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Tickeron Review – Do AI Powered Trading Tools Work?

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Tickeron Review

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Tickeron Review

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Tickeron is an interactive marketplace where any trader or service provider can locate a variety of tools. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) powered tools and much more, Tickeron appeals to many traders and service providers. Could Tickeron be what you’ve been waiting for?

About Tickeron

Tickeron is an AI-powered trading and research platform aimed at day traders, swing traders, and investors. The platform offers a wide range of features including buy and sell signals, a stock screener, and a marketplace for model portfolios.

Tickeron offers some pretty unique tools, but it’s hard to get over the platform’s complexity. It feels overwhelming, with overlapping features and confusing pricing options. It can work extremely well for traders who want to lean on AI, but Tickeron isn’t for everyone.

So, is this service worth signing up for? Keep reading our Tickeron review to find out.

Tickeron Review - Tickeron homepage

Tickeron Pricing Options

Tickeron’s pricing is confusing. There are four sets of plans – Swing Trader, Day Trader, Investor, and Expert – and each set has three plan options – Beginner, Intermediate One, and Intermediate Two. Each plan offers tons of add-ons, making it even more difficult to figure out what you need and how much it will cost.

Tickeron Pricing

The Beginner membership within each plan set is free, and you have the option to add AI-powered buy and sell signals for $5 per month. Without this add-on, the plan lets you browse all of Tickeron’s data, but doesn’t offer access to any of the AI features. 

The Intermediate One membership for each plan set starts at $15 per month. It includes buy and sell signals and AI trading ideas. You can also add on any of Tickeron’s AI features, such as trend prediction, stock screening, and model portfolios.

Available add-ons include:

  • Daily Buy/Sell Signals
  • A.I. Robots Bundle
  • AI Pattern Search Engine
  • AI Trend Prediction Engine
  • AI Time Machine (backtest trade rules)
  • AI Screener
  • Real Time Patterns for Stocks, ETF’s, Cryptos, and Forex
  • Tickeron Model Portfolios

However, these add-ons can quickly push the price of the software above $100 per month.

The Intermediate Two membership also costs $15 per month. The expert membership contains a lot of premium add-ons. It’s not clear how this is different from the Intermediate One plan, except that Tickeron tries to get you to bundle even more add-ons with your plan.

All plans are discounted 50% when you sign up for a year. You can also get a 14-day free trial for any paid plan.

Try Tickeron For Free

Tickeron’s pricing page is one of the most confusing we’ve encountered. We recommend starting with a free membership so you can explore the service, learn about the offerings, and determine which subscription is right for you.

Tickeron Features Breakdown

Tickeron offers a lot of sophisticated tools, but there is definitely a steep learning curve associated with this trading software. We’ll cover the Tickeron trading tools that make the service most worthwhile.

AI-powered Stock Analysis

One of the best ways to start using Tickeron is to research individual stocks. Tickeron offers a summary for each of thousands of US and international stocks.

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What’s interesting about this analysis is that it includes a projection of how likely a stock’s price is to rise of fall. For example, on a day when Tesla stock moved upward for three consecutive days, Tickeron predicted that the stock had an 83% chance of continuing its uptrend based on similar price patterns for Tesla stock in the past. Tickeron offers similar probabilities based on individual technical metrics such as RSI, MACD, and moving averages.

Tickeron review - Tesla stock analysis

Tickeron also uses its algorithm to score stocks based on:

  • Fundamental metrics like sales, margin, and return on equity
  • Predicted profit vs. risk
  • P/E growth
  • Price growth
  • Valuation

While this analysis is nice, it isn’t fundamentally different from what you get with other algorithmic stock scoring services like Simply Wall ST. Tickeron also presents the data in a long-winded block of text rather than a table or graphic, which makes it somewhat hard to parse the predictions quickly.

Trading Signals

Tickeron also uses its AI analysis to provide trade signals. These signals tell you whether to buy, sell, or hold a stock on timeframes of one week, one month, or one year.

Each signal includes the AI’s confidence level in the call, which is helpful for trying to decide which signals to follow. You can also view all of the past predictions for each stock and how they turned out.

Tickeron review - AI trading signals

However, Tickeron doesn’t calculate the overall backtested performance for all of its past predictions for a stock – or for the AI’s performance overall. This leaves you somewhat in the position of trusting the AI’s predictions without knowing how accurate it’s been over the long run.

You can subscribe to signals for stocks you’re watching and get an email alert when a new signal is issued.

Tickeron has another signals feature it calls the “trend prediction engine.” This feature costs $30 per month, compared to only $5 per month for the trade signals. It’s based on the same data and offers virtually the same analysis. The only difference is that the trend prediction engine shows you all bullish or bearish trending stocks, whereas with Tickeron’s trade signals you can only see signals for stocks you’re following. It’s a slight enough distinction that we’d strongly recommend skipping the pricey trend prediction engine subscription.

Tickeron Review - Trend prediction engine

AI Robots

Tickeron offers dozens of ready-to-deploy trading robots that can act on technical analysis triggers to trade on your behalf. These include robots for day and swing trading, robots for stocks and forex, and robots focused on different market sectors and building a diversified portfolio.

For any robot, you can view overall stats about the robot’s performance, largest drawdown, number of open trades, and more. You can also view all closed positions to get a better sense of how the robot works.

Tickeron AI Robots

Right now, you can’t deploy Tickeron’s robots in a brokerage account, which is a little disappointing. The platform offers simulated portfolios where you can run a virtual robot. You can also set up alerts to know when a robot you subscribe to is trading and then place the trade manually.

One other thing to note about Tickeron’s robots is that many of them keep dozens of positions open simultaneously. There don’t seem to be any rules about the maximum number of positions allowed. The result is that you can be bombarded with signals and it simply isn’t realistic to follow them all.

Pattern Search Engine

The pattern search engine is an optional add-on that costs $19.95 per month. The scanner searches price charts from more than 4,000 stocks, 1,000 ETFs, and hundreds of cryptocurrencies for 19 different price patterns including:

  • Cup-and-handle patterns
  • Ascending and descending triangles
  • Flags and pennants
  • Rising and falling wedges

Tickeron utilizes AI to calculate price triggers, profit targets, and probability of profit for each detected pattern. You can sort the results by confidence and profit level as well as filter by market cap, stock price, and trading volume.

Tickeron Review - Pattern search engine

Interestingly, you do have to select a pattern to see results. You can’t simply view the highest confidence and highest profit potential results across all of the patterns that Tickeron looks for. This isn’t a huge deal, but for day traders it means that using this features to find trade ideas takes a little more time.

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For newer traders, the pattern search engine is also good as an educational tool. You get daily examples of each price pattern so you can learn to identify them on your own and see how they play out. Tickeron also provides a free e-book that details every pattern it monitors.


The Tickeron stock screener enables scans based on a wide variety of fundamental, AI, and Human Intelligence (HI)-based filters (such as sentiment based on community surveys). This is a great way to find potential stocks for day and swing trading and is arguably one of the most powerful tools within Tickeron.

What’s unique about this screener is Tickeron uses AI to score stocks on parameters like momentum, P/E growth, dividend yield, and valuation. Instead of screening based on specific benchmarks, you can screen based on Tickeron’s ratings.

Tickeron Stock Screener

This is great if you’re looking for the best stocks within an industry or across multiple industries, especially if you want to compare companies of very different market caps. However, some fundamental investors might not appreciate that it’s hard to dig into the numbers behind a company’s financial scores.

You can also screen for stocks based on Tickeron’s trend predictions over different timeframes. This is helpful for searching for stocks that meet your trading or investing strategy and for which the AI predicts the stock will move in the direction you want.

A.I.dvisor Portfolio Optimizer

Tickeron is one of the companies bringing AI-powered investment tools to retail traders (similar to Trade Ideas). Tickeron provides AI-powered investment portfolio optimization through the A.I.dvisor service that will analyze and optimize your portfolio.

Users enter or upload their portfolios and answer a series of questions. For example, users can choose risk tolerance levels with Conservative defined as tolerating a range of 5% up to Aggressive tolerating up to 20% range fluctuations. Supplemental questions include:

  • Do you plan to add cash to the portfolio?
  • What is your risk tolerance?
  • What is the market value of your portfolio?
Tickeron Port AIdvisor

The A.I.dvisor will also calculate a Diversification Score (also referred to as a DivScore) for your portfolio, which provides a good guide for whether your portfolio is sufficiently diversified.

The Academy

Tickeron provides users with free self-paced tutorials, videos, articles and webcasts through its online Academy. There’s plenty of content here to help you get acclimated to the software. There’s also content to help you better understand price patterns, setups, and technical triggers.

The Videos section has a ton of content from setting up portfolios to crypto trading and analysis techniques. The Blog section also has updated macro market articles and specific trade set-ups. The Articles section has great detailed lessons on chart patterns and techniques.

Portfolio Marketplace

Tickeron also offers a marketplace with model portfolios contributed by users. Some of the model portfolios are free to follow, while others require a paid subscription.

The marketplace is a neat idea, but it isn’t very big. There are currently only 18 portfolios available to follow, and most of them were contributed by Tickeron’s staff.

Tickeron Review - Model portfolio marketplace

Still, these portfolios are a nice addition to the platform and can be useful for investors who don’t feel comfortable using Tickeron’s trading robots.

Platform Differentiators for Tickeron

Tickeron stands out for offering an extremely wide range of AI stock research tools for day and swing traders and active investors. Many of the tools are replicated by other platforms – for example, there are platforms for AI robots, platforms for automated stock scoring, and platforms for automated chart pattern recognition. However, there are few, if any, other platforms that put all of these tools together in one place.

Tickeron’s tools are also noteworthy for how actionable they are. Traders can use the daily buy/sell alerts to place trades or follow the lead of a trading robot. Swing traders can find trading opportunity using the screener or pattern search engine. Investors can plan out ideas using the screener or analyze their portfolios using the A.I.dvisor tool.

All that said, Tickeron has a lot of work to do to make the platform more user-friendly. It’s extremely confusing to get started with Tickeron, and many of the features aren’t especially streamlined even once you know how to use them. There are also a lot of overlapping tools and add-on subscriptions that can get expensive quickly. Because of this, we’d strongly recommend using the free version of Tickeron before signing up for a subscription.

What Type of Trader Tickeron is Best For?

Tickeron caters to a broad range of day traders and swing traders, although it’s arguably better for the latter since many of the tools incorporate prediction timeframes of one week to one month. Active investors can also benefit from Tickeron’s predictions and especially tools like the stock screener.

Tickeron is confusing to use, but in a way that doesn’t necessarily depend on your trading experience. Beginner traders can get just as much out of Tickeron as advanced traders assuming you put in the time to learn how this platform works. In fact, beginner traders may be better-suited to Tickeron because the platform’s goal is to consolidate raw technical and fundamental analysis into easily understandable metrics. Advanced traders may find that Tickeron doesn’t offer enough access to raw data so that they can come to their own conclusions about a stock.

In any case, bear in mind that Tickeron doesn’t show a lot of the work that goes into its predictions or provide detailed backtesting results for its AI. It’s a good idea for all traders to pair Tickeron with traditional stock research tools to develop more confidence in trades.

Try Tickeron For Free


  • Daily trading signals for thousands of stocks
  • AI-powered chart pattern recognition
  • AI trading robots for a wide range of assets and trading strategies
  • Advanced screener incorporates trend prediction
  • 14-day free trial for all paid plans


  • Extremely confusing pricing structure
  • Steep learning curve and non-intuitive user interface
  • Cannot deploy trading robots inside a brokerage account
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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  1. I’ve tested tents of trading related sites and rarely have I seen anything this bad. The sites performance is extremely poor and the speed impact is also clearly visible client-side even using a fast and performing browser as chrome. Performance problems are clearly known also to the site creators because lists load only a few items by default and you constantly have to click “load more” for more items to be displayed (in watchlists only 5 items at a time are loaded). You have to pay additional fees for everything and even the screener requires additional funding to be used. The site look unintuitive, after using it for more than an hour I still have not understood if you can rename or not a watchlist and since I’m a professional developer myself the fact that I was unable to find this functionality it is because it is not there.

  2. AI will only work when one already has a proven and time tested strategy. Otherwise, any strategy can fail easily and this can ultimately culminate into a loss.


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