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TradesViz Review – What Does This Platform Offer?

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TradesViz Review

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TradesViz Review

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TradesViz is a platform designed for analyzing trading performance. Users can use it to dive down into trade data and determine what variables are most responsible for gains and losses. This platform also enables users to analyze trades based on a wide range of grouping choices, create custom trade tags, and break down trades by symbol. Learn everything you need to know about this platform by reading our complete TradesViz review.


  • 400+ customizable performance visualizations
  • Create custom trade tags and tag groups
  • Compare performance against technical indicators for major indices
  • View trade entries and exits on TradingView charts
  • Auto-import data from dozens of major brokerages


  • Minimal tagging and filtering options for notes
  • Trading simulator offers only limited statistics

About TradesViz

TradesViz is an extremely powerful trading performance analysis platform. It enables you to drill down into your trading data to identify what factors are contributing the most to your profits and losses. You can create custom trade tags, break down trades by symbol, or analyze trades according to a huge variety of grouping options. TradesViz supports stock, options, forex, and futures trading and can import data from most major brokerages.

In our TradesViz review, we’ll take a closer look at everything this trade journal can do.

TradesViz - Homepage

TradesViz Pricing Options

TradesViz offers three plans: Free, Pro, and Platinum.

The Free plan lets you import up to 3,000 trades per month, but only offers a limited number of analysis options. Most of the visualizations are overviews that don’t allow you to create custom trade groupings or tags.

The Pro plan costs $19 per month or $179 per year and allows unlimited imports from multiple trading accounts. You get access to nearly all of TradesViz’s analysis tools and visualizations.

The Platinum plan costs $29 per month or $269 per year. It adds exit analysis charts, a trading integration for Tradier, a trading simulator, and an options order flow scanner.

TradesViz - Pricing

You can try out the Pro or Platinum plans free for 7 days (credit card required).

TradesViz Features

Performance Visualizations

TradesViz includes more than 400 premade and customizable visualizations to help you understand your trade performance. All the visualizations can make the platform somewhat overwhelming, but they also do a nice job of breaking down your trade data according to almost every metric you could want.

To start, TradesViz offers a number of overview visualizations. You can see your total profit and loss over time, your profit and loss on a daily basis, your daily win rate, and your daily volume traded. A calendar view shows what days you traded on and whether you made or lost money.

TradesViz - Performance Overview

An overview dashboard offers quick averages for everything from your profit and loss per trade to your average loss per losing trade. You can also see stats about your typical trade volume, what tickers you trade the most, your trade duration, and more. These statistics are neat, and some data-driven traders might find them useful, but they’re not all that actionable on their own.

The more actionable trade data in TradesViz is contained in a series of charts that compare your win/loss rate and profit/loss against a huge variety of metrics. You can see how your profitability relates to factors like trade duration, time of the day, or day of the week. You can also visualize your profitability based on what market sector you traded.

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TradesViz - Performance x Duration

Perhaps the most useful visualizations in TradesViz enable you to compare your profitability based on market-wide or symbol-specific technical indicators. For example, you can see whether you are more profitable when the average true range of the S&P 500 is higher or lower, or when the S&P 500 is bullish or bearish over a 14-day period. You can compare against other major indices or against the average of indicators only for symbols you traded during a chosen time period. 

TradesViz - Performance x Market Indicators

All of the visualizations in TradesViz are highly customizable. You can choose the date range you’re interested in, filter charts by symbol, exclude trades with above or below a profit/loss threshold, and much more. If you have a visualization in mind, you can almost certainly create it in TradesViz without having to export data to Excel.

Trade Tagging

TradesViz allows you to create an unlimited number of strategy and trade tags and to apply as many tags as you want to each trade. You can also group tags into tag groups, which is very useful if you have several related strategies. Tag groups are also a convenient way to build custom filters for TradesViz visualizations. When creating visualizations, you can filter trades by tag or tag group.

TradesViz - Tags

Trade Journaling

TradesViz allows you to take notes on individual trades and whole trading days, but its support for notes is somewhat lacking compared to other trade journaling software. Notes aren’t displayed prominently when reviewing trades, and there aren’t great ways to sort or filter notes. For example, you can’t filter notes based on trade tags.

TradesViz - Notes

Interactive Charts

TradesViz can plot your trade entries and exits on embedded charts from TradingView. This is a helpful way to review trades and look back at the setups that led you to open or close a position. All the standard TradingView indicators are available in these charts, so you can conduct a pretty thorough technical analysis.

TradesViz - Interactive Chart

Exit Analysis

Platinum users can take advantage of exit analysis charts. These charts use simulations to determine your maximum potential profit on a trade from the time you exited through market close of that day. The idea is to help you see whether you’re exiting trades too early and leaving money on the table.

These charts compare your actual profit/loss to your maximum profit based on any of TradeViz’s groupings (trade tags, price, volume, symbol, date, etc.). You can also see the time difference between when you exited and the best exit time. 

TradesViz - Exit Analysis

Trading Simulator

The TradesViz trading simulator lets you replay a day in the market and place simulated trades as you go. It’s similar to a paper trading account, except that you can pause, reverse, and speed up time (similar to TradingSim). You can analyze your trades with a wide range of statistics, but TradesViz doesn’t offer its full suite of visualizations or trade tags for the simulator.

TradesViz - Simulator

TradesViz Compatible Brokerages

TradesViz can import trade data from dozens of major brokerages. Notably, the platform can also auto-import data so that you don’t have to manually import trades at the end of each day.

For Platinum users, TradesViz offers an integration with Tradier for live trading from your TradesViz account.

TradesViz Platform Differentiators

TradesViz is distinct from most trade journaling platforms in that it focuses heavily on performance visualizations rather than note-taking. It has some features in common with journals like TraderSync and TraderVue, including trade tagging and profit and loss analysis, but TradesViz is overall much more data-heavy and the visualizations are much more customizable.

TradesViz also has some unique analysis tools. For example, exit analysis charts can be very useful for traders who want to increase their profits by riding winning trades for longer. The ability to compare trade performance against technical indicators for major indices is also a unique feature that can help traders determine when their strategy works best.

What Type of Trader is TradesViz Best For?

TradesViz will be best-suited for traders who want to take a deep dive into their trading performance. It’s much more focused on data analysis than most trade journaling software and actually lacks advanced note-taking features. If you prefer creating custom visualizations and seeking out patterns in your trading activity over writing and reviewing trading notes, then TradesViz could be a good option.

On the other hand, some traders might find TradesViz to be overwhelming. There are a lot of visualizations, and the highly customizable approach may not work for traders who don’t already know what types of patterns they want to be looking for in their trade performance. You can import trades during TradesViz’s 7-day trial, so this is a good way to check whether the platform suits your style.

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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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