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Tiblio Review – What Does This Trading Software Offer?

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Tiblio Review

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Tiblio Review

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Tiblio is a trading software designed to leverage unusual options order flow to help users find trading opportunities and ideas. This software offers a market news feed, a variety of premade market screens, a trade journal, trade alerts, and more. Read our complete Tiblio review to learn everything you need to know about this trading software.

About Tiblio

Tiblio is a trading software that leverages unusual options order flow to help you generate trade ideas. The platform offers a variety of premade screens as well as a market news feed, a trade journal, and trade alerts.

Tiblio isn’t an in-depth options order flow scanner, and it prioritizes ease of use over depth of analysis. So, it’s best for traders who want a quick way to generate ideas, but who are comfortable turning to other platforms to evaluate those ideas.

In our Tiblio review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this platform to decide if it’s right for you.

Tiblio Homepage

Tiblio Pricing Options

Tiblio offers a single membership tier that costs $34.95 per month or $349.50 per year. You can try out the platform for 7 days for $1.

Tiblio Pricing

Tiblio Features

Market Screens

The primary feature that Tiblio offers is a set of premade screens that focus on unusual options activity. Some of the available screens cover unusual options order flow, squeeze candidates that are experiencing strongly bullish or bearish options activity, and out-of-the-money options with high premiums.

Tiblio Screens

These screens aren’t customizable, so they’re more like lists of options and ticker symbols. The upside of this, however, is that you don’t have to do any work to produce these actionable lists of stocks to investigate.

Tiblio also offers several stock screens that are not based on options. The pre-market gapper screen lists stocks that are experiencing a price change of at least 8% from the prior close. The Tiblio Golden Indicator screen includes stocks that have made a golden cross (50-day moving average crossing above the 200-day moving average) within the past 7 days, have a bullish average directional index (ADX) trend, and have an RSI value less than 70.

Tiblio Golden Indicator

In addition, Tiblio has a single cryptocurrency screen that identifies tokens that are experiencing significantly above-average trading volume.

Market News

Tiblio offers its own market news feed with stories written by the platform’s team and headlines from Reuters. News stories are typically short and do a nice job of explaining not only what the news is, but why it should matter to traders.

Tiblio News

Since most of the news stories are written by Tiblio, don’t expect the news feed to cover all of the day’s market headlines. The platform offers dozens of stories a day, which is pretty good. However, it’s not a dedicated market newswire service like Benzinga Pro, and Tiblio doesn’t offer the same breadth of coverage as services like CNBC.

Trade Journal

Tiblio offers a simple trade journal where you can record stock and options trades, track your profit and loss, and add notes about each trade.

Tiblio Journal

The journal doesn’t support cryptocurrency trades, even though Tiblio offers a cryptocurrency screen. You can import trade data from Tradier, but not from any other brokerage. While you can add notes about your trades, Tiblio doesn’t offer tags or setup categories as trade journal platforms like EdgeWonk and TraderSync do.


Tiblio offers basic trade alerts for trades that you’ve added to your trade journal. You can choose the profit and loss level (in percentages) at which alerts are triggered. There is no way to set up multiple alerts for a single trade, or to configure alerts based on metrics other than profit and loss. Alerts are sent by SMS and email.

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Customization and Layout on Tiblio

Tiblio is available for the web and as an app for iOS and Android devices. The platform also has a Discord channel where you can ask questions and learn from other Tiblio users. 

Overall, Tiblio offers few customization options, but the platform is very simple to navigate.

Tiblio Compatible Brokerages

Tiblio is only compatible with Tradier. Linking your Tradier account enables you to place stock and options trades directly from Tiblio’s screens. It also enables your trade journal to automatically import trade details from your account.

Tiblio Platform Differentiators

Tiblio offers straightforward and actionable screens based on options trading activity. The platform doesn’t require you to spend time building your own screens. It also doesn’t flood your screen with a real-time feed of options flow data, which makes it relatively accessible for novice traders.

That said, there’s not much to Tiblio that’s unique. You could quickly replicate Tiblio’s screens using a stock screener like Stock Rover or an options order flow platform like Optionsonar or Unusual Whales

Tiblio’s market news feed and trading journal add to the platform’s offerings, but they aren’t comprehensive enough to serve as standalone tools. Options traders may appreciate Tiblio’s gain and loss-based alerts, but more customization options would make these alerts far more actionable.

What Type of Trader is Tiblio Best For?

Tiblio is best for stock and options traders who prefer having actionable premade screens over having the ability to create their own screens. The platform prioritizes simplicity over customizability and at-a-glance information over in-depth analysis. It’s a good option for generating trade ideas throughout the day, but should not be used in isolation. Traders should be comfortable taking ideas from Tiblio and exploring them further in a dedicated charting platform or more in-depth options order flow platform.


  • Premade screens based on options order flow
  • Stock and cryptocurrency screens
  • Market news feed with short, to-the-point stories
  • Trading journal
  • Integrates with Tradier


  • Alerts and trading journal are not very customizable
  • Cannot build your own screens
  • No charts or technical analysis tools
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