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InsiderFinance Review – Is This Trading Platform Legit?

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InsiderFinance Review

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InsiderFinance Review

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In the market for a new trading platform? InsiderFinance is a trading platform with a focus on unusual options order flow and dark pool trades. This platform includes features such as options flow analysis, individual ticker analysis, top ticker lists, and news analysis, as well as crypto and forex analysis tools. Read our complete InsiderFinance review now to learn more about this platform.

About InsiderFinance

InsiderFinance is a trading platform that helps you see what institutional investors are buying and selling. The service focuses on unusual options order flow and dark pool trades, both of which are hallmarks of institutional activity. InsiderFinance also offers technical analysis and actionable trade ideas based on unusual order flow.

So, can this platform help you follow the smart money and make better trades? Our InsiderFinance review will cover everything you need to know. 

InsiderFinance Homepage

InsiderFinance Pricing Options

InsiderFinance offers a single subscription that you can pay for monthly, quarterly, or annually. A monthly subscription costs $75, a quarterly subscription costs $195, and an annual subscription costs $660. The platform does not offer a free trial.

InsiderFinance Pricing

InsiderFinance Features

Options Flow Analysis

The main feature of InsiderFinance is its option flow analysis dashboard. In this dashboard, you can see a list of ticker symbols for which InsiderFinance has detected high options order flow that likely represents institutional investor activity. Tickers are displayed in a table that lets you easily sort by put flow, OTM (out of the money) percent, average expiration date, and unusual OTM option flow.

InsiderFinance Flow Dashboard

Secondary charts enable you to quickly plot data like OTM distribution, call and put volume, and premiums for the top 10 tickers in your sorted table. You can also view a chart of aggregate put and call flow, offering information about whether market activity is overall bullish or bearish. 

InsiderFinance also displays options orders in real-time for all orders with a total premium of more than $10,000.

Options Flow Scanner

InsiderFinance’s option flow displays are made more useful thanks to the fact that you can set up custom filters to scan them. You can filter by trade type (sweeps and/or unusual OTM options), expiration, price, and OTM percentage. You can also filter for tickers that are experiencing overwhelmingly bullish or bearish options activity or which have significantly higher than average trading volume.

InsiderFinance Scanner

Individual Ticker Analysis

Once you find a company with unusual activity, you can dive deeper into that activity using InsiderFinance’s individual ticker analysis tools. You’ll see all of the options trades with premiums over $10,000 that InsiderFinance has detected as well as any dark pool prints.

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Even better, InsiderFinance incorporates charts from TradingView so you can perform technical analysis without switching platforms. If you have a TradingView account, you can also take advantage of InsiderFinance’s proprietary indicators. The results of these indicators are summarized by a buy/sell indicator that is available on timescales ranging from one minute to one month.

InsiderFinance Individual Ticker Analysis

Top Ticker Lists

InsiderFinance offers lists of top tickers based on unusual OTM percent, trading volume, and sweep activity. These lists are updated every 3 minutes throughout the trading day, so they offer a good way to find potential trade ideas. However, these lists aren’t significantly different from what you would find using InsiderFinance’s dashboard and scanning tools.

News and Sentiment Analysis

InsiderFinance aggregates news from a variety of market news outlets including Reuters, Benzinga, CNBC, Fox Business News, and others. The platform uses text analysis to assign a positive, neutral, or negative sentiment to each story.

You can track news sentiment for the entire market on a day-by-day basis or view the distribution of positive and negative stories for the most talked-about tickers each day. A scrollable news feed allows you to quickly check recent stories around tickers that you’re interested in researching further.

InsiderFinance News

Cryptocurrency and Forex

InsiderFinance also has basic analysis tools for cryptocurrency and forex trading. For cryptocurrency, InsiderFinance calculates several scores based primarily on social media sentiment and trading volume. For forex, InsiderFinance calculates scores based on market news sentiment. For both cryptocurrencies and forex, InsiderFinance issues trading signals based on technical support and resistance zones.

InsiderFinance Cryptocurrency Analysis

Customization and Layout

InsiderFinance is available as a web platform only and does not have a mobile app. The options flow dashboard has several layouts available, but you cannot create custom layouts. You can create a watchlist and quickly filter the options flow dashboard to only display tickers in your watchlist.

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InsiderFinance Platform Differentiators

InsiderFinance offers a fast and simple way to find ticker symbols that are experiencing high or unusual options order flow activity. The options order flow dashboard is simple to use, and the integrated scanner allows you to quickly sort for options activity that is meaningful to your trading strategy. InsiderFinance doesn’t offer as many filters as comparable platforms, but this also makes the platform more approachable for intermediate traders.

InsiderFinance offers more technical analysis features than similar options order flow platforms, integrating TradingView charts directly into the platform and offering proprietary indicators for traders with a TradingView account. The technical-based buy and sell indicators can be very helpful when used in tandem with the platform’s data about options activity.

Another unique aspect of InsiderFinance is that it offers data about cryptocurrency and forex in addition to stocks. However, the tools for cryptocurrency and forex analysis are still quite limited and aren’t on their own enough to support crypto and forex traders. 

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What Type of Trader is InsiderFinance Best For?

InsiderFinance is best for day and swing traders who want to use unusual options activity – a proxy for what institutional investors are doing – to guide trades. The platform makes it easy to find unusual OTM options and tickers with unusually high options activity. In addition, integrated technical analysis allows traders to track buy and sell signals for individual tickers on timescales as short as one minute.


  • Straightforward dashboard with integrated options activity scanner
  • Technical analysis using TradingView charts and proprietary indicators
  • Supports news sentiment analysis for stocks, forex, and crypto
  • Affordable pricing


  • Limited scan options and no saved scans
  • No mobile app
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