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Simply Wall ST Review – A Stock Data Visualization Tool

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Simply Wall St Review

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Simply Wall ST Review

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Are you a visual person? Do you prefer to see your data, rather than read long reports? Then you may have heard of Simply Wall St. Simply Wall ST is a stock tool that focuses on visualizing fundamental company data instead of making you read about it. With multiple charts and visual images, Simply Wall St has their visual users talking. Are they what you’re looking for? Before you dive in, read our review of Simply Wall St and learn what you need to know.

About Simply Wall ST

Simply Wall ST is a stock tool that focuses heavily on visualizing fundamental company data. The platform promises to eliminate spreadsheets, and instead offers relatively advanced visual data displays that can help traders quickly evaluate stocks. The platform offers a decent amount of functionality for free, and it’s helpful enough for stock discovery that many traders will find investing in a paid plan worthwhile.

Simply Wall ST Pricing Options

Simply Wall ST offers a Free plan that includes a reasonable amount of functionality. You can look at up to five company reports per month and track up to five stocks in your portfolio. But, you don’t get access to the platform’s automatically generated stock ideas or to the screener.

Simply Wall ST Pricing

The first of the two paid plans is the Premium plan. It costs $15 per month or $120 year and offers up to 30 stock research reports per month and 30 stocks in each portfolio. You can have an unlimited number of portfolios, use the stock screener, and access stock ideas. But, you can’t export visualizations and company reports to PDFs.

The Unlimited plan costs $30 per month or $240 per year and upgrades you to unlimited stock analysis reports and unlimited stocks in each portfolio. You can also export report data to PDFs and Excel spreadsheets.

Simply Wall ST offers a 14-day trial of the Premium plan with no credit card required.

Simply Wall ST Features

Company Reports

The primary feature that Simply Wall ST offers is one-page company reports. These use colorful visualizations to evaluate a company’s investment profile and deliver a quick snapshot of a company’s investment potential. To start, Simply Wall ST offers a snowflake graph that ranks five characteristics – past performance, future growth, value, dividend, and financial health – on a scale of 0-6.

Simply Wall ST Company Report

Simply Wall ST Star Chart

The remainder of the stock research report essentially breaks down these rankings. Valuation is determined as a company’s current share price versus its fair value, which gives a percent discount or premium based on future cash flows. Valuation also considers PE ratio, PEG ratio, and price-to-book ratio compared to the industry and market averages.

Simply Wall ST Valuation

Future growth examines estimated future earnings growth and revenue growth over the next five years, based on data from analysts following the company of interest. Again, these are compared to the industry average and to the market, which is helpful, although hardly groundbreaking. The past company performance metric is similar, accounting for past earnings and revenue growth compared to the industry average.

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Simply Wall ST Growth

The financial health analysis that Simply Wall ST presents is a bit more unusual. You can see when a company has taken on new rounds of debt, as well as how that has driven net worth over time. A company’s balance sheet is presented in a graphical format, which is an interesting concept.

Simply Wall ST Balance Sheet

Finally, the company report looks at dividend payment growth over time and compares it to the industry average (not only to other dividend payers within the industry). You can also see how the company is managed, including management tenure, management share purchases, and CEO compensation. In addition, the platform shows how much of a company’s stock is owned by financial institutions as opposed to individual investors, and highlights recent insider trading activity.

One feature that was very nice is that it’s possible to compare multiple companies. This essentially puts the companies’ visual reports side-by-side on a single screen, which is a very useful way of looking at cross-industry data.

Simply Wall ST Company Comparison

The thing that felt lacking in Simply Wall ST’s reports was detailed fundamental analysis. The platform makes the financial data that’s used directly to calculate metrics like P/E ratio available, but you can’t pull up a company’s balance sheet to do your own discounted cash flow calculation or build your own fundamental metrics. That’s a little disappointing since one of the promises Simply Wall ST makes is to make institutional quality data available to retail investors.

Stock Discovery and Screener

Simply Wall ST can also be used to discover potential new stock picks thanks to its algorithm-driven Discover feature. This includes a number of helpful categories, like “Buy the Dip” or “Growth at a Reasonable Price.” It’s easy to see how these categories relate to the data available in the company report, which is even more helpful for knowing what to look for.

Simply Wall ST Discover

While there’s no shortage of companies listed under any of these categories, it’s nice that you can also filter down the list by market or industry sector. If you want an even finer search, you’ll need to use Simply Wall ST’s stock screener.

Simply Wall ST Stock Screener

The screener is actually extremely well designed. You can filter by market and industry, and then there is a rather large list of fundamental parameters that you can choose to include in your search or not. Most of these correspond to the same metrics used in the company reports, which gives the platform a very unified feel without it being limiting. Even better, you can filter directly using the five characteristics shown in the snowflake diagram using the same 0-6 scale.

Simply Wall ST Screener Filters

The results are displayed with snowflake diagrams, which makes it relatively easy to find relevant results if that’s what your search was primarily based on. However, if you were looking at more detailed fundamental parameters, this isn’t the most helpful results display. You can also easily save stock screens for future use. These screens are great for longer-term investors who like pre-built scans. Short-term traders and investors who have unique trading styles would likely prefer screeners like Trade Ideas and FinViz.


Finally, Simply Wall ST allows you to create watchlists and portfolios. These more or less blend the functionality of company reports with portfolio tracking functions like return calculations. The platform makes it extremely easy to import portfolios from a CSV file, which is a nice touch for importing data from your brokerage. Of course, you can also add stocks to your own portfolio using a button at the top of every stock report.

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Simply Wall ST Portfolio Report

Customization and Layout

There aren’t any options to customize the look of your Simply Wall ST interface, although you hardly need them. The layout and menus are intuitive and it’s easy to navigate around the platform. In addition, Simply Wall ST offers a mobile app from which you can check on company reports and use the stock screener.

Platform Differentiators

Simply Wall ST stands out for offering highly visual displays of fundamental data, instead of simply bombarding you with numbers and data tables. The visualization is particularly helpful when comparing two companies from the same industry side-by-side. In addition, the Discover feature and stock screener do a pretty good job of highlighting companies that are worth looking further into.

The drawback to this approach is that Simply Wall ST’s company analysis tools may be a little too high-level for some traders. You can’t conduct detailed fundamental stock research, but rather just a broad financial review. Overall, I like using Simply Wall ST to find companies that might offer long term investment opportunities, and then to follow up with more in-depth stock analysis and detailed due diligence using other tools.

What Type of Trader is Simply Wall ST Best For?

Simply Wall ST is best for fundamental traders who have trouble interpreting data in its typical Excel spreadsheet format. The platform captures a decent breadth of critical information in its visuals, and the side-by-side visual comparisons are much better than what you could quickly achieve with a spreadsheet.

That said, seasoned fundamental traders may not get many benefits from this platform as you can’t simply add metrics into your investment analysis that aren’t already supported. In that way, it’s a lot less flexible than an Excel spreadsheet and you probably wouldn’t want to use Simply Wall ST on its own to make big financial decisions. However, the Discover tab is a major plus that can be used to highlight companies worth looking more closely at, even for experienced traders.


  • Not very expensive and free plan offers a lot of functionality
  • Excellent Discover page with highly descriptive categories
  • Stock screener allows you to sort by value, growth, dividend, and performance ratings
  • Company reports can be compared side-by-side for multiple companies
  • Includes a mobile app with many of the same visuals


  • Not as flexible as an Excel spreadsheet for adding in additional data
  • Stock screener and company reports can be a little too high-level for serious research
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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