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Stock Target Advisor Review – A Thorough Look At This Platform

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Stock Target Advisor Review

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Stock Target Advisor Review

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Stock Target Advisor is a stock research platform designed to provide more in-depth insight by enabling users to learn what both analysts and retail traders think. It offers insight into over 75,000 stocks across exchanges in multiple regions. Stock Target Advisor includes features such as analyst and user ratings, stock analysis, top stock lists, stock screeners, and more.

About Stock Target Advisor

Stock Target Advisor is an online stock research platform that enables you to see what both analysts and retail traders think about a stock. It offers coverage for more than 75,000 stocks across exchanges in the US, Canada, Europe, and India, which sets it apart from similar platforms that focus only on US stocks. 

In our Stock Target Advisor review, we’ll take a deep dive into this research platform’s features and tools to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Stock Target Advisor Homepage

Stock Target Advisor Pricing Options

Stock Target Advisor offers 3 pricing tiers: Basic, Premium, and Platinum.

Stock Target Advisor Pricing

The Basic plan is free and offers access to most of the platform’s research. However, it doesn’t include access to the top picks list or custom stock screens, and it doesn’t allow you to export data. It also includes only 1 watchlist with up to 10 stocks.

The Premium plan costs $4.99 per month and unlocks nearly all of Stock Target Advisor’s features. The main limitation is that you can only export data one page at a time. It includes up to 5 watchlists with up to 20 stocks each. You’ll receive a 1-week free trial of the Premium plan when you sign up for Stock Target Advisor Basic.

The Platinum plan costs $29.99 per month and enables you to export up to 1,000 stock records at a time for analysis in Excel. It also offers up to 50 watchlists with up to 50 stocks each.

Stock Target Advisor Features

Analyst and User Ratings

Stock Target Advisor tracks analyst ratings for more than 75,000 stocks from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, and India. The platform displays a list of all stocks with recent analyst rating actions, and you can sort stocks by country, consensus rating, or based on whether it was upgraded or downgraded. For any individual stock, you can view a 10-year history of analyst rating actions and price targets.

Stock Target Advisor Analyst Ratings

Stock Target Advisor also enables users to weigh in on stocks and issue their own price targets. These targets are issued with a buy, sell, or hold rating and a time horizon from 1-11 months. You can sort stocks by user rating or see a full history of user ratings for any individual stocks, just like you can for analyst ratings. However, we found that typically only the most well-known US stocks have more than a few recent user ratings. 

Stock Target Advisor User Ratings

Stock Analysis

Stock Target Advisor uses a set of algorithms to automatically analyze all of the stocks the platform covers. This includes automated fundamental analysis, which covers aspects like how stable a stock is, how a stock’s earnings and revenue growth compared to competitors in the same sector, and how a stock is priced compared to earnings and book value. The analysis is broken down into simple pros and cons, providing a quick overview of where a stock stands based on fundamentals.

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Stock Target Advisor Stock Analysis

The platform also grades stocks from A-F based on a variety of performance metrics. You can see at a glance how a stock has performed relative to its sector and exchange over the past 1-5 years. Stock Target Advisor also offers simple grades for financial ratios like price-to-earnings, price-to-book, and debt-to-equity.

Top Stocks Lists

Stock Target Advisor combines analyst ratings, user ratings, and its own automated stock analysis to create lists of potential stock picks. The Top Stocks list lets you filter stocks based on analyst ratings and fundamental analysis, while the Top Picks list displays stocks that have bullish price targets and strong fundamental prospects. Short sellers can also find a Worst Pricks list, which displays stocks with bearish price targets and weak fundamentals.

Stock Target Advisor Top Stocks

Stock Screens

Stock Target Advisor includes a customizable stock screener that enables you to filter stocks based on market performance, financial ratios, and analyst ratings. It’s easy to use, but you can’t filter stocks based on user ratings or the results of Stock Target Advisor’s automated fundamental analysis. In addition, you can only search stocks on one exchange at a time. That means that you need to run two screens to get results from both the NYSE and NASDAQ. 

Stock Target Advisor Stock Screener

The nice thing about the screener is that you can easily compare stocks in the results table. The table shows analyst ratings as well as performance and fundamental analysis grades compared to both industry competitors and the exchange being targeted.

Stock Target Advisor also includes 51 premade screens. Most of these are what you’d expect, including screens for top-performing stocks, potentially undervalued stocks, and growth stocks.

Customization and Layout

Stock Target Advisor is easy to use, although there aren’t many customization options within the platform. You can save screens and build watchlists, each of which has its own news feed.

More important, Stock Target Advisor allows you to export nearly all of the platform’s data to Excel if you have a paid subscription. That can be worthwhile if you want to use Stock Target Advisor’s analysis in conjunction with data from another stock research platform to build your own screens.

Stock Target Advisor Platform Differentiators

The main thing that differentiates Stock Target Advisor from other stock research platforms is that it includes coverage for stocks outside the NYSE and NASDAQ. On this platform, you’ll find data for OTC stocks and stocks on the major exchanges in Canada, the UK, Germany, France, and India. That said, the lack of data for Chinese stocks listed in Hong Kong is somewhat disappointing given the size of that market.

Another thing that makes Stock Target Advisor stand out is that it allows users to contribute their own stock ratings alongside analyst ratings. This could be a great feature, although we were a bit disappointed with how it worked in practice. Many international stocks don’t have any user ratings and the platform doesn’t let you incorporate user ratings into custom screens.

What Type of Trader is Stock Target Advisor Best For?

Stock Target Advisor is best suited for medium- and long-term investors who want to incorporate analyst price targets into their investment decisions. The platform does a nice job of tracking and summarizing analyst ratings and combining that with automated fundamental analysis in a way that’s easy to absorb. You can also combine analyst ratings, performance data, and financial data in the stock screener to find potential stock picks.

This platform especially stands out for investors who want to look beyond popular US stocks. It’s one of only a handful of affordable, lay investor-friendly research platforms that covers international stocks from Canada, Europe, and India. 


  • Covers 75,000 stocks from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, and India
  • View 10-year history of analyst ratings for every stock
  • User-contributed stock ratings
  • Customizable stock screener with 51 premade screens
  • Most data is available for free


  • Relatively few user-contributed ratings
  • Doesn’t offer data for Hong Kong-listed stocks
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