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A solid stock analysis platform can make a world of difference when it comes to the stock market. Yewno Edge is an AI-powered stock analysis platform with some unique features. It is designed to help users build and test new strategies and includes the ability to look for companies using almost any search terms. These search terms include concepts, new technologies, people, products, and more. Read our complete review of Yewno Edge to see if this platform is the one you’ve been searching for.

Yewno Edge is an AI-powered stock analysis platform designed to help you build and test new strategies. What makes this platform unique is that you can look for companies using almost any search terms, including concepts, new technologies, people, products, and more. That enables you to build a portfolio around, say, 5G or self-driving cars in seconds.

Yewno Edge also has all the basics you’d expect from an advanced analysis platform, including news, detailed company information, and watchlists. However, it’s expensive and not particularly user-friendly, so this platform only makes sense if you can take advantage of the AI-powered strategy builder.

Yewno Edge - Homepage

Yewno Edge Pricing Options

Yewno Edge currently offers two pricing tiers. The Basic tier costs $59 per month and includes watchlists, charts, and news. But it only offers delayed data and doesn’t include the strategy builder, portfolio exposure analysis, or detailed company profile modules. So, you miss out on most of the features that differentiate Yewno Edge with the Basic plan.

Yewno Edge - Pricing

The Premium tier costs $149 per month and gives you access to all of Yewno Edge’s features, plus real-time market data.

Yewno Edge is also planning to release a third, Pro, tier for $349 per month that will include alpha signals. However, this plan is not yet available and it’s not clear how the alpha signa features will work.

You can try out Yewno Edge for free for up to 14 days before committing to a plan. 

Yewno Edge Features

Strategy Builder

The strategy builder is at the heart of Yewno Edge. With this module, you search for a concept like ‘5G’ or ‘self-driving vehicles’ and Yewno Edge will find all companies associated with that concept. Then you can fine-tune your results by choosing a data source (media reports, patent filings, financial statements, or transcripts) and an exposure score. Even better, Yewno Edge lets you combine multiple concept searches to create extremely niche screens.

Yewno Edge - Strategy Builder

We also liked that the strategy builder allows you to add traditional stock screening parameters. So, you can filter out companies by fundamental data or technical attributes like performance and volume. The list of these parameters available isn’t huge, but it makes the strategy builder much more functional.

Once you’ve built a strategy and have a list of companies that meet your criteria, you can quickly compare their performance against the market. Yewno Edge’s backtesting module enables you to choose what index you want to benchmark against and allows you to set the respective portfolio weighting of all the companies in your strategy results list.  

Yewno Edge - Strategy Builder Backtest

Concept Exposure

The concept exposure module enables you to search for a specific stock and see what concept terms in Yewno Edge’s database it is most associated with. For example, Apple is associated with terms like ‘iPhone,’ ‘laptop,’ and ‘5G.’ Yewno Edge also offers a sentiment reading for each term and shows the change in sentiment over the past 30 days.

Yewno Edge - Concept Exposure

While this might not be particularly useful for well-known companies, it can be useful for investigating small- and mid-cap companies. For example, you can see what products or technology a company is known for, and spot terms for which sentiment has been steadily increasing.

Company Profiles

Yewno Edge also offers company profiles that let you dive deeper into specific companies. You get a summary of fundamental data, as well as a graph showing the top five suppliers and top five customers for any company. If you want to dig deeper into these relationships, Yewno Edge provides information about how often two companies are mentioned together in financial reports and in media coverage.

Yewno Edge - Company Relationships

If you want to dig even deeper into a company, Yewno Edge lets you see what countries it is exposed to and what patents it holds. The platform also offers advanced technical charts, which are provided by TradingView.


Yewno Edge has a fairly standard market news module, which you can search using company names, concept terms, or any other search terms. But it also includes a ‘key developments’ module, which is effectively a news screener. You can filter news stories by country, sector, and event type, or search using your watchlists or a list of concept terms.

If you’ve built concept-driven strategies using Yewno Edge’s strategy builder, the key developments module can help you monitor news stories that might directly affect your strategy. 

Yewno Edge - Key Developments

Yewno Edge Customization and Layout

Yewno Edge offers a highly customizable dashboard, which enables you to drag, drop, and resize modules freely. If you typically trade with multiple monitors, we appreciated that this platform lets you use your available screen real estate effectively. You can use several pre-loaded dashboard templates from Yewno Edge, or create your own templates and save them to your account.

Yewno Edge - Layout

One big issue we had with Yewno Edge is that the platform can be excruciatingly slow to load data, even for features that don’t draw on its AI capabilities. For example, it takes several seconds to search for a stock by its ticker symbol in order to add it to a watchlist. We also experienced occasional glitches that forced us to relaunch our session. Although the platform isn’t built for rapid day trading, this can still be somewhat frustrating. 

Yewno Edge Platform Differentiators

Yewno Edge’s AI-driven platform is relatively unique. The platform enables you to look for companies not using a typical stock screener, but rather by searching for concepts, technologies, products, or people. This approach can turn up some interesting connections between companies and enable you to build custom portfolios around ideas like 5G, clean energy, AI, or self-driving cars. On top of that, Yewno Edge enables you to screen an existing watchlist or portfolio to see how much exposure it has to these different concepts.

Of course, Yewno Edge does offer some relatively standard tools, including watchlists, a news feed, and a charting interface. These are executed well, although they’re not the main attractions for this platform.

What Type of Trader is Yewno Edge Best For?

Yewno Edge is best for traders who can take advantage of its AI-powered strategy builder. The real value of this platform lies in its ability to connect the dots between companies that aren’t typically thought of as being related. That in turn enables you to build niche portfolios around specific concepts or new technologies. So, traders who think big and want to get in early on tomorrow’s trends can benefit from this platform and make the high sticker price worthwhile. 

Notably, Yewno Edge isn’t all that suitable for short-term investors or day traders. The platform is much too slow to use for day trading, and the relationships it identifies are typically based on years’ worth of documents, news articles, patents, and more. Yewno Edge is most helpful for identifying long term trends before they become apparent to traders everywhere.


  • Unique AI-powered strategy builder
  • Search for companies by concept, product, or technology
  • Create niche portfolios around specific emerging technologies
  • Powerful charting interface provided by TradingView
  • Advanced news screener is searchable by concept terms


  • Very expensive
  • Platform can be frustratingly slow to load data