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TraderVue doubles as both a trading journal and a social media platform. It allows you to share your trades with the entire TraderVue community, meaning you will carefully think through trades. Discover if this trading journal could work for you.

About TraderVue

TraderVue is a trading journal that doubles as a social media platform for traders. The platform allows you to share your trades with the TraderVue community and to hold traders accountable for their trading decisions. The theory behind a platform like this is that traders will more carefully think through their trades when they know that they will be publicly displayed, it will make traders think twice about those emotional revenge trades.

tradervue dashboard

TraderVue’s main competition is, a similar trading social media platform run by penny stock trader Timothy Sykes. In this review we’ll go through the pros and cons of TraderVue.

Pricing Options

TraderVue has three account tiers, with one of them being free, and two of them paid.

TraderVue Free

The free plan actually offers an impressive amount of functionality compared to most free plans. While a large amount of the non-commoditized benefits of TraderVue lay within the paid plans, traders looking for a basic, sharable trading journal will likely be happy with the free plan.

Here is what is offered in the free plan:

  • 100 stock trades/month
  • Journal
  • Reports
  • Sharing

TraderVue Silver

Price: $29/month

The Silver plan is where you begin to get some of TraderVue’s proprietary benefits, as well as lifting the asset class and trade quantity restrictions that come with the free plan.

Here is what is offered in the Silver plan:

  • Unlimited trades
  • Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex
  • Enhanced Journal
  • Advanced Reports
  • Sharing

TraderVue Gold

The Gold plan is TraderVue’s most expensive plan where the most functionality is included. The main difference between Silver and Gold is the addition of risk analysis tools in the Gold plan.

Here are the Gold plan’s offerings:

  • Unlimited trades
  • Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex
  • Enhanced Journal
  • Advanced Reports
  • Sharing
  • Risk analysis
  • Exit analysis
  • Commissions/Fees

Plan Comparison

TraderVue includes a table comparing the benefits of the three plans on their website. Here is the breakdown:

tradervue table


Automatic Chart Generation

tradervue chart

This is a subtle feature that is one of the cornerstones of TraderVue. It automatically creates charts for multiple time-frames, marking your trade entries and exits on them. It makes looking back at trades and remembering them much easier.

Imagine yourself trying to review your trades, you would have to have a charting platform open on a separate screen, or if you only have one, switching between your journal and charting platform just to see your historic trades on a chart.

It can be helpful to see your trades plotted across charts so you can better understand what you did right and wrong.

Journal Filtering

tradervue filter

This is another feature I like, although it isn’t as unique as the chart generation. Every trader has those blockbuster days or weeks where they make or lose a lot of capital. It can be immensely helpful to look back on these days with the benefit of hindsight.

You can filter by stock symbols, tags, trade types, trade duration, and time periods. All types of trends can be found within this data, which speaks for the necessity of a trading journal for a serious trader. You may find that no matter what type of trade you take, you can’t make money in the S&P E-mini futures, but you have a very positive expected value in Soybean futures. Or, you can find that you’re terrible at trading futures altogether, and if you stopped trading them and stuck to stocks, you’d increase your performance twofold.

Trade Analytics

Trade analytics is the star feature of the platform. TraderVue offers a range of tools and data analyses that help you recognize trends in your trading history. Here is an example report:

TraderVue Analysis

The reports summarize key data related to your trading. You can get statistics on:

  • Average Gains
  • Average Losses
  • Win/Loss Rate
  • Win/Loss Streaks
  • Average Holding Periods
  • Money Spent on Commissions

You can break all of this data down even further by day of the week, stock type, and other advanced reports.

These reports can be incredibly insightful for active traders. When you are trading in real-time, it is difficult to keep track of these key metrics. You probably have a good understanding of your overall P&L, but you may not recognize certain trends that impact your profitability. For example, you may discover that you have a win rate of 75%+, but your overall profitability is impacted by an average loss that exceeds an average profit. You may find that you trade poorly on certain days of the week or during certain hours of the day.

Every trader is unique, so you will come away with your own unique insights. Of course, it’s up to you to do something about them. For example, if you discover that your average loss exceeds your average gain, it’s up to you to be more prudent with your risk management. Similarly, if you find that the majority of your day trades are profitable but the majority of your swing trades are not, it is up to you to adjust your trading style accordingly.

TraderVue does a good job of providing traders with the insights they need to improve their strategies.

Advanced Analytics

Your journal data is parsed into a personal trading analytics dashboard, making it easy to spot trading leaks or strengths quickly.

Tag Reports

tradervue tags

If you use TraderVue to its full extent, and properly label all of your trades, it’s amazing how quickly you can spot trends in your trading.

Look at the chart above, clearly, the trader should stop with his grab-bag style of trading and stick to momentum trading, it makes the majority of his money by a large margin.

Trade Duration Scatter Plot

This is one of hundreds of combinations of charts/reports you can generate. Look at what trade durations make or lose you the most money.

tradervue scatter


TraderVue Review

The social aspect of trading can be a double-edged sword. While it’s great to hold yourself publicly accountable, the drawbacks can be a death kiss to a novice trader’s account. Too many traders get caught up in shiny-object syndrome, wanting to try on everyone else’s trading styles, instead of sticking to their niche.

However, if you are disciplined enough to stick to your niche while learning from other traders in different niches, the social aspect of TraderVue will pay you dividends.

It’s cool to be able to review the trades of others, but it can be helpful to see data on their strategy as well (as you would find in platforms like Collective2). That said, the social component of TraderVue seems like it is designed more for entertainment and gamification than it is for trading advice.

Coach/Mentor Access

tradervue mentor

TraderVue allows you to give coaches or mentors access to your journal. An experienced trader is going notice more trends the journal data then an intermediate trader, and can plug leaks in a trader’s strategy quickly before they lose the trader too much money.

Who is TraderVue Best For?

If you have more than a few thousand dollars in your trading account, a subscription to TraderVue will pay for itself, and that’s basically inarguable. There are two factors that one must take into account when deciding on a TraderVue subscription, however. The first, is whether a trader would be better suited using a competitor’s product, and the second is whether they are disciplined to use the journal to its full extent. The advanced analytics mean nothing if you don’t feed the journal correct or sufficient data.

Two competitors come to mind when discussing TraderVue, those are and EdgeWonk. While each trader will come to their own conclusion, TraderVue has much better analytics then, while has slightly better and more active social networking. EdgeWonk, on the other hand, has arguably better analytics than TraderVue, without any social networking capabilities.

EdgeWonk is a one-time flat fee of $169, while costs anywhere from $29 to $79 per month.

Ultimately, TraderVue is a great option for any active trader that is committed to analyzing their trades and improving their strategy. A single insight could pay for a full year’s subscription.


  • Great analytics
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy to use web-based platform


  • Subscription pricing, compared to EdgeWonk’s flat fee
  •’s social networking is more active