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Market Chameleon Review – Screeners, Options Tools, and More

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MarketChameleon Review

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Market Chameleon Review

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Any good trader knows that having an excellent financial market research tool could make all the difference. Market Chameleon is a financial market research tool that claims to specialize in uncovering great U.S. stock and options trading opportunities for their clients. So, is Market Chameleon the real deal? Read our in-depth review to find out.

Introduction To Market Chameleon

Market Chameleon is a financial market research tool that specializes in uncovering U.S. stock and options trading opportunities. The browser-based service suffers from a clunky navigation and sluggish page reloads, but traders who are willing to be patient will find a limitless stream of unique and actionable data. This is one of the best options strategy generation platforms on the market, especially for the aggressive earnings trader. 

So, is Market Chameleon right for you? Keep reading our Market Chameleon review to find out.

📈 FeaturesOptions Scanners, Options Analysis, Earnings Calendar, and more
💰 Pricing$39-99 per month
Ideal ForOptions Traders
💻 PlatformBrowser-based

How Much Does Market Chameleon Cost?

Market Chameleon offers a free plan with access to articles and premade screens. It’s a nice introduction to the platform, but doesn’t unlock most of Market Chameleon’s features.

There are four premium plans available: Stock Trader, Options Trader, Earnings Trader, and Total Access.

Market Chameleon Review - Market Chameleon Pricing

The Stock Trader plan costs $39 per month and provides access to various dividend reports and stock screeners. 

The Options Trader plan costs $69 per month and provides options chains data and a multitude of options market screeners.

The Earnings Trader plan costs $79 per month and provides access to the Options and Earnings Options strategy screeners and various earnings report pattern tools. 

The Total Access plan costs $99 per month and includes all to everything Market Chameleon offers. To get the most out of Market Chameleon, you really need the Total Access plan. It enables you to piece together all of the platform’s tools in a way that the other plans don’t. 

All paid plans come with a 7-day free trial.

Try Market Chameleon FREE for 7 Days!

Market Chameleon Features Breakdown

Market Chameleon is very powerful, although it also has a lot of features that feel redundant. In our opinion, Market Chameleon is uniquely suited for trading options around earnings season. We’ll focus on the Total Access plan, which is what you’ll need to develop earnings-based options strategies.

Market Chameleon Free Volume

Unusual Options Volume Screen 

The free unusual options volume screener is useful to reload throughout the day to find signals to investigate further. It shows you which tickers are seeing above-average volume, which could be a sign of institutional activity.

Keep in mind that with the growing interest in options trading, there are more opportunities to get faked out on volume surges. We’ve seen many instances of tremendous options volume on rumor-driven stock price spikes, only to have premium evaporate the next day. In other words, don’t chase anything just because it pops up on the volume screener. 

Market Chameleon Add Watchlist

Watch Lists

Setting up and monitoring watch lists is a core feature of Market Chameleon. Users can scan through various screens like earnings lists to add any stocks to a watch list just by clicking the “+” next to the company name. Users can create different watch lists complete with alert triggers. The exercise of finding stocks and storing them in personalized watch lists is a great way to track opportunities. 

Market Chameleon Option Chains

Options Chains 

Finding and analyzing potential options trades is a key function of Market Chameleon. Options chains can be accessed for any stock along with various data, including the Greeks, liquidity stats, and time and sales. The layouts are intuitively designed and configurable to include just the data you want.     

Earnings Calendar and Tools

The earnings season consistently generates the most action in the markets linked to the most material fundamental data. Market Chameleon has a comprehensive earnings calendar and some very compelling tools to find opportunities into, during, and after earnings reports.

One of our favorites is the Stock Price Patterns Around Earnings feature. This shows how a stock’s price moved before, during, and after earnings over the past several quarters. Some stocks have a movement pattern, which could offer an opportunity for short-term trading. Of course, you’ll also want to interpret this data in the context of the macro market sentiment at the time of each earnings release.

Market Chameleon Stock Patterns Earnings

The Options Outcomes Around Earnings displays how options strategies performed during earnings reports. Market Chameleon displays the average return or loss implementing various strategies like Selling out-of-the-money (OTM) calls or OTM puts for a stock.

Market Chameleon Earnings Options Outcomes

Earnings Options Strategy Screener

Earnings season is the bread-and-butter period for options moves. Money can be made before and after an earnings report. Many beginner traders take a pure directional bet on earnings reports (often paying heavy premiums) on a binary result. Market Chameleon enables traders to utilize a broader range of strategies to derive many income-generating strategies to diversify your trades. 

Market Chameleon Earnings Options Screener

The Earnings Options Strategy Screener enables traders to configure the filters they are looking for with upcoming earnings traders. It’s one of our favorite features of Market Chameleon because it allows you to prepare for earnings ahead of time and collect income from options premiums.

We like to collect premiums heading into an earnings report and scan for stocks that spike in IV into the report. Some of the most effective scans are the Covered Call (collect income ahead of earnings release), Naked Put (a risky strategy only for experienced traders who can afford to have shares assigned), Call Spread, Put Spread, and At-The-Money (ATM) Straddle screeners. Beginners should limit themselves to covered calls and debit spread trades and avoid any naked trades to limit their downside risk. Usually, naked options trades require at least level 3 options trading permissions and enough capital to offset margin calls. 


There is a browser-based news feed that pulls headlines from various free sources. It’s not real-time nor streaming, but it can be useful for finding press releases related to a specific company you’re researching.

Customization and Layout

Market Chameleon’s browser-based platform could use an overhaul. The site feels clunky and difficult to navigate at times, with a lot of tabs that aren’t organized in an intuitive way. We got used to it eventually, but this is an area where the Market Chameleon platform could significantly improve.

Platform Differentiators

While there are numerous options trading and analysis services on the market, Market Chameleon tools are unique and intuitively designed to generate compelling data-driven trading ideas. The navigation is clunky, but the results are compelling. We’ve been able to significantly bolster trading ideas heading into each earnings season. 

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What Type of Trader is Market Chameleon Best For?

Market Chameleon is best suited for experienced options traders looking for income generation strategies and uncovering hidden trading opportunities. It’s especially powerful for traders who focus on earning season to find opportunities.

Stock traders will find more limited functionality, as there are few especially unique stock research tools in the Stock Trader plan.

Beginners can use Market Chameleon, but you should expect a learning curve. The platform doesn’t give a lot of explanation about how you’re supposed to use the screeners or strategies. Some of the strategies, like naked puts, can be quite risky.

Is Market Chameleon Worth It?

Market Chameleon offers some unique and powerful options scanners tools, especially for trading around earnings reports. The stock and options screeners are pretty different from what’s available from other services, so it’s definitely worth giving Market Chameleon a look.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll probably need the top-tier Total Access plan to get the most out of Market Chameleon. The other plans offer piecemeal access to the platform’s features, when really they’re designed to work together to help you find opportunities and execute your strategy. If you just buy one of the lesser premium subscriptions on their own, it’s difficult to get the whole picture around a ticker.

The company offers a free trial that allows you to test out the features before committing to a paid subscription. Take Market Chameleon for a 7-day test drive to see if it is the right platform for you.

Try Market Chameleon FREE for 7 Days!


  • Deep options data and strategy scans
  • Earnings options strategy tools are unique and very productive
  • Easy watch list creation, alerts, and tracking functionality
  • Options chain back-testing and data-driven strategy ideas
  • Free options screens and daily ideas list
  • Pre and post-market screener tool to kickstart morning research


  • Most traders will need the Total Access plan to execute strategies
  • Outdated website and clunky browser-based navigation
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