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Quartr Review – Is This Research Platform Right For You?

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Quartr Review

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Quartr Review

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Quartr is an investment research platform designed to focus on investor conferences. This platform offers a variety of features, including investor presentation recordings, presentation search, an events calendar, projects, and more. Learn everything you need to know about this platform by reading our complete Quartr review.


  • Search meeting transcripts, slides, and reports across 7,000+ companies
  • Makes data in investor conference slides searchable
  • Calendar of upcoming investor events
  • Free mobile app for listening to investor meeting recordings


  • No way to annotate slides within your projects
  • Doesn’t include much fundamental data

Quartr is a unique investment research platform that focuses on investor conferences like earnings calls. It offers audio recordings and transcripts of every meeting, plus gives you access to the slide deck that was shared at each meeting. While this might not seem exciting at first, Quartr goes above and beyond existing platforms by making all of this data, including conference slides, searchable. 

So, is Quartr right for you? Keep reading our Quartr review to find out.

Quartr - Homepage

Quartr Pricing Options

Quartr offers three pricing options. The Free plan gives you access to the Quartr mobile app. You can listen to live earnings calls and investor presentations plus view earnings slide presentations.

Quartr - Pricing

The Core plan costs $25 per month or $240 per year. It adds searchable transcripts of earnings calls and investor meetings, downloadable slide decks, an event calendar, and the ability to save your research as projects.

The Pro plan costs $499 per month or $5,388 per year. It makes companies’ presentation slides searchable alongside meeting transcripts. It lets you access a full history of slides that a company has used across multiple presentations. You can also filter the events calendar.

You can try out the Core or Pro plans with a 7-day free trial.

Quartr Features

Investor Presentation Recordings

Quartr makes it easy to find information from companies’ quarterly earnings reports and other investor meetings. The platform tracks more than 7,000 companies across 14 financial markets in the US and abroad.

On the page for any individual company, you can see all investor events for the past 10 years. You can play back an audio recording of the meeting, pull up a transcript, or view the presentation slides. When playing back audio, you can speed up the playback up to 2x, which is a nice touch. You can also search each transcript or jump straight to the Q&A part of a meeting. If a company filed a report related to the event (such as an earnings document for investors to look through), you can view that as well.

Quartr - Investor Presentation Data

There isn’t a ton of other information about companies. Quartr doesn’t provide fundamental data or valuation metrics. There isn’t even a chart of earnings over time or a table showing actual earnings vs. estimates, which would be nice to have when reviewing transcripts. So, you’ll want to pair this platform with a fundamental research service like StockRover, Seeking Alpha, or FinBox.

Presentation Search

One of the most useful and unique tools within Quartr is its search function. You can enter a keyword or phrase to search for it in meeting transcripts and slides. While that might not sound like a big deal, we’ve never come across another service that makes investor meeting slide decks searchable.

Quartr - Search Tool

Pro plan users can filter their search results to specific companies or industries. You can also filter results by material type (transcripts, slides, or reports).

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Events Calendar

Quartr offers a calendar that shows all upcoming investor events. You can filter the calendar by company or industry, or limit it to only companies you follow on Quartr. The calendar doesn’t use color-coding to distinguish between earnings meetings and other types of investor meetings, so it can be a little hard to pick out unusual or noteworthy presentations.

Quartr - Upcoming Meeting Calendar


Topics are only available to Quartr Pro subscribers. This is an interesting feature that uses transcripts to identify questions that multiple attendees at a meeting asked. The idea is that you can see what investors asked in the past to prepare your own questions for an upcoming conference.

Quartr - Topics

You can filter Topics by company or industry. While this feature is certainly unique, we found that it’s generally easier to jump to the Q&A section of a past meeting transcript to quickly scan for interesting questions. 


Projects are essentially folders to which you can save slides from companies’ investor meetings. They’re useful if you want to keep track of information about a single company or conduct deep research around a theme.

Quartr - Projects

You can’t take notes on slides you add to a project, which is somewhat disappointing. As an alternative, you can replicate the feature by simply copying slides from Quartr into a slideshow on your desktop. While this is a little clunky, you also have more freedom to take notes and mark up slides once you bring them into a presentation software.

Customization and Layout

Quartr has a few options for customizing the platform. You can follow companies with a click and then use your followed companies as a filter for any search. You can also save custom search filters for reuse later.

Quartr offers a free mobile app for iOS and Android, which is great if you want to listen to investor conference audio recordings on the go.

Quartr Platform Differentiators

Investors can find earnings call recordings and transcripts for free through a wide variety of fundamental research services and often on companies’ websites. However, fewer services cover every investor meeting, not just earnings conferences.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Quartr is its search function. You can search for a keyword or phrase across the platform’s entire database of meeting transcripts instead of only in one transcript at a time. That’s a huge advantage for doing research around a theme, such as biotech innovations or macroeconomic impacts on businesses in a specific industry.

On top of that, you can search the slides that were presented at a meeting. We are yet to encounter another service that makes conference presentations searchable like this.

Quartr does have some shortcomings. We’d like to see the platform offer more fundamental research on company pages and improve on its Projects feature. It would also be nice to have more filters available, especially for the events calendar. However, these flaws don’t detract significantly from Quartr’s core research tools.

What Type of Investor is Quartr Best For?

Quartr is designed for long-term fundamental investors who want to dig deeper into earnings reports and other information shared at investor conferences. It’s ideal if you want to monitor the financial health and performance of companies you’re invested in. You can also use it to generate investment ideas around certain themes using the search functionality.

You can get the vast majority of Quartr’s functionality from the Core plan, which is pretty affordable. The main thing you’ll miss is the ability to search data within slides. This is one of Quartr’s most unique features, but the jump in price to the Pro plan means that the top-tier plan is mainly suited for professional stock analysts.

There isn’t much financial or fundamental data offered in Quartr, so you’ll want to pair this platform with a more comprehensive fundamental analysis service.

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