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Tradervue Review – Trading Journal Meets Social Media Platform

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TraderVue Review

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TraderVue Review

  • Trading Journal
  • Trade Analysis Tools
  • Broker Integration
  • Social Networking
  • Value


TraderVue doubles as both a trading journal and a social media platform. It allows you to share your trades with the entire TraderVue community, meaning you will carefully think through trades. Discover if this trading journal could work for you.


  • Great built-in reports and analytics
  • Charts show entry and exits for every trade
  • Competitive pricing with an excellent free plan
  • Easy to use web-based platform


  • Subscription pricing (other journals charge a one-time fee)
  • Reports aren’t highly customizable

About Tradervue

Tradervue is a trading journal that doubles as a social media platform for traders. It allows you to log your trades, analyze your trading behavior, and share your trades with the Tradervue community. Tradervue offers some pretty impressive trade journaling tools, and the social aspect of it is an added plus for traders who want more accountability.

So, is Tradervue the right trade journal software for you? Keep reading our Tradervue review to find out.

Tradervue Pricing

Tradervue has three account tiers: Basic, Silver, and Gold.

TraderVue Basic

Price: Free

Tradervue’s Basic plan is completely free and offers an impressive amount of functionality compared to most free trade journals. There are important features only available with a paid plan, but traders looking for a basic, sharable trading journal will likely be happy with the free plan.

Here is what is offered in the free plan:

  • Log 30 stock trades per month
  • Journaling tools
  • Basic reports
  • Sharing

Tradervue Silver

Price: $29/month

Tradervue’s Silver plan is where you begin to get some of the platform’s proprietary journaling tools, plus the ability log unlimited trades.

Here is what is offered in the Silver plan:

  • Unlimited trade entries
  • Enhanced journal tools
  • 100+ advanced reports

Tradervue Gold

The Gold plan is Tradervue’s most expensive plan. The main difference between Silver and Gold is the addition of risk analysis tools in the Gold plan. It also offers more reports, more cloud storage, and exit analysis.

Here are the Gold plan’s offerings:

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  • Unlimited trade entries
  • 300+ advanced reports
  • Risk analysis
  • Exit analysis
  • Commission analysis

Plan Comparison

Tradervue includes a table comparing the benefits of the three plans on their website. Here is the breakdown:

Tradervue Pricing

Tradervue Features

Importing Trades

You can import trading data into Tradervue automatically from most major brokerages and trading platforms. You can also import a spreadsheet with trade data or enter trades manually.

Trade Notes & Tags

Tradervue allows you to add custom notes to every trade. This is great if you want to record your thinking going into a trade, how you were feeling that day, what setup you were pursuing, and more. You can also make notes about an entire trading day, which is a great opportunity to reflect on how your trades went.

You can also add tags to any of your trades, which is really useful for noting whether a trade was based on a specific setup. Tags can also be used to categorize your emotions or mindset during a trade or to provide granular detail about sub-industries you like to trade.

Automatic Chart Generation

tradervue chart

Tradervue automatically generates charts for multiple timeframes and marks your trade entries and exits on them. This makes it much easier to look back at trades and remember the setup you were trading.

We think this these automatic price charts are an underestimated cornerstone of Tradervue. They save you from having to switch between your trade journal and charting platform when you want to visualize your past trades on a chart. It can also be helpful to see your trades plotted across charts so you can better understand what you did right and wrong.

Journal Filtering

tradervue filter

Tradervue makes it simple to filter trades by symbol, trade type (long or short), trade duration, date range, and trade tags.

Having the ability to quickly sort your historical trades is crucial. All types of trends can be found within this data. You might find, for example, that no matter what type of trade you take, you can’t make money in the S&P E-mini futures, but you have a very positive expected value in soybean futures. Or you might find that you’re terrible at trading futures altogether and if you stuck to stocks, you could increase your trading performance two-fold.

Trade Analytics

Trade analytics lies at the heart of Tradervue’s functionality. The data analyses this platform offers can help you recognize trends in your trading history and make changes to increase your profits. Here is an example report:

TraderVue Analysis

The reports summarize key data related to your trading. You can get statistics on:

  • Average gains
  • Average losses
  • Win/loss rate
  • Win/loss streaks
  • Average holding periods
  • Money spent on commissions

You can filter all of this data down by day of the week, stock type, and more. So, it’s easy to dig into your trades and slice up your data in whatever way makes sense to you.

These reports can be incredibly insightful for active traders. You probably have a good understanding of your overall P&L, but it’s hard to pay attention to other trends that may impact your profitability. For example, you might discover that you have a win rate of 75%, but your overall profitability is impacted by major losses that exceed your average profit. You might also find that you trade poorly on certain days of the week or during certain hours of the day.

Tag Reports

tradervue tags

Tradervue keeps track of the profit and loss on trades based on the tags you create. If you use TraderVue properly label all of your trades, it’s amazing how quickly you can spot trends in your trading and make actionable changes to your strategy.

In the example report above, it’s clear that the trader makes the majority of their profits with momentum trading. So, they can act on this data by focusing exclusively on momentum trades and cutting out other types of trades.

Trade Duration Scatter Plot

Tradervue offers hundreds of different reporting tools, many plotting your trades on a simple x-y chart. In the example below, you can see how the software plots trade duration against profit and loss.

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tradervue scatter

This particular trader doesn’t exhibit a strong relationship between trade duration and profit. However, it’s easy to envision a scenario where there’s a clear correlation between profitability and a controllable factor like what time of day you trade.


TraderVue Review

Tradervue makes it easy to share your trades with other users. You can explain your rationale behind a trade and detail your plan. You can also celebrate when a trade goes well, and reflect when a trade goes poorly.

You can decide to make any trade private, which is nice if you don’t want to share certain positions. It’s also up to you to decide whether you want to share profit and loss details for each trade or not.

The social aspect of trading can be a double-edged sword. While it’s great to hold yourself publicly accountable, it’s important not to get too caught up in what other traders are doing. Too many traders want to try on everyone else’s trading styles instead of sticking to their niche.

It’s also cool to be able to review the trades of others and see data on their strategy (as in platforms like Collective2).

Still, the social component of Tradervue feels more like it’s designed for entertainment and gamification than for trading advice.

Coach/Mentor Access

tradervue mentor

TraderVue allows you to give coaches or mentors access to your journal. This is really helpful if you have a coach or are thinking about getting one. An experienced trader can quickly spot trends in the journal data can plug leaks in a trader’s strategy.

Who is Tradervue Best For?

We think virtually every trader with at least a few thousand dollars in their trading account can benefit from a trading journal. So, the question is whether the Tradervue trading journal is the best journaling solution for you.

Tradervue is a great option if you’re just starting out and want a free journal. You can log up to 30 trades per month, take notes on your trades, and add tags. If you decide to upgrade later to get access to more advanced reports, all of your early trade data will already be in the platform.

Tradervue is also good if you prefer ready-made reports over highly customizable analytics tools. Customization can be nice, but it also takes a lot more work and it can be harder to find trends if you don’t know what to look for. Tradervue’s built-in reports do a good job of highlighting the factors that most commonly affect traders’ performance.

How Does Tradervue Compare?

Tradervue is far from the only trade journal on the market. We think it’s easier to use than Tradersync and doesn’t have as steep a learning curve. However, Tradersync offers a lot of tools that you won’t find in Tradervue. These include actionable features like a trade simulator and data about how well you executed your trading strategy. For experienced traders, we think Tradersync has a bit more to offer.

If you’re mainly interested in Tradervue’s social features, you might want to check out Profit.ly. Profit.ly has a larger trading community than Tradervue and the trade sharing features are more central to the service. On the other hand, Profit.ly doesn’t offer nearly the same range of analytics tools and reports as Tradervue.

Check out some of our other trading journal reviews to see how Tradervue compares:

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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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