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Fast Five Trading Review – What Does This Service Offer?

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Fast Five Trading Review

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Fast Five Trading Review

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Looking for a solid trading alert and education service? Considering Fast Five Trading? Fast Five Trading is a service from the Raging Bull network of trading services. It is run by former Raging Bull customer, Kyle Dennis. Included in this service is a weekly stock pick, trading courses, trading e-books, and more. Read our complete review of Fast Five Trading to learn if this service is worth the price.

About Fast Five Trading

Fast Five Trading is a trading alert and education service that provides a weekly special stock pick complete with target levels and self-paced trader training materials. The service is part of the Raging Bull network of trading service sites. The service is run by Kyle Dennis, a former customer. Dennis traded his $15,000 life savings and grew it to nearly $4 million as a subscriber to a Raging Bull service.

The Raging Bull owners Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond brought Dennis on board as an in-house trading guru to share his stock picks, methods, and research with the community as helping others learn and earn just as he did. Fast Five Trading is one of a number of trading services that Dennis operates under Raging Bull. The number 5, as in Fast Five Trading has multiple themes throughout the service. It applies to their 5-minute boot camp as well as the typical 5-day holding period for the weekly trade alert.

Fast Five Trading Website

What Do Fast Five Trading Members Get?

Fast Five Trading is a simple service designed for traders who want to profit from active trading without staring at their screens all day. Fast 5 Trading members get access to:

  • Kyle Dennis’s highest conviction trade idea of the week
  • A Video Training Academy
  • Online Trading Manuals
  • Raging Bull’s Bullpen Chat room

The service comes with a few extra bonuses, but most members are likely to sign up for the weekly trade ideas.

Fast Five Trading Subscription

Wondering if these trade ideas are a good fit for you? Keep reading our review to learn more about Kyle Dennis’ trading style.

Fast Five Styles of Trading

Kyle Dennis implements a swing trading style on mostly small-cap stocks in biotechnology and technology stocks. He will look for technical set-ups based on price action and momentum as well as news catalysts to help temper the overnight holds. Dennis uses high probability pattern set-ups identifying trends, support and resistance price levels, and relative volume to gauge liquidity. The premise of the stock picks is based on giving the trades up to 5-days to play out, resulting in triggering profit or loss stops. Fast Five Trading is one of many trading services that Kyle Dennis operates for RagingBull. 

Fast Five Trading Examples


The two main types of trade set-ups are buying long on breakouts triggered at resistance key price levels and buying long on pullbacks to key support levels. The breakouts consider many technical factors as recurring price patterns play out. Position sizes are purely up to the individual traders. Newbies should really keep allocation sizes small until they get acclimated to the pattern set-ups and the underlying behavior of the stocks. Since the underlying stocks are predominantly small-caps, it’s important to be aware of the liquidity and not take oversized positions.

Fast Five Trading Chart


 Individual subscribers are free to utilize intraday time frames to scalp the price moves. However, Dennis prefers swing trading up to 5 days to let the trades come to fruition. A stock alert is provided on Monday mornings via e-mail newsletter and SMS text alert and given until Friday to play out, thus the 5 day profit cycle theme, rinse, and repeat. Structurally this is very consistent and convenient.

Fast Five Trading - Kyle Dennis Trades

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Trading Courses

Dennis provides a free 5-minute “Boot Camp” just for registering to provide an overview of his own trading methods and the service. Subscribers to the service receive access to more self-paced training material, which includes over 50 webinar recordings. The content is of good quality for newbies and provides a solid foundation for understanding the basics factors and the risks of trading. As with all self-paced training programs, the responsibility to make the effort to learn is up to the user. 

Fast Five Trading - Kyle Dennis Trading Academy

Fast Five offers three free trading e-books written by Dennis upon completing the initial training bootcamp presentation. These e-books are “Middle Millionaire,” “$2.9 Million Playbook,” and “7 Trading Sins”. Middle Millionaire is an especially interesting read as it’s a self-biography illustrating of how Kyle Dennis transformed his life from a low wage worker to a millionaire trader. 

What Type of Trader is Fast Five Trading Best For? 

The service is good for both beginners and seasoned traders. Beginners are provided a ton of educational content covering various aspects of trading from risk management, pattern set-ups to the psychology. Experienced traders will benefit from the simplicity of the weekly single stock pick, which comes with price ranges for buys, stops as well as information and nuances about the stock and times to consider making trades.

Newbies really should take advantage of the rich educational content and can easily make the mistake of jumping headfirst into the stock picks without a foundation of trading knowledge, which can result in turning profits into losses or getting stuck as a bag holder. While the stock alert is meant to be a swing trade, users can naturally opt to apply intraday methods to manage any overnight risk. Since the stocks tend to be cheaper price small-caps, beginners can get their feet wet with a smaller account well under the $25,000 PDT thresholds as long as they don’t violate PDT rules.

Is the Fast Five Trading a Good Value? 

Fast Five Trading offers a few different plans, all of which are reasonably priced. The service tends to run different deals at different times. At the time of writing, the best deal we found was $97 for an annual plan or $297 for a “Platinum” plan. The Platinum plan is pretty much a lifetime deal (it recurs at $1/year). Platinum plan members also have access to a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Fast Five Trading Checkout

The prices are a great value when factoring in the educational content and the number of stock alerts received on a simple and consistent weekly schedule. Greater value is derived by exploring and following through the training material, but it is self-paced. Self-paced training can be tough for newbies that want to jump headfirst into stock picks. While this can produce profits initially, the lack of a solid trading foundation means the gains are simply a loan provided by the markets, which it will collect back with interest. Again, Fast Five Trading is one of many services that Dennis operates under the Raging Bull umbrella of trading services. The price is very economical and leaves room in the budget to consider looking into the other services if happy with this one.


  • Low cost service that provides education and potential profits
  • Designed for swing traders of all skill levels from newbies to pros
  • Self-paced trader education with over 50+ webinar and training videos
  • Simple, easy-to-use weekly stock pick designed for 5-day trade cycle
  • Consistent and convenient weekly stock idea delivered on Monday mornings
  • Small-cap low-priced stocks accommodate smaller trading accounts
  • Great 30-day money-back guarantee policy and customer service


  • Small-cap stocks are notorious for thin liquidity
  • No full-time, active chatroom
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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