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TIKR Review – Is This Stock Research Platform A Top Pick?

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TIKR Review

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TIKR Review

  • Ease of Use
  • Value
  • Quality


TIKR is a stock research platform that provides comprehensive fundamental data for more than 100,000 equities from over 92 different nations. With this platform, depending on the date you select, you can view an organization’s income statement, balance sheet, or cash flow statement on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Learn more about this stock research platform by reading our complete TIKR review.


  • Free plan offers most features and data for all US stocks
  • Paid plans include data for 100,000+ global stocks
  • User-friendly fundamental data tables with charts
  • Track analyst ratings and valuation metrics over time
  • Comprehensive fundamental stock screener with 300+ parameters


  • No portfolio management tools or brokerage integrations
  • Doesn’t highlight stocks that experience activity across multiple funds

About TIKR

TIKR is a stock research platform designed to make fundamental investing easier. The platform offers detailed fundamental data, news, analyst ratings, and more for 100,000 stocks and 10,000 funds around the globe. It also offers a global stock screener with more than 300 fundamental filters. TIKR is easy to use, and investors can get a lot of functionality out of the platform for free. 

In our TIKR review, we’ll take a closer look at everything this research platform offers and help you decide if it’s right for you.

TIKR - Homepage

TIKR Pricing Options

TIKR offers a surprisingly full-featured free plan as well as two paid plans.

TIKR - Pricing

With the free plan, you get access to five years’ worth of financial history for US stocks, plus holding data for the top 40 US funds and the ability to save a single stock screen.

The Plus plan costs $19.95 per month or $179.40 per year. It offers 10 years’ worth of data for 100,000+ global stocks and 10,000+ global funds. You can have up to five saved screens.

The Pro plan costs $39.95 per month or $359.40 per year. The main benefits are that you can save unlimited screens and get access to TIKR’s premium valuation metrics.

TIKR Features

Stock Research

TIKR offers in-depth fundamental data for more than 100,000 stocks from more than 92 countries.

The platform does an excellent job of presenting financial data. You can view a company’s income statement, balance sheet, or cash flow statement on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis for any timeframe you choose. The data is displayed in an interactive table, and if you click on any row a chart will appear to visualize changes in the selected metric over time. You can plot multiple metrics on the same chart or export any of the data to Excel for more in-depth analysis.

TIKR - Financial Data

Even more helpful, TIKR also offers similar interactive tables for fundamental ratios and valuation ratios. You can easily track a company’s return on equity, net debt to EBITDA, price-to-book ratio, and much more over time. All of these metrics can be plotted as well. TIKR also tracks analyst ratings over time, enabling you to see how the low, high, and median price targets for a stock and the number of buy/sell/hold ratings from analysts have changed over time.

TIKR - Financial Charts

TIKR also offers a table for peer analysis. You can’t choose what companies to include as peers, but what’s neat about this feature is that TIKR offers tables for each sub-sector that the target company falls into. For example, for Apple, you can analyze the company against peers in the software space, or against peers in entertainment, or against peers in semiconductor manufacturing.

TIKR - Peer Analysis

On top of these in-depth analysis tools, TIKR tracks market news headlines, upcoming events like earnings reports and dividends, and what institutions or funds own shares of a company. It also offers records of earnings call transcripts and SEC filings. Finally, there’s a basic charting feature that lets you add labels, flags, and annotations. These are handy for plotting major company events onto the price chart.

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TIKR - Charts

Stock Screener

The TIKR stock screener is one of the best fundamental stock screeners we’ve seen. It offers more than 300 screening parameters, categorized into metrics for valuation, fundamental ratios, income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, and analyst estimates. You can search for any parameter to add it to a screen, making it easy to comb through the large library of parameters. 

TIKR - Stock Screener

Even better, TIKR gives you more control over what you’re scanning for than most other fundamental scanners. When filtering based on revenue, for example, you can set up conditionals based on a value, year-over-year percent change, or CAGR. You also get to define the time range to consider for the conditional.

Results are displayed in a table. Another table displays summary statistics for the results, including the mean, median, and standard deviation for each of the parameters included in your screen.

Fund Holdings

TIKR also tracks the holdings of more than 10,000 funds by following 13F filings. You can pull up a table showing all of a fund’s holdings, including information about whether any holdings have been increased or decreased in recent filings.

TIKR - Funds

TIKR doesn’t offer any summary stats, like what stocks are seeing the most activity from funds. So, this data can be helpful if you want to track a particular fund or investment guru, but it’s not all that helpful in generating investment ideas based on widespread institutional activity.

TIKR Customization and Layout

TIKR enables users to set up an unlimited number of watchlists. These are nice because you get a news and events feed for each watchlist. So, it’s pretty easy to stay on top of upcoming earnings reports or significant developments. You can also customize what data columns are displayed for your watchlists, allowing you to quickly compare specific fundamental data for a custom selection of stocks.

TIKR - Watchlists

TIKR Platform Differentiators

TIKR stands out from other fundamental stock research platforms thanks to its global data coverage and user-friendliness. The data is displayed in an intuitive way, and it’s easy to pull up basic visualizations of fundamental data. There aren’t as many customization options as you get from a platform like Stock Rover, but TIKR also doesn’t feel limiting in any significant way.

The other big thing that differentiates TIKR is its free plan. Fundamental investors who are primarily interested in US stocks could get everything they need from TIKR without paying a cent. The one limitation is that you can only save a single stock screen.

What Type of Trader is TIKR Best For?

TIKR is an easy-to-use and data-rich platform for fundamental investors. The free plan is a great option for investors who are focused on US stocks, while the Plus plan offers an inexpensive way for investors to get data about virtually all stocks around the globe.

TIKR doesn’t offer any technical analysis or portfolio management tools, so it’s not a do-it-all platform. But for long-term investors in search of high-quality fundamental data and a comprehensive fundamental stock screener, there’s a lot to like about TIKR.

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