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Old School Value Review – An Analysis Software For Fundamental Investors

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Old School Value Review

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Old School Value Review

  • Ease of Use
  • Value
  • Customization


Any solid trader knows that a good stock analysis software can be key. Old School Value is a stock valuation and analysis software that is designed to help fundamental investors. This software aims to make it simple and easy to find the right stocks to trade using quality, value, and growth scores. Old School Value includes features such as stock summary pages, pre-made and customizable stock screeners, a stock database, and a built-in valuation analysis tool. So, is Old School Value the software your trading needs? Read our complete review of Old School Value to learn more before you decide.

About Old School Value

Old School Value is a platform built for fundamental investors. The software makes it simple to find stocks to trade based on quality, value, and growth scores, plus gives you access to a variety of pre-built valuation models. The software is easy to use and offers plenty of customization.

So, is Old School Value right for you? We’ll cover everything you need to know in our Old School Value review.

Old School Value Homepage

Old School Value Pricing Options

Old School Value costs $59 per month or $588 per year. You can try out the software free for 7 days before committing to a plan.

Old School Value Pricing

Old School Value Features

Quality, Value, and Growth Scores

One of the key sets of metrics that Old School Value provides for evaluating stocks is its quality, value, and growth scores. The quality score is based on the percent of sales a company converts to cash flow. The value score is based on a stock’s price-to-book and price-to-free cash flow ratios. The growth score is based on sales growth and profitability growth.

These three scores are displayed prominently for every stock in the Old School Value database and combined to generate an action score. Over a 17-year backtest, Old School Value’s top 20 stocks by action score outperformed the S&P 500.

Old School Value Scores


Old School Value offers summary pages for individual stocks that are packed with useful information. You can quickly see a graph of the stock price and fair value price over time, as well as plots of revenue, income, debt, and cash flow.

You can also dig into any company’s financial data. Old School Value keeps data going back 10 years for annual reports and 16 quarters for quarterly reports. All of the data is searchable and can be easily exported to Excel for further analysis. Old School Value also has a financial comparison feature that enables you to quickly compare data across up to five companies at a time.

Old School Value Comparison

Valuation Analysis

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of Old School Value is its built-in valuation analysis tool. The platform includes five categories of valuation models based on cash flow, earnings, income statements, price-to-earnings, and price-to-economic value. For any stock, you can instantly pull up a summary showing the results of several default valuation models. Old School Value calculates the fair value for each model and a margin of safety based on the current stock price and growth rate. 

Old School Value Valuation Analysis

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If you want to dig into each model in more depth, you can. The inputs and assumptions that go into each valuation estimate are editable. You can also check the sensitivity of the model to specific inputs. 

Windows users also get access to a pre-built Excel spreadsheet that includes the formulas underlying all of the valuation models available in Old School Value. The formulas are visible and editable, so you can easily create your own custom models building on what Old School Value has already created.

Stock Database and Screener

Old School Value offers two primary ways to find stocks. The first is the stock database, which is simply a list of all the stocks that the platform tracks. You can create multiple views of the database and customize the columns, making it easy to sort the database in different ways. Quality, value, growth, and action scores are available to be added as columns, so you can easily view top stocks based on these scores.

Old School Value Stock Database

Old School Value also offers a stock screener. This includes 10 pre-made screens that are based on the platforms’ valuation analysis formulas. You can also create your own custom screens and save them for future use. There are hundreds of financial and valuation metrics to choose from, along with quality, value, growth, and action score parameters.

Old School Value Stock Screener

Old School Value Customization and Layout

The name “Old School Value” might suggest that this platform is dated, but the web interface is modern and seamless. You can access all of the platform’s functions through a left-hand menu, and it’s broken down into four distinct sections to guide you through the process of analyzing a stock. 

Old School Value Dashboard

One of the key customization aspects that Old School Value offers is the ability to create custom portfolios. There’s no limit to how many portfolios you can create, and you can easily see the average Action score and valuation metrics for all components in your portfolio. The performance tracking features that Old School Value offers are also more flexible than what most brokerage platforms offer.

Old School Value Platform Differentiators

There are many analysis platforms out there, from Yewno Edge to Chaiken Analytics, so how does Old School Value measure up? Old School Value is a modern, easy-to-use, and very comprehensive platform for fundamental analysis. The platform makes it extremely simple to narrow down your initial search for stocks, thanks to its quality, value, and action scores. The stock database and screener are also very actionable, especially if you already have key valuation metrics in mind.

The heart of this platform is its valuation analysis module, which includes access to numerous pre-made valuation models. While these models aren’t unique, being able to compare model results side-by-side is a huge improvement over competing platforms (or homemade analyses in Excel). Windows users will get the most out of Old School Value thanks to the included Excel spreadsheet, but you can still customize model inputs in the web platform.

What Type of Trader is Old School Value Best For?

Old School Value is best for value investors who want the ability to dive deep into valuation analysis. The platform is very user-friendly, but the included models are very robust and have a lot to offer for traders who fully understand the inputs and assumptions that go into them.

To be fair, there’s little that Old School Value can do that can’t be done in Excel. However, the software simply makes fundamental analysis easier and faster. You can find new stocks to analyze in minutes using the database and screener and pull up basic valuation estimates instantly.


  • Action score system has outperformed the S&P 500
  • Includes dozens of pre-made valuation models
  • Easily change model inputs and test sensitivity
  • Customizable stock screener
  • Compare financial and valuation metrics for up to 5 stocks


  • Excel valuation spreadsheet only available for Windows users
  • No technical data at all
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