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Tradytics Review – Pros And Cons Of This Platform

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Tradytics Review

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Tradytics Review

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Tradytics is a trading program that provides trade suggestions and analysis for stocks, options, and crypto. The platform provides numerous dashboards, scanners, and tools for strategy analysis. Tradytics also uses AI to provide useful information throughout the trading day. Learn more about this advanced trading platform by reading our complete Tradytics review.


  •  Dashboards for stocks, options, dark pool flows, and crypto
  •  Includes unusual options order flow feed
  •  AI-generated trade ideas for stocks, options, and crypto
  •  Strategy-based scanners for stocks and options trades
  •  Mobile apps available for iOS and Android


  •  Dashboards aren’t very customizable
  •  Crypto analysis tools feel like an afterthought

About Tradytics

Tradytics is an advanced trading platform that offers trade ideas and analysis for stocks, options, and crypto. The platform offers a variety of dashboards, scanners, and strategy analysis tools to help you quickly digest market data and make trading decisions. Tradytics also leverages AI to deliver actionable ideas throughout the trading day.

In our Tradytics review, we’ll take a closer look at everything this platform can do and help you decide if it’s right for you.

Tradytics - Homepage

Tradytics Pricing Options

Tradytics costs $69 per month or $699 per year. You can try out the service for 15 days for $15.

Tradytics - Pricing

In addition, Tradytics offers a plan for individuals who own a Discord server and want to incorporate the platform’s data using automated bots. The Discord server plan costs $199 per month or $1,499 per year. Note that this does not include access to Tradytics itself, so you’ll still need an individual Tradytics subscription to access many of the platform’s features.

Tradytics Features

Stock Dashboard

Tradytics offers market dashboards for stocks, options, dark pool flows, and cryptocurrency. These dashboards aren’t customizable, but they offer a wide variety of data widgets that slice up market data in different ways.

Tradytic’s stock dashboard is pretty straightforward. It shows the overall performance of the US market broken down by sector as well as the biggest gainers and losers of the day. It also highlights upcoming earnings and significant insider trades.

There’s another dashboard for researching individual stocks, and the research that Tradytics provides is pretty neat. To start, the platform offers a technical chart with automated annotation of support and resistance lines and trendlines. You can also plot levels for major dark pool trades and options trades directly on the chart to visualize where there might be additional support or resistance. Other widgets show short interest over time, insider trades, analysts upgrades and downgrades, and highly correlated stocks.

Tradytics - Stock Dashboard

Options and Dark Pool Dashboards

The market-wide options dashboard shows the total volume of calls and puts plotted against the price of the S&P 500 index as well as the daily sum of delta values for all options order flow. A series of bar graphs show the tickers with the largest daily and weekly flow and the tickers with the biggest change in volume and premiums. There’s a lot of data in the options dashboard both for gauging the direction of the overall market and for finding individual tickers that warrant further investigation.

Tradytics - Options Dashboard

Diving into the dashboard for individual tickers, you can see a ticker’s call-to-put ratio and heatmaps of total premiums paid for strike prices across daily and weekly timeframes. Another useful widget is a plot of implied volatility over time, enabling you to see at a glance how a ticker’s current implied volatility compares to its historical average.

The dark pool dashboard shows the total volume of dark pool trades across the market as well as dark pool and block trades by ticker. Helpfully, you can filter the ticker feeds by whether the trades are bullish or bearish and the trade size relative to a stock’s market cap. You can also view a graph of dark pool sentiment over time.

Tradytics - Dark Pool Dashboard

Crypto Dashboard

The crypto dashboard offers data about trending coins and the day’s biggest gainers, plus a heatmap of market sentiment around top coins. For individual coins, you get a price chart, a chart of social mentions by day, and a list of correlated and uncorrelated coins. The crypto dashboard is the least unique of Tradytic’s dashboards and offers data similar to what you’ll find on sites like CoinMarketCap.

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Tradytics - Crypto Dashboard

Options Order Flow

Tradytics also offers a full-fledged options order flow feed, enabling you to monitor large options trades in real-time. You can filter the feed by a watchlist of ticker symbols, trade type, volume relative to open interest, and more. It’s very similar to the feeds offered by Unusual Whales or OptionStrat, and Tradytics offers a lot more data than these platforms in addition to tracking options order flow. On top of that, Tradytics uses AI to pick out trade ideas from unusual options order activity. The platform highlights contracts that have seen several unusually large trades over the past week.

Tradytics - Options Order Flow

Swing Trade Ideas

Tradytics uses AI to find swing trading candidates for stock and crypto traders. For stock trade ideas, the platform grades both stock and options activity around the ticker as bullish or bearish. You can filter ideas by the algorithm’s confidence level, call-to-put ratio, volume relative to average, and intraday price movement.

Tradytics - Stock Trade Ideas

Crypto trade ideas come with less detail, but Tradytics offers an estimate for each coin’s one-month price movement. Be cautious using these trade ideas, as the estimates are based solely on historical volatility, and Tradytics doesn’t predict whether the move will be bullish or bearish.


Tradytics offers several scanners for stocks, options, and crypto. The platform’s stock scanner mainly serves to filter stocks by specific strategies or signals. For example, you can filter by candlestick patterns like dojis or hammers or by whether a stock has an oversold or overbought RSI reading. You can also scan for golden crosses and death crosses, breakouts and breakdowns, and bull and bear flags.

Tradytics - Stock Scanner

The options scanner leverages order flow data to help you find potential trades. You can scan for volume-open interest crosses, golden sweeps, and tickers with high out-of-the-money flow.

Customization and Layout

Tradytics doesn’t offer many customization options. You can’t reorganize the dashboards or choose to hide widgets that you don’t want. You can create watchlists that can be used as filters in many of the dashboards. Tradytics is available for the web, and it’s also accessible through mobile apps for iOS and Android. The mobile apps offer all the same dashboards and widgets as you’ll find online.

Tradytics Platform Differentiators

Tradytics is a comprehensive analytics platform for stocks, options, and crypto that’s ready to use out of the box. It offers an enormous number of tools, data views, and widgets, not to mention AI-based trade ideas and customizable scanners. The platform includes everything you get with a dedicated options order flow scanner, plus many of the features you would get with a trading signals service. It’s a powerful tool for finding day trading and swing trading targets in either the stock or options markets.

What Type of Trader is Tradytics Best For?

Tradytics is designed to help day traders and swing traders find actionable trade ideas. The platform has tools for both stock and options traders as well as crypto traders, although the crypto analysis tools are slightly less developed.

The platform has a somewhat steep learning curve. That’s not because it’s hard to use, but rather because so many of the widgets analyze types of data that most other platforms don’t offer. Tradytics has a library of videos to help traders overcome this learning curve, but the platform is still most suitable for intermediate to advanced traders. Stock traders will get the most out of Tradytics if they’re comfortable analyzing options order flow data.

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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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