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Filing:re Review – Is This News Service Worth Using?

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Filing:re Review

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Filing:re Review

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If you’re into penny stock trading, finding the right news service can add a major benefit. Filing:re is an advanced penny stock news service designed to offer users an in-depth look at penny stocks. This news service includes penny stock news scanners, reports, filings, and news alerts from multiple Secretary of State offices. Does service offer the right news for your penny stock trading needs? Find out by reading our complete Filing:re review.

About Filing:re

Filing:re is an advanced penny stock news service. The platform includes penny stock news scanners and reports, news alerts, and filings from individual Secretary of State offices around the country. Filing:re is easy to use and offers an in-depth look at penny stocks.

So, is this platform right for you? Our Filing:re review will cover everything you need to know.

Filing:re Homepage

Filing:re Pricing Options

Filing:re costs $49.99 per month or $399.99 per year. There is no way to trial the platform before signing up.

Filing:re Features

Filing:re is a news scanning service that collects news, financial reports, filings, legal data, and more for thousands of penny stocks. You can search for any specific stock that Filing:re tracks or check its dashboard for feeds of the latest news and filings.

News, Reports, Filings, and Custodianships

There are several categories of data available in Filing:re. First, the platform collects financial news from sources like PR Newswire, Accesswire, Newsfile, OTC Markets Group, Globe Newswire, Investors Hub and more. The majority of news stories that Filing:re identifies are company-issued press releases.

Filing:re News

Second, collects financial reports and SEC filings. Financial reports can be annual or quarterly reports as well as attorney letters, while SEC filings include 8-K, 10-K, S-1, 10-12G, and other filings.

One of the unique datasets that Filing:re collects is filings with individual Secretary of State offices. These filings include annual reports, notifications of changes to a company’s board of directors, details about new stock issuances, and name changes. Filing:re currently collects Secretary of State filings for companies in Delaware, California, Nevada, Florida, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Georgia and Maryland.

Filing:re Secretary of State

Filing:re also tracks legal proceedings to help you identify custodianships, which occur when a private company takes over a public shell company in a reverse merger. 

Of course, Filing:re collates all of this data on individual stock pages as well. You can search for any ticker to see its entire filing, reporting, and news history.

Filing:re Stock Page

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Data Filters

Filing:re offers a number of ways to filter its trove of news stories, reports, and filings. For most types of data, you can filter by ticker symbol, market cap range, stock price range, share structure (including the number of shares outstanding or float), and whether a company is actively reporting to regulators. For SEC filings, you can filter by filing type. You can also filter custodianships according to the type of legal action being taken, including whether a custodianship is granted or denied.

Watchlists and Alerts

Filing:re makes it easy to news and filings for the penny stocks you’re most interested in. You can create a watchlist with an unlimited number of tickers and get notifications in your browser when new filings or news is detected for those tickers. Filing:re also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android and you can get push notifications for filings related to your watchlist while you’re on the go.

Filing:re Watchlist

Market Overview

You can also use Filing:re to find new penny stocks of interest. The platform’s market overview dashboard shows the greatest advancing and declining tickers every market day. You can filter these tickers by price, market cap, share structure, and reporting status, making it easy to focus on just the penny stocks that match your trading style.

Filing:re Market Overview

Filing:re Platform Differentiators

Filing:re is one of the most comprehensive news platforms currently available for penny stocks. While other stock news services may include data about penny stocks, they often don’t gather reports from sources like Secretary of State offices or lesser-known press release services. Very few platforms track legal filings related to custodianships. Filing:re captures data from these often-overlooked sources, dramatically improving the quality and consistency of its penny stock coverage.

The Filing:re mobile app is also a plus, since this enables you to monitor the stocks on your watchlist even when you’re away from your computer.

What Type of Trader is Filing:re Best For?

Filing:re is designed for penny stock traders and investors. If you want to follow the latest news and reports for a variety of different penny stocks, Filing:re makes it much easier to find the information you need compared to searching multiple newswire services or Secretary of State websites.

For investors who only have a few penny stocks in their portfolio, Filing:re may not be worth the cost. All of the news, filings, and data that the platform collects are publicly available. It’s worth thinking about how long it would take you to run your own searches. Keep in mind that a big part of Filing:re’s value is in its desktop and mobile alerts when new stories or filings hit the wire.

It’s important to note that Filing:re is only a news and filings service. The platform does not offer any analysis of the penny stocks it tracks, and company data beyond news and filings is limited to market cap, price, and share structure. So, Filing:re should be used in tandem with other penny stock trading services that can help you find companies to watch and enable more in-depth analysis.


  • Stock news service dedicated to penny stocks
  • Includes filings from Secretary of State offices
  • Press releases from multiple newswire services
  • Supports a watchlist with desktop and mobile alerts


  • Moderately expensive with no free trial
  • No integrated tools for analyzing penny stocks
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