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Briefing.com Review

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Briefing Review

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Briefing.com Review

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Briefing.com is one of the most popular news and analysis platforms for traders. The service offers real-time news, analyst opinions, earnings calendars, and much more. Read the review to see if it is a good fit for you.

About Briefing.com

Briefing.com is one of the oldest and most popular live stock market news and research services. The site provides minute-to-minute updating actionable market news headlines, analysis and commentary along with useful calendars of events including earnings reports, conferences and government data. The site also offers trading alerts services for both intra-day, long-term and swing trades.

The service has been operating for over two decades and has continued to remain consistent and timely with news and analysis. It has added various new services to the platform segmented into “Live Market Coverage and Investing and Trading/Idea Generation” services. Depending on your the style and volume of activity, the services can accommodate all your live research needs Briefing also has content deals with many providers including YAHOO! That circulates its news stories around the world.

Pricing Options

Briefing.com offers a free trial to each of their three membership subscription packages. The “In Play” package provides real time market headlines throughout the day on their browser-based refreshing site for $50 per month or $480 annual prepaid. For seasoned intra-day traders, this package works best to get breaking headlines.

Briefing Pricing

The “In Play Plus” package is $75 a month or $720 annual prepaid and includes additional research services that include trade alerts ranging from options strategies, to swing trades and special situation story stocks. This package is great for both intra-day traders. investors and swing traders.

The “Briefing Trader” package includes access to the trading alerts feed that provides real-time analysis with trading signals in addition to all the other services for a total of $300 per month or $3300 annual prepaid.

Unlike other news services that require a ton of filtering to find just the actionable stories, Briefing.com filters through the headlines to only present news that is actionable for traders. I found this is what sets them apart from the loads of other news services. The care they take in picking and selecting stories that make a market impact is a testament to talent that understands how traders think and supplies worthy items so traders don’t waste time having to manually filter through the garbage out there.

Briefing.com Platform Features

The platform is browser based and allows for open windows for selected news feeds. There is a mobile app version for traders on the go. The content is second to none. For traders who subscribe to the Briefing Trader package, side-by-side windows can be set-up to show headline news along with trading alerts. I like how Briefing.com will display news by stock symbol first, which cuts down on time. The updates are non disruptive despite being a browser based platform.

Briefing Trader


This platform does not have charts unless they are linked to any of the trading alert services that may supply a chart for the selections. This is a news alerts research feed not a technical analysis-charting platform. However, the feeds will point out basic chart signals and notifications when stocks test significant certain price levels (IE: when a 200-day moving average support is breached).

Briefing Headlines


The live “Headlines” and “In Play” feed is the meat of the service for me. I have been a subscriber for well over 15 years on this platform just to get the pre and post market earnings results with performance comparisons to analyst consensus estimates and guidance. They will also post other stocks within a particular sector/industry that may be generating a “sympathy” reaction that traders may be able to play. The news is always filtered and presented in a way that traders can quickly make decisions within seconds to minutes on how to trade the underlying stock.

Briefing Events Calendar

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Briefing will issue technical alerts for the regular service periodically on stocks that approach or penetrate key support/resistance levels. The Briefing Trader service will post various trading alerts for swinger and scalpers throughout the day and it updates the current long/short positions that can be tracked or piggybacked by traders. Newbies must be careful not to step into anything blindly.

Compatible Brokers

Many brokers offer Briefing.com news feeds as an add-on feature at a discount or headlines as a courtesy.

Watch Lists

Briefing Trader subscriptions provides watch list for members. The watch list is something that seasoned traders will analyze but only trade when their own parameters are met. Be careful not to jump in headfirst without knowing how the underlying stock trades in the market. The pre-market gainers and losers is an excellent course for watch list candidates for your trades.

Customization and Saved Layouts

Users can customize the windows and filtering criteria for their browser-based platform. The platform isn’t as customizable as Benzinga Pro, but that doesn’t seem to be what Briefing is going for. The regular headline feeds don’t need customization since it is always streaming real-time news. Users can just select the news item that fits for them and then map out potential trades. I like to punch in stock symbols in the “TICKER SEARCH” button to find specific news on gapper/dumper stocks.

Platform Differentiators

Briefing.com competes in a competitive space alongside Benzinga Pro and Trade the News. So, what sets them apart?

They are excellent about reporting fresh rumors that are making the rounds as well as ideas to play as sympathy stocks. Briefing also scours through newspaper and television content to reveal the reasons why a stock just spiked or collapsed out of the blue. While this is a browser-based service, it uses virtually system resources to keep it running smoothly. Everything about the platform was design to maximize efficiency for the time-constrained trader looking to spot an edge in the market.

Briefing Story Stocks

What Type of Trader it Is Best For

Briefing is the best for seasoned intra- traders looking to profit from news releases and fundamental catalysts. Long-term investors and swing traders can benefit from the research efforts that Briefing’s staff has already applied to bring just the most relevant trading ideas and opportunities. There is a reason I have been a subscriber for well over 15 years and that is the high quality of content and site design. Every feature is properly laid out and operates to accommodate the mindset of a trader, not just casual observers.


  • High quality pre-filtered actionable news feed and alerts
  • Over two decades in operation gives it stability and credibility
  • Provides pre-market and post-market actionable breaking news
  • Web browser and mobile app access makes it very portable
  • No fluff or hype, just the news with insightful analysis
  • Covers all U.S. stocks including small-cap and penny stocks
  • Free trial period


  • Lumping small-cap and penny stocks with mainstream stocks can be an annoyance. For example, seeing a 30-percent gap up on the news feed but discovering the stock trades at $1 with wide spreads.
  • Limited instructions requires an acclimation period
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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