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Finlo Review – Is This Research Platform Worth It?

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Finlo Review

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Finlo Review

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In search of your next research platform? Finlo is a stock research platform that incorporates basic technical metrics as well as market sentiment indicators to help you discover what stocks are worth trading. Finlo includes financial data for a large range of stock and ETF markets as well as stock research tools, candlestick charts, and sentiment analysis. Read our complete Finlo review now to learn more before making your final decision.

About Finlo

Finlo is a stock research platform that’s easy to use and incorporates basic technical metrics and market sentiment indicators. While Finlo’s tools are useful, the platform doesn’t offer a lot of advanced analysis features or customization options.

In our Finlo review, we’ll cover everything you need to know to decide if this research platform is right for you.

Finlo Homepage

Finlo Pricing Options

Finlo offers two plans: Basic and Pro. The Basic plan costs $8 per month or $88 per year and includes 10 watchlists, 5 portfolios, and 10 years of financial data. It doesn’t offer access to analyst forecasts, annual discounted cash flow analysis, or real-time stock quotes.

Finlo Pricing

The Pro plan adds those features for $14 per month or $154 per year. It also offers unlimited watchlists and portfolios and more than 30 years of financial data.

Finlo offers a 7-day free trial of the Basic plan with no credit card required.

Finlo Features


Finlo offers financial data for stocks and ETFs from the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, and India. However, we found that the Finlo dashboard and market sentiment tools only cover US stocks and ETFs. If you want any information about international stocks, you have to search for them specifically.

The Finlo dashboard shows top winners and losers, as well as a roundup of financial news stories from sources like Benzinga, MarketWatch, and Seeking Alpha. Finlo also breaks down US stock performance by sector, although you can only see performance for the current day.

Stock Research

For all stocks Finlo covers, the platform displays key valuation and financial metrics. It also assigns a buy or sell rating to each metric to make interpretation simple. Pro subscribers have access to more actionable information, including analyst forecasts, upgrades and downgrades, insider trades, and EPS history. Finlo also conducts discounted cash flow analysis, which can be very useful for fundamental investors.

Finlo Stock Research

If you want to dig deeper into a company’s financial performance, you’ll find several tables populated with financial data and fundamental metrics. These tables are laid out to show you how a company’s performance has changed year-over-year or quarter-over-quarter. Finlo also offers peer analysis, but you can’t customize the companies in the comparison or the metrics being compared.

Finlo Peer Analysis

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Finlo offers a basic candlestick chart, but it’s not customizable, and you can’t add any technical indicators to it. If you’re interested in a stock’s performance, you can pull up a series of mini-charts that each show a different indicator, such as a simple moving average, RSI, or ADX. This format was a little disappointing because you can’t customize the timeframe for any indicator – and in fact, Finlo doesn’t actually specify what timeframe it’s using for the displayed indicators.

Finlo Technical Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Finlo also tracks market sentiment for US stocks and ETFs. You can see which stocks are popular based on social media mentions, which stocks are being mentioned with increasing frequency, and which stocks have the most positive commentary around them. You can also see which stocks are trending on which social media platforms, including Twitter, Reddit, StockTwits, and Yahoo.

Finlo Sentiment Analysis

Unfortunately, Finlo only gives you aggregate information about the number of mentions on each platform and an overall sentiment score. You’ll have to jump on social media to find out what people are actually saying about a particular stock.

Customization and Layout

The main way to customize Finlo is to add watchlists and portfolios to your account. Watchlists appear in your Finlo dashboard and offer a simple way to monitor daily price change and trading volume. You can customize what other data is displayed in the watchlist table, including fundamental ratios, insider trades, and financial performance metrics.

Portfolios enable you to track your performance, but they don’t offer any dedicated analysis features. You need to enter your holdings manually since Finlo doesn’t integrate with any brokerage accounts or allow you to import a spreadsheet.

Finlo Portfolio

Finlo Platform Differentiators

Finlo is a straightforward stock research platform that gives you access to more than 30 years’ worth of data for US and international stocks and ETFs. The financial data presented in Finlo is similar to what you’ll find in other research platforms, but we appreciated that Finlo incorporates basic technical metrics to help you identify entry and exit points. The sentiment analysis is also a somewhat unique feature, although we wish that Finlo would allow you to pull up individual tweets and discussion threads so you could see what people are actually saying about a stock.

The thing that investors might like best about Finlo is its discounted cash flow analysis, which most competing research platforms don’t offer. However, this analysis is only available with a Pro subscription.

What Type of Trader is Finlo Best For?

Finlo is best for fundamental traders who want access to detailed, long-term financial data for stocks and ETFs. Basic users get 10 years’ worth of data, while Pro users can access more than 30 years of financial history. 

Finlo’s financial metric ratings and simple user interface make it most suitable for fundamental investors who are just starting out. That said, the discounted cash flow analysis may also appeal to more seasoned investors who don’t want to spend time developing their own financial models. While Finlo includes some basic technical indicators with its research tools, this platform doesn’t offer the detailed analysis required for short-term trading.


  • 30+ years of financial data for US and international stocks
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Includes basic technical analysis tools
  • Stock sentiment analysis based on social media
  • Custom watchlists and portfolios


  • Minimal customization options
  • Limited information from sentiment analysis
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