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Chaiken Analytics Review – A Look At This Stock Market Analysis Platform

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Chaikin Analytics Review

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Chaiken Analytics Review

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Chaiken Analytics is a stock market analysis and research platform. Chaiken’s goal is to put their Chaiken Money Flow (CMF) indicator to work for you providing stock and options trading ideas with thorough analysis and unique in-depth insights. So, the question is, is Chaiken Analytics right for you? We’ve done the research, now read our in-depth review of Chaiken Analytics.

Chaiken Analytics Introduction

Chaiken Analytics (CA) is a stock market analysis and research platform operated by the creator of the Chaiken Money Flow (CMF) indicator. The site puts the indicator to work providing stock and options trading ideas with thorough analysis and unique in-depth insights. This is one of the better trading idea generating platforms with easy to comprehend tools like Hot Lists, Sector View, Screeners and CMF triggered buy and sell alerts. The tools can dramatically enhance trader performance and simplify the tedious process of filtering the market for potential trades. Along with technical analysis, the platform provides alerts, hot lists, news feeds and detailed fundamental data that traders need on the fly, like consensus earnings per share (EPS) revisions and EPS history.    

Chaiken Analytics Pricing Options

There are several services with varying levels of depth and engagement to suit active to passive traders and investors. 

The Chaiken Analytics platform has all the bells and whistles with full access to the platform including Chaiken Power Gauge ratings, interactive charting, buy and sell signals, screeners, OptionsPlay and educational resources. This service is available by subscription via the quarterly prepaid plan for $495  renews every-three months at $595 or the yearly prepaid plan for $2,195 which renews every 12-months.  

There is also a minimized service call the Chaiken PowerPulse for $24.95-per month which provides three tools: personalized portfolio monitoring, “Done-For-You” stock analysis reports and weekly market commentary from Marc Chaiken. Keep in mind, this isn’t the full Chaiken Analytics platform, but a service that is more suited for passive investors.

The Market Survival Guide membership provides the convenience of weekly action alerts (bullish and bearish), insights and analysis and e-mail trade alerts. This is suited for swing traders or self-directed investors that just want ideas sent to them without having to deal with a platform. The monthly plan is $39.99 and yearly plan is $399.99 billed on a recurring basis. Both plans supposedly apply a – $10 and – $100 site discount code to arrive at the final rates. Subscriptions are non-refundable for the most part. Annual subscriptions can be cancelled within the first three-months to receive a prorated refund.

Chaiken Analytics Features

Here are some of the notable features and indicators on the platform. 

Interactive Charts

The Chaiken Analytics charting platform very intuitively designed with a great mix of technical and fundamental indicators available on a single screen. The momentum indicators include overbought/oversold, money flow and Power Gauge along with price indicators including trend lines and price envelopes. I really like the Relative Strength vs. SPY indicator, which illustrates buy or sell fades beautifully. For traders, this means a stock that is fading the SPY will likely sell-off faster when the SPY weakens, thereby creating short-selling opportunities.

Power Gauge Rating Indicator

Illustrated in the form of a simple colored speed-o-meter dial, the Power Gauge Rating visually depicts the bearishness or bullishness of a stock. This rating is derived from analyzing a total of 20-different factors of a stock. Categorized into four-main indicators: financials, earnings, technicals and experts, each of these indicators (or indications) have their own sub-set of factors that make-up the reading.

Chaiken Analytics Power Gauge

Options Play

Once you have selected a stock, you can click the OptionsPlay button to generate stock and options trade-ideas (IE: share purchase, directional 1-leg, 2-leg spreads) based on the bullish/bearishness or the underlying stock. The potential outcomes, type of trade and strategy explanation is conveniently provided for you along with an Options Play Score which is a rating score. Users can also modify the parameters and see how the P&L Simulator calculates the outcomes. While this is deceptively simple, it is important that traders have a methodology in place to manage the trades. Users may not want to hold options positions through expiration and should at least have a solid understanding of the Greeks (IE: theta, delta and gamma) and their impact on options prices especially when playing straight directional plays.

Chaiken Analytics Options Play

Chaiken Hot Lists

These are pre-configured screens that can be pulled up to find stocks that are seeing bullish or bearish action on the day. The categories are: Featured Bulls and Bears, Signals, Indicator Hot Lists, Power Gauge Hot Lists, Factor Movers, Earnings Hot Lists and Other Hot Lists. There’s plenty of action to be found and I get a good majority of my ideas every day from these lists. When you click a category and select the type of hot list, it pulls up a visual list of stocks complete with Power Gauge rating, last trade and performance on the day. Clicking on a stock will pull up the chart complete with the default indicators.

Chaiken Analytics Hotlists

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For those who want to take the do-it-yourself approach, the Chaiken Analytics screener lets users configure their scans utilizing some of the 20-factors by five-categories: Power Gauge rating, performance, technicals, fundamentals and signals. Some of these quantitative metrics including money flow, free cash flow, Power Gauge factors and relative strength. The filters are more geared towards accommodating momentum-oriented strategies. I really like how the screener pulls up stock panels with the symbol, Power Gauge ratings and intraday performance. Once again, these little efficiency enhancements intuitively improve the decision-making process for traders. I can’t praise this format enough since I’m a visual person and the clarity this provides makes Chaiken Analytics stand out from competitors.  

Chaiken Analytics Screener


Chaiken Analytics sends out bullish/bearish alerts on stocks derived from preset filters. Users can customize manual alerts by customizing settings to their own preferences on the scanner filters and watch lists.

News Feed and Educational Content

Chaiken Analytics provides streaming news feeds as well as individual news applied to any symbol including press releases, upgrade/downgrades and analysis reports. There is plenty of educational and informative content through the free blog , tutorials and webinars.

Watch Lists

Users can create multiple watch lists and pull up charts scrolling through and selecting stocks directly from the lists. I also like the ability to compare different stocks based on the technicals and quantitative metrics. Screen results are also compiled onto a default watch list that users filter though and added to customized watch lists. 

Chaiken Analytics Discovery


This unique feature lets users “discover” stocks with positive and negative correlation to any selected stock. I love the accuracy of this tool as it bases comparisons utilizing the 20-factor components of the Power Gauge as well as price performance. While other platforms have comparison features, the results are just sloppy. This feature is a hidden “gem” among platforms in terms of the accuracy and relevancy of the results.

Platform Differentiators

The platform is very intuitively designed with all the tools needed to do a full analysis on any stock within minutes manually. Much credit must be given for the visual enhancements and color coding of signals that streamlines the user experience equivalent to riding a bullet train versus a regular Amtrak on rusty rails. The additional indicators like the Power Gauge enhances efficiency when making quick decisions on the fly on trades. I’ve yet to find a platform that nicely fuses technical analysis with quantitative and qualitative metrics as smoothly as this platform. For example, the fundamental factors include insider buying and selling along with consensus EPS trends in deriving its rating. Trying to do this manually would take some considerable time. Chaiken Analytics handles so much of the legwork for calculating and analyzing material factors without the useless fluff found on mainstream brokerage platforms. This is information that is useful for making trades. 

Is Chaiken Analytics a Good Value?

The Chaiken Analytics platform is a great value for the quarterly or annual subscription. The ideas generated on a daily basis is well worth the money, if the trades are managed accordingly to a methodology. For seasoned traders, the improved work flow can’t be understated. Time is money and the tools save a lot of time. Stocks tend to move together so it’s virtually impossible for a single set of eyeballs to jump into every opportunity simultaneously. Chaiken Analytics enables traders to find relevant trading ideas ahead of time so they can plan ahead and react when opportunities trigger. 

What Type of Trader Is Chaiken Analytics Best For?

The Chaiken Analytics platform is deceptively simple to interpret but putting the ideas into action (successfully) requires having a trading methodology. Experienced traders and active investors will benefit the most from this platform. There’s enough educational content for beginners to learn the tools and get acclimated, but managing a trade requires experience.


  • Robust trade ideas generation platform with in-depth research analytics
  • Convenient tools and indicators like Chaiken Power Gauge composed of 20-factor analysis
  • Intuitively designed to move from filtering to analysis to monitoring to trade management like riding a bullet train versus an Amtrak on rusty rails
  • Compact enough to run everything on a single screen, brilliant use of precious screen real estate
  • Streamlined features like color coded signals, colored dial, panel view (tiles) and graph-based tools bolsters a seasoned trader’s speed and efficiency
  • Strong library of educational content including webinars, market reports, commentary and alerts
  • One-stop platform for technical and fundamental analysis to improve decision making


  • Pricing ‘discounts’ that are automatically applied are confusing
  • Deceptively easy-to-use can inadvertently cause newbies to impulse trade
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

5 thoughts on “Chaiken Analytics Review – A Look At This Stock Market Analysis Platform”

  1. This platform is totally underwhelming. Simply put it is a rip off. Information is stale. Estimates and projections are useless. Their portfolio tells the story. The majority of their pics are underwater. By the time they publish any information it is already dated and useless.

  2. I signed up for the “Power Pulse Premium” they took my money and never set up my account. No help from the tech support or email. This is a scam and I will report them to visa. I hope this helps the next person

      • Right now you can try it out for $49 per year. You get their newsletters, and the ability to create lists that give you their special rating. Thereafter it is $199 a year, automatically renewing unless you cancel. They have continual upsells and when you call, they do not tell you if there is a deal on something unless you ask. I bought the lifetime membership stupidly thinking it was something else. This additional $449 allows me to annually renew the PPP for a lower price. The sector predictor is another $799 per year I guess on special, $2500 regular price. The fancy charts function is an additional $799 on specail or $2500 per year. I am not sure this is worth it, although I confess I am intrigued by the sector indicator.

        So far they send me a hand picked list each day that seems random. I don’t seem much correllation yet between their bullish and bearish ratings. They claim it takes months for bullish to kick in, and bearish are effective immediately. It has been an interesting tool so far but it is probably not a good idea to rely on it. Remember their super gains were cherry picked retroactively out of their tremendous volume of recommendations.

        One thing that was hugely disappointing was Marc’s big and vague prediction that an iconic business started during the Depression and of interest to children was going to make an announcement on 5/11 at 4:05 pm that would shock people (sounded like a going out of business announcement) and maybe take the stock market down with it. This was being sent on all channels from all sorts of advisor compaines but absolutely nothing happened that I can tell I called Chaikin and they said an announcement would be sent later that day, but nothing was then or since.

        Marc was right, that weird things are happening and our 401ks and IRAs are jeapordized.

  3. I have had a positive experience with Chaikin Analytics, very intuitive and powerful software, looking back at some stocks warn signs issued by PowerGauge, and today’s stock price, it saved me some headaches, since i wanted to invest in stocks “recommended” by other stock picking sites (they just went nowhere over last 5 months, just as PowerGauge flagged them), portfolio is also a solid stock pick, main key is when to enter a position. Perhaps other charting tools are required for more technical people, specially to better understand entry / exit points

    P.D. I am not an affiliate of Chaikin Analytics, just an user than find value on this service


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