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MarketClub Review – An Inside Look at This Investing Service

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Market Club Review

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MarketClub Review

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If you are in the trading world, you know how important trading knowledge can be. MarketClub offers a variety of trading courses, platform tools, blogs, and more that appeal to every trader. Read on here to learn more about how MarketClub can change your trading.

What is MarketClub?

MarketClubΒ powered by INO, is a membership-based community with proprietary trading software, training courses, and blogs. Started by traders for traders is the theme and core philosophy that founder Adam Hewison envisioned on the 2002 launch of MarketClub. As a former floor trader and private fund manager with three-decades of trading experience, he partnered with fellow trader and computer engineer David Maher to develop unique proprietary tools that take the emotional bias out of stock trading.

Powerful time-tested algorithms and market-proven analysis is the engine that drives this trading platform and results in consistently profitable trades. Building a community around like-minded traders has grown MarketClub into a powerful resource for members of all skill levels.

Is it worth signing up for this stock market service? Keep reading our MarketClub review to find out.

MarketClub Dashboard

MarketClub Pricing Options

MarketClub offers quarterly and annual subscriptions. You can buy a quarterly membership for $150/quarter or an annual membership for $449/year. The annual membership basically gives you a free quarter, so it’s the better option if you plan to use this service long-term.

You can sign up for a (virtually) free trial for $1 to test out the service for 30 days. This 30-day trial offers a great opportunity to test out all of the features of the service. If you decide that you like the trading system, it’s definitely worth considering the annual plan.

EXCLUSIVE: Get 30 Days of Full Access to MarketClub for Only $1

Membership subscriptions provide access to scanning tools, alerts, interactive charts, e-mail alerts, educational videos, member blogs, and customer support.

If you are also interested in options trading, you may consider signing up for the Options Bootcamp. The Options Boot Camp costs $299 and comes with a 90-day subscription to MarketClub. For $499, you can get the Options Boot Camp course and a yearly membership for MarketClub ($748 value)

Features Breakdown for MarketClub

The MarketClub software platform is designed for technical analysis-based trading and research. The platform offers a range of trading tools that can help you find and analyze potential trading opportunities. These tools can be used for day trading, swing trad and long-term investing in the market.

Here are some of the notable features.

MarketClub Charts


MarketClub charts are the canvas for the platform’s technical tools. Normally I prefer to use candlestick charts, but bar and line charts are also available. Time frames include various intra-day to monthly periods with historical data going beyond 5-years.

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MarketClub Line Charts

The line charts work very well with the various price indicators, especially the trade triangles (more on those below), without much clutter and noise. I was pleasantly surprised by how β€˜clean’ the line charts appear compared to candlesticks on wider time frames. That said, MarketClub isn’t intended as a standalone charting platform like TradingView or eSignal. The real value comes from the proprietary indicators and annotations.


Technical indicators (labeled as studies) can be overlaid on the price chart or below-chart. Don’t expect a library of exotic studies, just the popular ones like simple and exponential moving averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD, stochastic, trend lines and Donchian channels. The key proprietary indicator/study that MarketClub offers for chart analysis is trading triangles.

MarketClub Trade Triangles

Trade Triangles

MarketClub developed a unique indicator called trading triangles. Trade triangle technology is at the heart of the platform’s buy and sell signals. You can find trade triangles marked on each chart.

A green trade triangle indicates an uptrend while a red trade triangle indicates a downtrend for a specific time frame. When multiple time frames are trending together, as indicated by more than one green or red trade triangle, then traders can take a trade to ride the trend. Each triangle is given a dynamic trend score. Combining the scores tells you how strong or weak the trend is.

Trading with Triangles

Triangles can also be used as trade triggers on individual time frames. One of the best ways to use these triggers is to enter trades when the shorter time frame triggers to align with the wider time frames. For example, I like to enter long trades when a green triangle forms on a daily time frame, while the weekly and monthly trade triangles are also green. This usually renders a +100-trend score.

The key to this strategy is finding stocks with existing weekly and monthly green triangles with a red daily triangle to find candidates. That brings us to the Smart Scan.

MarketClub Smart Scan

Smart Scan

Smart Scan is a golden goose laying golden eggs when using a multi-timeframe trade triangle strategy. This is one of the trading tools that helps you find great entry and exit signals within the Market Club platform.

The trend score is a good confirmation component. The Smart Scan can be configured to find triangles for any time frame or filtered by financial markets including stocks, cryptos, currencies, ETFs and futures. One of the great things about scanning is how it introduces you to new stocks to watch. This by-product of learning the trading patterns of different stocks is a hands-on education process that all students of the market should have a passion for.

The smart scan is simple to use (similar to FinViz and MarketSmith) but doesn’t offer some of the advanced features you’ll find in scanners like EquityFeed and Trade Ideas.

Watch Lists/Portfolios

Users can create multiple portfolios and watch lists in addition to the pre-set ones already available. From there, you can pull up charts and tools easily. Kudos to the intuitively designed format that makes it easy to read, sort, and spot compelling candidates at a glance. Lists can be sorted by column headers like Volume, % Change, Triangles, Trend Score.


Users can set alerts when watch list stocks trigger. E-mail alerts are also available to automatically alert you to new triangles, trend scores and net changes to stocks on your watch lists and portfolios. These alerts are helpful for experienced traders who watch a lot of tickers at once. They can help ensure you don’t miss out on a trade triangle entry you were looking for.

Member Blog

MarketClub has exclusive blogs updated daily with insightful stock market commentary that goes beyond just the typical posting of stats (IE: Dow was up 200 points). I get good nuggets of information and trading tips literally from each post as they delve into technical analysis perspective on price action. The depth of information is deep here (more than a basic blog/education site like Investopedia or MarketWatch).

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Platform Differentiators

The trade triangle system is the key component that separates MarketClub from other technical analysis-based platforms. The tools are convenient and easy to read and put to work. While MarketClub doesn’t have the bells-and-whistles of more expansive stock market research platforms, it does provide the solid proprietary tools needed to trade stocks effectively. It’s similar to IBD’s Leaderboard service in a way, so traders may want to consider taking a free trial of each platform before committing to one.

There are a lot of stock market tools out there and every investor will have their own preference. Since Market Club offers a 30-day trial, you can test the platform for yourself to see if you like it.

Is MarketClub a Good Value?

We always consider the price of a service during our review process. A great tool needs to be priced appropriately.

Market Club is definitely a good value for the platform. It offers a single price with no upsell, which is a common tactic used by other vendors. The annual subscription offers the best value and savings, but the quarterly option is cost-effective as well.

At $449/year, MarketClub is in the mid-range of pricing for investment services. For comparison, Motley Fool is $99/year and Marketsmith is almost $1,800/year.

What Type of Trader MarketClub is Best For

While the platform is simple and easy-to-use, MarketClub does require some technical analysis skills. The learning curve is relatively short if you already have a trading methodology. For this reason, MarketClub is best suited for intermediate and advanced traders who are looking to add trading triangles to their arsenal of tools.

You should have a basic understanding of technical analysis if you want to use this platform. This isn’t a basic stock alert service like Rule Breakers, Gorilla Trades or Zacks. It is a stock research and analysis tool that is designed for self-directed technical traders. If you are comfortable doing your own research, Market Club offers a lot of powerful tools that can help you find better trade setups and make money trading stocks on both long and short timescales.

EXCLUSIVE: Get 30 Days of Full Access to MarketClub for Only $1


  • Trading triangles with trend score are a unique and powerful tool
  • Smart scan is user-friendly and intuitively designed for simplicity and effectiveness
  • Email alerts provide more ideas to trade
  • Great for multi-time frame traders
  • Member blog has in-depth technical oriented insights
  • Great value for the volume of ideas generated daily
  • Covers stocks, futures, forex and cryptocurrencies


  • Limited charting tools
  • Users should have some basic technical analysis knowledge
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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