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TradeStockAlerts.com Review – How Good Are These Trade Alerts?

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TradeStockAlerts Review

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TradeStockAlerts.com Review

  • Ease of Use
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  • Value
  • Performance


TradeStockAlerts.com is a stock trading signals service that offers a variety of alerts. This service provides alerts for daily penny stock trades, short-side day trades, and monthly swing trades. Learn everything you need to know about this service by reading our complete TradeStockAlerts.com review.


  • Trade alerts issued at the same time every day
  • Relatively inexpensive annual plan for all alerts
  • Offers penny stock, day trading, and swing trading alerts
  • Penny stock alerts delivered 83% return in June 2023


  • No explanation about rationale for trades
  • Same time each day approach limits trading strategies

About TradeStockAlerts.com

TradeStockAlerts.com is a stock trading signals service that offers alerts for daily penny stock trades, short-side day trades, and monthly swing trades. It has a profitable track record and is relatively transparent about recent results. In June 2023, the most recent month for which TradeStockAlerts.com provides data, the platform says its penny stock alerts generated an 83% return.

The service is fairly easy to follow along with, but is it right for your trading style? Keep reading our TradeStockAlerts.com review to find out.

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TradeStockAlerts.com Pricing Options

TradeStockAlerts.com offers several pricing options.

TradeStockAlerts - Pricing

The Penny Alerts plan costs $49.95 per month and includes access to daily penny stock trade alerts.

The Swing and Penny Alerts plan costs $69.95 per month and adds monthly swing trade alerts.

The Day, Swing, Penny Alerts plan costs $79.95 per month or $249 per year and adds daily short-side trade alerts. The annual plan is a great deal and is actually cheaper than paying for the Penny Alerts plan on a monthly basis.

You can try out any of TradeStockAlerts.com’s plans free for 7 days.

Trade Alerts

TradeStockAlerts.com issues three types of stock alerts: penny stock alerts, day trade alerts, and swing trade alerts. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these alerts entails.

Penny Stock Alerts

The penny stock alerts are the most profitable category of alerts on TradeStockAlerts.com and seem to be the main thrust of the service.

Alerts are issued daily at 3:40 pm. Traders are supposed to buy the stock before the market closes, then issue a market sell order after close so that the stock is sold when the market opens the next morning. The idea is to capture upside from after-hours moves.

Looking back at past stock picks, TradeStockAlerts.com will target the same penny stock for days on end, taking advantage of higher than average volatility. However, there isn’t any explanation given with the alerts, just the ticker symbol, so it’s hard to know exactly why a stock was chosen for an alert.

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TradeStockAlerts - Penny Stock Alerts

There’s usually just one penny stock included in the alert each day, but on some days there are alerts for two different stocks.

Day Trade Alerts

TradeStockAlerts.com’s day trading alerts are alerts to short-sell stocks. They’re issued at 9:50 am each morning and traders just need to close the trade before the end of the market day.

Day trade alerts typically target mid-cap to large-cap companies rather than penny stocks. All alerts come with a recommendation to place a buy-to-cover limit order 20% above the short sale price to serve as a stop loss on the trade.

Swing Trade Alerts

Swing trade alerts cover monthly trades on large-cap companies. Recent alerts covered companies like Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple.

TradeStockAlerts - Swing Trade Alerts

TradeStockAlerts.com issues an alert for three stocks to buy on the first market day of the month, with instructions for traders to sell on the last market day of the month.

TradeStockAlerts.com Performance

While there isn’t a lot of information presented about each alert, TradeStockAlerts.com has a pretty respectable track record. It provides performance data for the most recent month for all services.

According to TradeStockAlerts.com, the three alert categories produced these returns for June 2023:

  • Penny stock alerts: 83%
  • Day trade alerts: 41%
  • Swing trade alerts: 15%

TradeStockAlerts.com offers a record of all of its trades for June 2023. Most trades produced 2-5% gains, while a few produced gains of 10-20%. There were relatively few losing trades, with most losing less than 5%. One day trade alert lost 20%. 

TradeStockAlerts - Performance

The service says that all of its alerts combined produced a return of 280% in 2022 and that it has generated 2,300% in gains since 2019.

Service Differentiators

TradeStockAlerts.com takes a different approach to trading signals than many other services. Instead of requiring you to sit by your computer throughout the trading day waiting for a signal, signals are issued at the same time each day.

This has benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, the system is incredibly easy to follow. You know when new alerts will be posted, so all you have to do is log on around that time and execute the trade.

On the other hand, this approach means that the strategies TradeStockAlerts.com can use are very limited. There isn’t a lot of diversity in the trades, and it’s common to see the same penny stocks recommended day after day or the same large-cap stocks recommended month after month for swing trade alerts.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this isn’t a trading chat room like Timothy Sykes’ Profit.ly service. There’s very little information given about the reasoning behind each pick and not much to go off of if you want to do your own analysis. Basically, you have to trust the signals and act on them quickly.

TradeStockAlerts.com has proven to be consistently profitable, though, so it’s earned some trust.

What Type of Trader Is TradeStockAlerts.com Best For?

TradeStockAlerts.com is best-suited for traders who want actionable trade alerts at a predictable time every day. Unlike a lot of trade signals services, TradeStockAlerts.com doesn’t require you to sit at the ready for the entire market day or sit in a chat room waiting for alerts. Instead, you can simply log in at the same time each day and place the recommended trade.

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Importantly, TradeStockAlerts.com is not an educational service. There isn’t any explanation around the trades, so you have to take it somewhat on faith that they’ll work out. Some traders won’t mind this given the service’s solid track record, but more self-directed traders might not like this system.

If you only trade the penny stock alerts, you don’t need a huge amount of capital to use TradeStockAlerts.com. It only takes a few thousand dollars to make the annual subscription worthwhile. However, if you trade the day trade alerts, keep in mind that you’ll need at least $25,000 since you’re likely to trigger the pattern day trader rule.

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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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