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Tickeron is an interactive marketplace where any trader or service provider can locate a variety of tools. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) powered tools and much more, Tickeron appeals to many traders and service providers. Could Tickeron be what you’ve been waiting for?

About Tickeron

Tickeron is an interactive marketplace for trading and investing services catering to both traders and service providers. The theme centers around the utilization of potent artificial intelligence (AI) powered algorithmic tools to enhance trading and investing performance while human intelligence powers many of the management and advisory services. Tickeron caters to independent traders and self-directed investors as well as those looking for professional advisors and management services. It also provides a MALL (marketplace) for Experts and Advisors to market their services to an established and growing community of potential customers. The site can be a bit overwhelming at first glance to first-time visitors and the placement of the About Us section is obscurely located over a full page down. The depth of the amenities is amazing and deserves the time to explore.

Tickeron Homepage

Tickeron Pricing Options

The pricing can be a bit confusing so keep in mind there are two types of paid services. There are memberships to the actual Tickeron site tools with additional add-on products for those memberships. The Marketplace has separate paid services offered through 3rd-party vendors.

First off, Tickeron offers four types of membership services for the site:

The Beginner membership is free just for registering and includes: Morningstar Aggregation services, portfolio creation, set-up and receive Alerts, DivScore calculation and A.I. Investment Ideas.  

The Intermediate membership is $15-per month with recurring billing and adds on Active Portfolios/Autopilot, A.I. Trading Ideas, Backtest Trade Rules, Duplicate Portfolios in addition to the Beginner membership services. Experts can create investment clubs and produce webcasts to promote services through the platform.

The Expert membership is $15-per month with recurring billing. The services are the same as the Intermediate membership but entitles Expert users to sell their services in the MALL to monetize on their expertise. This services as a complete marketing and client management platform for financial advisors.

The Advisor membership is $15-per month with recurring billing. This plan also allows users to sell their advisor services in the MALL to grow their client base. The main difference between the Advisor membership and the Expert membership is the “Advice.” Experts can receive advice where advisors can provide it. It’s not a major difference, nor is the price very different, but you’ll want to make sure you choose the right package.

The Optional Pattern Search Engine and AI Trend prediction services are available for a free 14-day trial that converts to monthly billing at $20/month unless cancelled.

Tickeron Features Breakdown

Depending on whether you are a buyer or provider of services, the platform can be utilized for research or marketing purposes. These are some of the notable features offered through the site.

Tickeron Screener


The Tickeron free screener enables scans based on various fundamental, AI and Human Intelligence (HI) based filters (community survey sentiment). This is a great way to find potential stocks for swings as well as intraday trades using compelling valuation models. For technical analysis scans, users will need to use the A.I. Pattern Screener.

Tickeron Patterns AI

AI-Powered Pattern Search Engine

The Pattern Search Engine is an optional add-on for $19.95. The scanner scours over 4,000 stocks, 1000 ETFs and hundreds of cryptos for 37 distinct price patterns. While this is not uncommon among pattern scanners, Tickeron utilizes AI to calculate price triggers, profit and target levels and probability (of reaching it), through confidence percentage. Users can scan for patterns or scan stocks for existing patterns with the ability to configure confidence levels. The accuracy of the scanner is remarkable compared to what’s available elsewhere. I was amazed at precise nature of the findings and the historical context and explanation of the pattern at the ready. This functions as a great educational tool for learning all 37 price patterns with real life examples. Crypto traders will really enjoy this scanner. Tickeron provides a free downloadable e-book that details every pattern with complete simple-to-use instructions.

Tickeron Port AIdvisor

A.I.dvisor Portfolio Optimizer

Tickeron is one of the companies bringing AI-powered investment tools to retail traders (similar to Trade Ideas). Tickeron provides AI-powered investment portfolio optimization through the A.I.dvisor service that will analyze and optimize your portfolio. Users enter or upload their portfolio(s) and answer a series of questions. For example, users can choose risk tolerance levels with Conservative defined as tolerating a range of 5% up to Aggressive tolerating up to 20% range fluctuations. Supplemental questions include: Do you plan to add cash to portfolio? What is your risk tolerance? What is the market value of your portfolio?) Let the AI engine do the legwork as it crunches the data to construct a diversified allocation model.  

The Academy

Tickeron provides users with free self-paced tutorials, videos, articles and webcasts through the Academy section. There’s plenty of content here to get acclimated to the software as well as learning various price patterns, set-ups and triggers. The Videos section has a ton of content from setting up Portfolios to crypto trading and analysis techniques. The Blog section also has updated macro market articles and specific trade set-ups. The Articles section has great detailed lessons on chart patterns and techniques. It’s hard to believe this much good content is free in one place.  

Platform Differentiators for Tickeron

Online financial content marketplaces are common but Tickeron differentiates itself by combining AI-powered tools, research/marketing platforms, and social media-embedded content.  This uniquely enables users to filter for relevant services and providers to broaden the client base for their services.

What Type of Trader Tickeron is Best For

Tickeron caters to beginners and intermediate level traders and investors. Experienced traders and advisors may opt to offer their expertise on a fully operation platform that can market, manage and customize offerings.


  • Tons of free content just for registering.
  • Highly accurate AI-powered pattern recognition and scanner.
  • Great learning tool for those new to technical analysis.
  • Portfolio management analysis and optimization tools are simple yet powerful.
  • Thorough video tutorials shorten the learning curve.
  • Most services come with a free-trial period.
  • Crypto currency traders will find the scanner and videos very useful.


  • Feels too commercialized
  • Community is still relatively small but growing