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StockFetcher Review – An In-Depth Look at This Stock Screener

By Dave

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StockFetcher Review

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StockFetcher Review

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StockFetcher is a screening and charting software platform with many interesting tools and features. StockFetcher makes creating stock scans simple. Read our in-depth review to find out if this platform fits your trading style.

About StockFetcher

StockFetcher.com is a highly flexible stock screening and charting software platform that enables the simple free-text filter (English text-based commands) to create concise and powerful stock scans. Users can incorporate both technical and fundamental indicators, metrics, and ratios into the screens. Simplicity is purity.

The unassuming, low-key website is very simple and lacking animation or anything flashy. In fact, it’s had the same homepage for well over a decade. The site is similar to FinViz in that sense. There are indicators dating back to 2002 on the site. However, the outdated (dusty) homepage is no reflection on the vast depth of the tools that make this service a bargain by any standards. Fortunately, the pricing fees are also stuck in time (to the benefit of the users).

StockFetcher Popular Scans Labelled

StockFetcher Pricing Options

StockFetcher tools can be used right off the homepage for limited scans with one-day delayed results. To truly utilize the depth of the service, you must sign up for a subscription plan. There are two subscription plans:

The StockFetcher Standard Plan costs $8.95-per month or $24.95-per quarter.

This enables 100 saved filters, daily e-mails with scan results, 100 watch lists with up to 200 symbols per-watch list, and up to 200 symbols can be exported (.csv). All filter matches are provided from the current date too.

The StockFetcher Advanced Plan costs $16.95-per month or $44.95-per quarter. This is a beefed-up version of the Standard Plan, allowing 250 saved filters, 250 watchlists with up 1,000 symbols each. Up to 1,000 symbols can be exported (.csv). Advanced filter support is added. Market data is delayed 15-to-20 minutes during market hours for both plans.

The pricing is definitely fair when compared to other similar scanning tools.

StockFetcher Features Breakdown

Here are some of the notable features and indicators on the platform.

StockFetcher Chart Drawings


Going with the simplicity theme, StockFetcher charts are simple but effective. Users can choose between candlesticks, OLHC (bar chart), dots, line, and or area (histogram) charts. Time frames range from intra-day to monthly. Users can add trend lines, boxes, and circles with notes. The simplicity is appealing as to not clutter up the charts with too many indicators. The charts are actually nice and easy to read. If you’re looking for a charting platform with more advanced features, you may prefer TradingView, but StockFetcher delivers a great charting experience.

StockFetcher Filter Performance

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Screening Filters (Stock Scanners)

The screening filters are the star of the StockFetcher platform. While there are many great features, the screeners are what make this platform worthwhile. This platform has some of the best free stock scanners available.

StockFetcher features both pre-built screening filters and customizable screeners.

The screening filters are the key to effective screens/scans. There are pre-built scans and filters that users can start off with. Eventually, you will want to combine filters to create customized scans that apply to your methods. This can save you hours of research time sifting through charts manually to find that needle-in-the-haystack candidate to trade. Filter performance enables users to measure the effectiveness of their filters.

StockFetcher Indicators

StockFetcher scans are highly customizable. That said, there is definitely a learning curve associated with this screener. Screens are created using text commands, like the one below:

Stock Fetcher Filters

This can improve efficiency for traders who “learn the language” of these scans, but it takes time to familiarize yourself with this approach to scanning. That said, the tool features a “Filter Builder” that can make it easier to create your scans. The “Filter Builder” is similar to the scan builders you will find in tools like FinViz and Yahoo Finance.

Indicators Library

StockFetcher has over 125 indicators that can be used to create, enhance or refine your screening filters. In addition to the built-in indicators, there are numerous user-created indicators on the site. Compounding your filters just requires cut-n-pasting indicators into your screens/scans. One thing to note, be careful not to go overboard with too many indicators to overload your screens. Β 

StockFetcher Find Similar

β€˜Find Similar’

This feature will screen the markets to find stocks with similar price patterns. The benefits of this are obvious. When I find a stock with a very compelling high-probability pattern set-up, I can spread out the risk with multiple stocks or find a cheaper stock to trade. Often, it will find sector/industry peers to trade. However, I get pleasantly surprised with cross-sector stocks moving together that have completely different fundamentals but share the same technicals.

Watch Lists

The watch lists can be created with stocks to monitor or whole portfolios. They can be duplicated and exported as well. Watch lists can be viewed in table format or by charts. I like the ability to run my watch lists through screen filters to see if any of them triggers. The number of watch lists and total symbols depends on the type of subscription plan. The Standard Plan allows up to 100 watch lists and 200 symbols, and the Advanced Plan up to 1,000 symbols and 250 watch lists.

Forums/Message Boards

The StockFetcher Forums have various message boards ranging from General Discussions to Indicators and Measures and even Stock Picks and Trading. I found some seriously talented programmers that don’t hesitate to answer inquiries and provide suggestions for constructing filters. The StockFetcher community is exceptionally generous, with customized scans being offered for free usage and collaboration. I’ve been able to copy some very impressive screener filters off the Filter Exchange board. This is the strength of the site.

Nightly Screener Results E-mail

StockFetcher lets you schedule nightly scans that will e-mail you the results with stock candidates every evening. This is super convenient and takes a lot of legwork out of researching stocks to consider playing the next day. This feature alone is worth the monthly subscription fee and saves hours of manual scanning. Β 

StockFetcher Free Text Filter

StockFetcher Platform Differentiators

The ease of creating your own custom filters with the free-text filter language makes StockFetcher unique. I’m not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but even I was able to learn the language relatively quickly just from observing the built-in filters and then plugging in my own values. From there, I progressed to writing code. The leap from cut-n-pasting to writing your own code is not that big. I’d say it’s a solid gateway into coding your own algorithmic scans.

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Is StockFetcher a Good Value?

This is a resounding YES. At $8.95-per month, it’s super cheap and pays for itself with just one good trading idea. Personally, I can’t see need 250 watch lists and am perfectly fine with the standard service.

What Type of Trader StockFetcher is Best For

As simple as Stockfetcher.com appears, it takes some experience with the underlying indicators and patterns to take full advantage of the functions. Therefore, this service is best suited for experienced traders that have high fluency with candlestick charts and patterns. Newbies can learn the components and indicators and then apply them on the scans if committed.

What this platform lacks in modern design, it makes up for in power. Technical traders who utilize a broad range of indicators and scans will get a lot of value out of this platform.

While all quote data is 15-to-20 minutes delayed, intra-day traders can still fully utilize the scans to find rare pattern formations for trading opportunities throughout the day. The natural fit is for swing traders and active investors with a solid knowledge base of technical patterns and a methodology to manage triggers.


  • Large library of indicators and pre-built filters
  • Excellent scanning tool with simplicity as a core theme
  • Nightly scan results e-mail is worth its weight in gold
  • Filters can be customized with both technical and fundamental indicators
  • Easy flexible-text language enables users to program their own filters and indicators
  • Responsive community forum provides loads of user-created filters to exchange, use or collaborate on developing and testing
  • Super cheap subscription prices


  • Lack of real-time quotes can be annoying for intra-day traders
  • Antiquated website stuck in the ’90s makes developers seem apathetic
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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