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ShortSqueeze Review – Is This Research Service Worth Using?

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ShortSqueeze Review

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ShortSqueeze Review

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ShortSqueeze is a stock research service designed to help users track short sales across more than 16,00 US stocks. This platform includes tools and features such as short interest data, a top stocks list, market short charts, a basic stock screener, and more. Learn more about this stock research service and find out if it’s the right choice for your needs by reading our complete ShortSqueeze review.

About ShortSqueeze

ShortSqueeze is a stock research service that helps track short sales across more than 16,000 US stocks. The platform offers detailed information about short interest and has its own ranking system to help you identify stocks that could be setting up for a short squeeze. However, ShortSqueeze’s platform feels outdated, and it doesn’t offer technical charts to help you further investigate short squeeze ideas.

So, is this service right for you? Our ShortSqueeze review will take a closer look at everything this platform has to offer.

ShortSqueeze Pricing Options

ShortSqueeze offers a single membership tier that costs $39.99 per month or $399.90 per year. In addition, ShortSqueeze offers a data add-on that allows you to download all short interest data for the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and OTCBB markets for an additional $69 per month.

Unlike other research platforms, such as TipRanks and Tiingo, ShortSqueeze does not offer a free trial or any free membership levels.

ShortSqueeze Features

Short Interest Data

ShortSqueeze provides access to detailed data about short interest in more than 16,000 US stocks. You can see a stock’s days-to-cover ratio, short percent of float, and daily change in short interest. The platform also tracks stocks’ daily short sale volume, which measures the percentage of all trading volume in a stock that was due to short sales.

In addition, ShortSqueeze provides a proprietary Squeeze Ranking. This is an algorithmically-determined metric that helps you gauge how likely a stock is to experience a bullish or bearish price movement. The metric incorporates a stock’s days-to-cover ratio, its short percent of float, and its 52-week performance. Positive numbers indicate a bullish short squeeze, while negative numbers indicate a bearish long squeeze.

ShortSqueeze Short Interest Data

Top Stocks List

ShortSqueeze provides a list of top candidates for bullish short squeezes and bearish long squeezes. By default, the short squeeze list is sorted by days-to-cover ratio, although it can also be sorted by Squeeze Ranking, short percent of float, or several price performance metrics. Clicking on any stock brings up detailed short interest data for that ticker.

ShortSqueeze Top Stocks List

Market Short Charts

ShortSqueeze tracks the average days-to-cover ratio across the NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges. This data is displayed in static charts that show the values of the exchanges in one line and the average days-to-cover ratio in another.

Traders can use these charts to look for periods when the days-to-cover ratio is high across the market, even when the market is performing well. The charts are also useful for spotting periods when short interest across the market increases rapidly.

ShortSqueeze Market Short Chart

Stock Screener

ShortSqueeze offers a basic stock screener that allows you to filter stocks based on short interest data and performance. Additional filter parameters include P/E ratio, insider and institutional ownership fractions, daily volume, share price, and market sector. You can save an unlimited number of custom screens.

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ShortSqueeze Stock Screener

Customization and Layout

ShortSqueeze allows you to create a custom portfolio of stocks, for which you can display short interest data in a list similar to the top stocks list. You cannot have multiple portfolios, and ShortSqueeze doesn’t support alerts about changes in short interest in the stocks in your portfolio.

ShortSqueeze Portfolio

Overall, the ShortSqueeze website felt outdated. It’s slow to load data, and the user interface is clunky. However, it’s easy to navigate between different modules.

Notably, ShortSqueeze doesn’t offer any price charts, so you’ll need to switch back and forth between ShortSqueeze and another charting platform to look in more detail at a stock’s recent price performance.

ShortSqueeze Platform Differentiators

ShortSqueeze makes it easy to find data about the short interest in any US stock, including OTC stocks. You can quickly check a stock’s days-to-cover ratio as well as the total volume of trading that was contributed by short activity. ShortSqueeze also provides its own Squeeze Ranking metric to help you identify potential short squeeze candidates.

While ShortSqueeze makes short interest data more accessible than most other trading platforms, it’s not the only place to find this data. In fact, many stock research and screening platforms let you filter by short interest and provide a wider range of filtering parameters than ShortSqueeze. ShortSqueeze doesn’t offer technical charts, making it more difficult to quickly evaluate potential short squeezes that the platform highlights.

What Type of Trader is ShortSqueeze Best For?

ShortSqueeze is best for traders who want to look for trading opportunities around short squeezes. The platform identifies short squeeze candidates with high days-to-cover ratios and relatively strong recent performance.

Notably, ShortSqueeze is most suitable for traders who don’t already have access to short interest data through their trading platform or another stock screening platform. ShortSqueeze provides some unique data, including the Squeeze Ranking, but most of the short interest data available on ShortSqueeze is also available through more feature-rich trading platforms.


  • Short interest data for 16,000+ US stocks
  • Short Ranking calculated for every stock
  • Daily list of top short squeeze candidates
  • View short interest across the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges
  • Save custom stock screens


  • Relatively expensive for the data provided
  • Doesn’t offer any technical charts
  • Outdated and clunky user interface
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

3 thoughts on “ShortSqueeze Review – Is This Research Service Worth Using?”

  1. This site is terrible! It has no customer support. I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription before the new year started and found out there is no way to cancel. The site is not intuitive what so ever. It really feels like one big scam site. I’ve reached out to my bank to dispute the charge on my account because I never signed up for automatic renewal. The owner of this company is very hard to track down, I call many times and only go through once in which I heard the person pick up and then hang-up immediately. I’ve never gotten a response from their custom support even though I must have set over 10 emails to them. Do not use this service!!!!

  2. I agree with Marcell above. There is no way to cancel the subscription. It is not possible. Do not subscribe to this service. I am stuck trying to get my credit card company to stop the charges.

  3. I’m having the same problem as Marcel and Matt. I can’t get shortsqueeze.com to stop charging my card after I cancelled. I cancelled five months ago. I dispute the charge each month and my credit card company refunds me. I can’t reach anybody. They ignore voice mail. There’s no way to cancel on the website. LMy credit card refunds me but shortsqueeze.com is keeping the money they’re getting for all of the unauthorized charges to my card.


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