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Profits Unlimited Review – Does This Newsletter Have The Right Stock Picks?

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Profits Unlimited Review

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Profits Unlimited Review

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The right stock picking newsletter can make a world of difference when it comes to trading and trading strategy. Profits Unlimited, from Banyan Hill publishing, is a stock picking newsletter designed to find the most explosive growth stocks. This newsletter is edited by former hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly and provides stock picks once a month. Additionally, with Profits Unlimited, users also get ongoing access to the newsletters’ portfolio and weekly market updates. Do you need this newsletter service for your trading? Check out our full review of Profits Unlimited now to find out!

Profits Unlimited is a stock picking newsletter from Banyan Hill publishing. The newsletter is edited by former hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly and focuses on finding explosive growth stocks.

Profits Unlimited is very easy to follow along with, as Mampilly issues stock picks just once per month. In addition, you have ongoing access to the newsletter’s portfolio as well as weekly updates on the market.

So, is Profits Unlimited worthwhile? Let’s take a closer look at this stock picking service.

Profits Unlimited Homepage

Profits Unlimited Pricing Options

Profits Unlimited costs $47 per year for access to the digital edition or $129 per year for both the digital and print editions of the newsletter.

Profits Unlimited Pricing

There’s also a Premium package that costs $79 for the first year and $199 for subsequent years. This includes the digital and print editions of Profits Unlimited, plus several special reports from Banyan Hill.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is the editor-in-chief of Profits Unlimited. Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager with over 30 years on Wall Street. One of the funds that Mampilly oversaw grew from $1.3 billion to $5.8 billion in just a few years and was named one of the best hedge funds in the world by Barron’s.

Profits Unlimited Investing Style

Mampilly’s goal with Profits Unlimited is to make the hedge fund style of investing accessible to everyday investors. The newsletter focuses on stocks that are poised for explosive growth, typically in emerging market sectors like AI, the Internet of Things, precision medicine, and space.

Profits Unlimited only takes long positions on stocks. Trades are typically open for at least six months and are often open for two to three years.

Since Profits Unlimited was launched in 2016, the newsletter has averaged a 27% gain per trade and has a total return of 336%. Subscribers can view all past positions in the portfolio, which is a level of transparency that not every newsletter offers.

Profits Unlimited Past Portfolio

Profits Unlimited Features

Monthly Newsletter

New issues of the Profits Unlimited newsletter are issued once per month. Each new issue contains one stock idea, which is usually covered in several pages of detail.

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Profits Unlimited Newsletter

Mampilly does a good job of outlining why a stock has potential without getting overly technical. He brings in details like revenue growth, but largely focuses on the potential market and disruptiveness of a company – key features in explosive growth stocks.

The remainder of the monthly newsletter is dedicated to providing updates on the current portfolio. Mampilly highlights a few stocks for which there is relevant news, as well as five stocks that are currently in the portfolio and that he thinks are worth investing in or doubling down on at the time the newsletter is issued.

Profits Unlimited Newsletter Update

Alerts And Updates

In addition to the monthly newsletter, Profits Unlimited includes a weekly update. This is a 45-minute video in which Mampilly covers current market conditions and gives an overview of how the portfolio is doing. Each update video comes with a transcript, so you can read the update instead of watch if you prefer.

Profits Unlimited Weekly Update

Occasionally, Mampilly will also issue alerts outside of the normal weekly updates. These alerts note when it’s time to sell a stock from the portfolio, usually because it’s losing money. One thing that’s nice about Profits Unlimited is that losses are generally limited. The single biggest loss since inception is just –27% (the largest gain is from Tesla, at 923%).

Special Reports

Profits Unlimited also comes with access to special reports, which are issued a few times a year. The subject of these reports can vary, but they usually cover a market sector that Mampilly is particularly interested in – for example, precision medicine or smart cities. The reports are lengthy, but they’re a nice bonus for investors who want to stay on top of technology trends and supplement the core Profits Unlimited portfolio.

Profits Unlimited Special Reports

Profits Unlimited Service Differentiators

Profits Unlimited has a lot in common with other stock picking newsletters, and particularly newsletters like The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor that also target high-growth stocks. In fact, the two services recommend a lot of the same stocks, albeit often months or even years apart.

Profits Unlimited is cheaper than Stock Advisor, but it only includes one stock recommendation per month instead of two. One nice thing about Profits Unlimited is that it doesn’t have as large a following as The Motley Fool, so stocks don’t often jump 10% or more on the day that Mampilly recommends them.

If you can afford both Profits Unlimited and Stock Advisor, they’re very complementary. If you have to choose one service, Profits Unlimited may offer a slightly better value.

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What Type Of Trader Is Profits Unlimited Best For?

Profits Unlimited is best for medium- and long-term investors who want help picking high-growth stocks. The newsletter is written to be very accessible even for new investors, and the updates are easy to follow along with even for investors who don’t want to touch their portfolio all that frequently. Given that many of the trades that Mampilly recommends have six-month to three-year time horizons, this newsletter is a great option for building an aggressive retirement portfolio.


  • Inexpensive digital subscription
  • Excellent performance since 2016
  • Losses are typically less than 20%
  • Weekly portfolio updates by video and transcript
  • Includes access to special reports about emerging tech


  • Weekly updates are long
  • Only one stock pick per month
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