Is Weekly Windfalls Best For? 

This service is best suited for experienced traders and investors that have a solid foundation of options trading knowledge. While the strategy is simple, it still requires timing to capture the best premiums and the decision-making expertise to decide whether to take the scalp or hold into expiration.

It also helps to have a larger trading account with options level 4 permissions, especially for seasoned traders that wish to manually place each leg of the vertical. This requires approval and meeting the minimal capital requirements to execute these trades.

You will notice that Jason Bond uses a six-figure account to implement trades. Beginners who can’t get level 4 options permissions can still play the debit spreads with limited upside but downside protection as well without the risk of assignment.

Is Weekly Windfalls A Good Value? 

The pricing depends on the current promotion and which services you select and the applicable discounts. Prices range from $7,497 to $2,499, depending on the membership plan you select.

While it seems expensive to pay several thousand upfront, the value grows as you use the membership longer term. The regular annual pricing is $2,497, but there are discounts when bundled with other plans that can drop the cost to $1,499.

The pricing is not readily apparent, and the discounts and bundles can be confusing to navigate.


  • Easy to understand strategy and signals for semi-passive income
  • Thorough explanation of weekly trade set-up 
  • Access to RagingBull community of traders  
  • Statistically significant win percentage during rising markets
  • Bond does a good job of simplifying a complex strategy
  • Generally liquid underlying stock selection favorable for tighter spreads


  • Vertical put spreads work best in rising markets
  • Pricing can be frustrating between bundles and discounts
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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