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Edge to Trade Review – Is This Research Platform Right For You?

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Edge to Trade Review

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Edge to Trade Review

  • Ease of use
  • Quality
  • Value


Edge to Trade is a customizable stock market research platform designed for traders and investors. The platform offers up to 14 years of historical data, a real-time market scanner, a market news feed, and more. Edge to Trade is designed to help users identify strong long-term investments and find potential entry points. Is this stock market research platform right for you? Find out by reading our complete Edge to Trade review.


  • Up to 14 years of historical financial data
  • Real-time market scanner to find gapping stocks
  • Customizable financial data charts
  • News feed and SEC filings feed
  • Integrated technical charts from TradingView


  • Expensive compared to other stock research platforms
  • Scanner has few filters based on financial data
  • Real-time features may not be useful for long-term investors

Edge to Trade is a customizable stock market research platform designed for traders and investors. The platform offers up to 14 years of historical data, a real-time market scanner, a market news feed, and more. However, it doesn’t offer research reports or analyst consensus ratings like many competing research platforms do.

So, can Edge to Trade help you plan trades and find promising investments? Our Edge to Trade review will take a closer look at everything this stock research platform offers.

Edge to Trade - Homepage

Edge to Trade Pricing Options

Edge to Trade offers three pricing tiers: Basic, Pro, and Pro+.

Edge to Trade - Pricing

The Basic tier costs $49 per month or $540 per year and includes one year of historical stock data. The real-time scanner refreshes every 30 seconds.

The Pro tier costs $89 per month or $960 per year. It includes up to 14 years of historical stock data and the real-time scanner refreshes every 10 seconds.

The Pro+ tier costs $149 per month or $1,500 per year and adds the ability to export data from Edge to Trade.

Edge to Trade Features

Stock Research

Edge to Trade is primarily a platform for researching individual stocks. The platform offers up to 14 years of historical financial data for US companies on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX exchanges.

Individual stock pages offer a brief overview of a company’s financial history, recent price performance, and earnings. Investors can dig deeper into a company by examining balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements on a quarterly or annual basis.

Edge to Trade - Stock Overview

Edge to Trade allows you to plot any metrics from a company’s balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement over custom time periods. This makes it easy to see how key metrics like profit, debt, and earnings have changed over time. However, the plots aren’t as customizable as those found in platforms like Stock Rover or YCharts, and there is no way to plot fundamental ratios like P/E ratio or debt to equity.

Edge to Trade - Financial Charts

Edge to Trade also collects SEC filings for each company, including 8K, 10K, and 10Q filings as well as quarterly earnings report transcripts. You can view and search filings within Edge to Trade, which is helpful if you want to find specific data to use in an analysis.

The platform also offers detailed information about insider and institutional ownership for each company. You can see at a glance whether insiders have been buying or selling over the last 12 months as well as which financial institutions have most heavily bought or sold a stock.

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Edge to Trade - Insider Ownership

Stock Market Scanner

Edge to Trade offers a real-time stock scanner that’s easy to use, but somewhat limited in terms of customization. The filters are primarily aimed at helping traders find stocks that are gapping up or down after hours, with additional filters to narrow the scan by market cap, trading volume, price, and insider and institutional ownership.

Edge to Trade - Scanner

Oddly, the stock scanner doesn’t offer any filters for fundamentals like earnings, EPS, or income. It also doesn’t offer performance filters for timescales longer than five days. As a result, it’s not clear how the scanner should be used in conjunction with Edge to Trade’s historical data. That data is most useful for medium and long-term investors, while the scanner appears to be most useful for day and swing traders.

News Feed

Edge to Trade includes a market news feed that covers sources like Seeking Alpha, The Motley Fool, Investor Place, and several newswire services. The feed can be filtered by a specific ticker symbol or by price, percent change, and volume. There’s also a separate feed for SEC filings, which offers the same set of filters.

Edge to Trade - News Feed

Edge to Trade Customization and Layout

Edge to Trade is only moderately customizable. You can save an unlimited number of stock screens, but there are no watchlists or ways to take notes on individual stocks. You also cannot set up alerts for specific stocks or keywords in news articles.

One of the nice things about Edge to Trade is that the scanner window includes a miniature news feed and a charting panel featuring charts from TradingView. You can click on any stock in the scanner results and immediately see its intraday price chart and recent news.

Edge to Trade - Scanner Display

Edge to Trade Platform Differentiators

Edge to Trade is in a crowded field of stock research platforms, and there are relatively few features that help this platform stand out. The historical stock data Edge to Trade offers is available from numerous competing platforms including Stock Rover, YCharts, Finbox, Koyfin, and Stockopedia. Edge to Trade’s financial graphs are helpful, but many of these competing platforms offer even more fundamental charting options.

Importantly, Edge to Trade lacks several useful data points that these competitors offer. Edge to Trade doesn’t offer stock research reports, detailed fundamental ratios, or Wall Street analysts’ earnings estimates. These details are crucial for many long-term investors.

The most unique feature of Edge to Trade is its real-time scanner. However, this scanner doesn’t offer many filters, and the filters that are available don’t relate to the detailed financial data that much of the platform is focused on. Long-term investors will be much better served by the comprehensive scanner offered by Stock Rover.

What Type of Trader is Edge to Trade Best For?

Edge to Trade is ideal for research-driven traders and investors who want a clean, easy-to-use platform.

The service is ideal for traders who incorporate fundamental analysis into their research processes. The platform offers a wealth of data that is well-organized, making it easy to comb through hundreds of opportunities to identify stocks you are interested.

While the platform does provide a real-time scanner, it’s unlikely to replace tools like Trade Ideas for active traders. That said, some active traders may use the real-time scanner to create watch lists each day.

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