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Finimize Review – A Look At This Financial Newsletter

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Finimize Review

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Finimize Review

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Looking to find a financial newsletter to keep up? Maybe you’ve heard of Finimize. Finimize is a financial newsletter with short, engaging news stories and guides concerning finance. Is Finimize the financial newsletter you’ve been waiting for? Read our review of Finimize and learn more.

About Finimize

UK-based Finimize is a financial newsletter with a devoted following of more than a million subscribers. The newsletter summarizes the major financial news of the day in just a few hundred words, focusing on brevity and humor to make the world of finance more understandable. The platform’s goal is to serve as a virtual financial advisor in your pocket.

Finimize provides a lot of features for free, and a paid subscription is relatively inexpensive. So, there’s little downside for investors who want to get a quick overview of the stock market and the global economy each day.

Is this financial newsletter app worth your time? Keep reading our Finimize review to find out.


Finimize Pricing

Finimize offers a free tier that includes access to the daily newsletter, analyst insights, and the Finimize app.

Finimize Premium adds a daily market briefing, deep dives into individual stocks, and a community chatroom with other Finimize users and analysts. Finimize Premium costs 69.99 per year. You can test it out for 7 days for free.

Finimize Newsletter

The Finimize newsletter is the heart and soul of this platform. Each day, the editorial team behind Finimize picks two pieces of news from the financial world to digest and summarize for subscribers. Topics range from interpreting economic releases like the US jobs report to bankruptcy announcements to economic trends like the growth of hedge funds.

Finimize Newsletter

The daily news stories are short, sweet, and to-the-point. They’re typically less than 500 words each and include just three headings: What’s going on?, What does this mean?, and Why should I care? The news stories are written in a conversational and often humorous style that will be familiar to anyone who subscribes to other Millennial-run email digests. Plus, since the newsletter is so short, it takes just a few minutes to read.

Finimize Newsletter Email

While the brevity of the articles means that they can be short on details, the newsletter doesn’t assume that every reader is a financial guru. Jargon that’s common among traders and economists is largely absent from the stories, while more fundamental terms like “ETF” link out to primers on the relevant topics. On the whole, Finimize’s target audience is finance- and economics-interested Millennials and Gen Zers, not dedicated traders who are excited about diving into the thick of economic reports.

Finimize Guides

Finimize Guides

Finimize also offers a selection of financial knowledge guides that supplement the daily newsletter. The guides cover a nice blend of topics, including everything from personal finance to investing strategies to cryptocurrency. If you’ve ever used The Balance to find financial advice or to try to understand confusing financial markets, Finimize will feel familiar. Each guide takes about 15 minutes to read and features the same witty, engaging writing style as the daily newsletters.

Some example guides include:

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  • Socially Responsible Investing: How to Save the World and Make a Buck

Finimize Analysis

You’ll need a Premium subscription to access Analysis stories within Finimize. These are often focused on a single company and they’re a little more detailed than the educational guides. Analysis articles might explain how to calculate a valuation for a specific company or how you can modify your portfolio to respond to a major financial event. They might also suggest an industry or a few companies to keep an eye on for potential investments. These articles are usually 5-10 minute reads.

Finimize Analysis

The Analysis articles are definitely geared more towards investors than the rest of the Finimize platform. However, the articles still keep things relatively simple and go out of their way to break down complex ideas. They can be helpful if you want to learn more about how to invest and what to look for in a company. But for actually researching individual stocks, you’d be better served with a dedicated research platform. Some options include Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, Zacks, and Morningstar.

Finimize Community

Finimize has made efforts over the past year to build its community into a major feature of the platform. Finimize has organized hundreds of events across more than 35 countries, all of which are open to free and Premium users. Finimize also offers online events several times a week, many of which are hosted by fund managers, financial advisors, and market analysts.

Finimize Premium subscribers also get access to community chatrooms. These chatrooms include professional market analysts as well as Finimize users, so they offer plenty of opportunities to ask questions. There are also dedicated chatrooms for topics like how to build an investment portfolio, investment ideas, and personal financial planning.

Platforms and Interface

Finimize is primarily an email newsletter. All you have to do to receive the newsletter is to enter your email address. But, if you don’t want daily emails, you can also access an archive of all past financial news stories on the Finimize website and app.

Finimize App

The Finimize app is available for iOS and Android. With the app, you can access the daily newsletter or guides, as well as listen to the stories in podcast form (most are less than three minutes long). The app also includes a financial news feed with stories from sources other than Finimize.

Finimize Differentiators

Finimize is designed not for day traders or economists, but rather for the finance-interested Millennial or Gen Zer who’s trying to become their own financial advisor. That makes it different from the vast majority of financial services, which are targeted at investors who already have their own profitable investment strategies. You’re not likely to become an investment whiz using Finimize, but you can learn more about the business world and stay informed about the latest financial trends.

What’s great about Finimize is that it fits easily into most users’ lives. The short nature of the daily news stories means that it’s easy to start your day with the Finimize newsletter while sipping coffee or commuting to work. With the Finimize app, you can even listen to the stories while you’re on the go. If you already start your day with podcasts like NPR’s Up First, it’s easy to add Finimize into your morning news routine.

Is Finimize Premium Worth It?

The fact that Finimize’s newsletter is free is a big draw. It’s not clear that a Finimize Premium subscription offers much added value. You get deeper dives into individual companies, but the dives still aren’t all that deep. You probably wouldn’t want to make investment decisions based on Finimize’s analysis alone. Investors who want specific stock ideas will likely be better off with a service like Motley Fool Stock Advisor or Seeking Alpha (you can read our full comparison of Finimize and Motley Fool here).

The Finimize chatrooms can be useful if you’re not afraid to ask questions. However, there are also plenty of free places to ask personal finance questions online such as Reddit.

What Type of Trader is Finimize Best For?

Finimize is written for Millennials and Gen Zers who want access to basic financial literacy information. It’s perfect for the 20 or 30-year-old who’s just starting to navigate the world of global finance. The platform targets individuals who may have some savings or investments, but who don’t necessarily know the best way to approach portfolio construction or how to interpret financial trends and events.

Notably, Finimize doesn’t offer investment advice or dive into the details of stock trading. Its primary purpose is to provide economic context around major financial news stories and to offer basic lessons in financial literacy in an inviting and engaging way.

NOTE: We currently recommend Motley Fool over Finimize. Here’s why


  • Daily newsletter
  • Short and engaging stories
  • Guides on topics around financial literacy
  • Daily newsletter available as a podcast


  • Mobile app only available for iPhone
  • Stories are too short to include a ton of detail
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