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Are you an options trader looking for a trading signal alerts service? If so, you may be considering using Bullseye Trades. Bullseye Trades is an online options trading signal alter service run by Jeff Bishop. Can this service help you find the options trades you want? Read our thorough review of Bullseye Trades and learn more before you buy.

About Bullseye Trades

Bullseye Trades is an online options trading signal alert service that also provides options trading educational programs. The site is run by millionaire trading guru Jeff Bishop, who also owns iconic message board RagingBull.com. Bishop claims to be one of the top traders in the world through his videos and ads sprinkled throughout YouTube and various sites.

The Bullseye Trades alerts service provides one single options trade every Monday for subscribers. The trades are usually directional, single leg trades with the goal of generating regular income on a weekly basis.

Subscribers are given Bishop’s insights through a weekly report with a single most viable trade he is looking to make. Members can piggyback off his trades but are expected to be able to manage the trades using his charts but buy triggers and stops as a guideline.  Bullseye Trades Newsletter

Styles Of Trading

Bishop is a swing trader utilizing technical analysis to identify stocks setting up price breakouts and breakdown. He spots the most optimal options trade based on the underlying technical set-up to provide for his members.

Bullseye Trades Alerts

Bishop strives for trades that have the biggest price moves in the smallest period of time since single-leg directional trades are always fighting time decay. Capturing the high impact moves consistently is the key to Bishop’s success.


Bishop keeps his strategy simple but only utilizing three indicators that must converge to form a trade signal. The three indicators are moving averages (MA) composed of the 13, 30, and 200-periods. The symbiotic relationship between the three MAs makes for powerful breakouts and breakdowns on crossovers, which precede trade signals. Bullseye Trades Set-Ups


Utilizing 60-minute and daily charts, Bishop likes to trade front week/monthly directional options with a relatively short-term holding period ranging from overnight to a few days. Occasionally, he may take a trade for up to two-weeks holding time but rarely holds into the expiration.Bullseye Trades Calendar    

Bullseye Trades Trading Education

Bullseye offers some free educational content reviewing the basics of options trading. Membership provides access to a library of videos and tutorials to learn the basics of options trading.

As with any service, it’s important to be able to make your own decisions on managing the trade based on a foundation of trading methodology. I always find it troublesome to rely solely on someone else’s trading skills to get in and out of a trade.

It’s possible the expert gets out in a timely manner when profits are available, but the followers end up with losses since they couldn’t react fast enough. Learn to fish, rather than expect to be provided fish. 

Additional in-depth training is available throughout the RagingBull network of sites and services. 

Bullseye Trades Community

Membership gives you access to a community of traders and investors who share their ideas and feedback. Bullseye Trades is part of the RagingBull network of sites that provide various trading and educational services for skill set developments.

Bishop is an owner of the RagingBull network, which also includes well-known gurus like Jason Bond and Ben Sturgill. The site provides regular newsfeeds and articles pertaining to trading and investing themes.  

What Type Of Trader Is Bullseye Trades Best For?

The straightforward analysis and relatively easy to understand trade signals make the Bullseye Trades service suited for traders of all levels. It does require a basic understanding of options trading and execution, but the training material helps get beginners on track. If you’re looking for a little more options trading education, you may want to consider Sky View Trading.

Seasoned traders will appreciate having a single trade idea sent weekly so they can apply their own methodology and adopt the trade if it meets the criteria. The legwork of filtering and researching for that single idea is taken out of the equation, leaving just the meat to consume.

Is Bullseye Trades A Good Value?

Bullseye Trades is an excellent value. Subscriptions can be purchased for $49 for a weekly trial, $299 for an annual membership, and $499 for an unlimited membership that recurs at $59/year. 

While not every trade is a winner, the winners far outweigh the losers. It’s also important to note that members who decide to piggyback the trades should have a solid trading methodology in place so they can take profits or cut losses according to their risk tolerance.

While many subscribers will likely just rely on Bishop’s entry and exits, there are many times a winner can turn into a loser but still be a winning trade for those that managed to exit the trade with profits. This is why the experienced traders will have an edge by adopting the trade idea but manage the actual trade based on their own methods.

Get Bullseye Trade Alerts for FREE!


  • Relatively easy on-boarding, research and legwork performed by Jeff Bishop
  • Detailed, thorough and comprehensive weekly report 
  • Inexpensive monthly rate also provides access to a growing community of traders of all skill levels  
  • Simple strategy with relatively little moving parts to digest
  • Simple format for traders
  • Exceptional performance record of consistency and large gains


  • Sign-up requires e-mail and phone number placing you on a marketing list
  • Single-leg directional options require timely exits and prompt reaction times against time decay