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Stockfolio Review – How Does This Stock Platform Stack Up?

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Stockfolio Review

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Stockfolio Review

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A solid investment tracking software can play a huge role in the trading industry. Stockfolio is an investment tracking software for Mac users. It supports tracking for a large variety of ETFs, mutual funds, and cryptocurrencies. This software also includes features such as technical charts and a news feed. Is this the right investment tracking software for you? Read our review of Stockfolio and learn more before you make your choice.

About Stockfolio

Stockfolio is a capable investment tracking software for Mac users. While many free alternatives to Stockfolio are available, this software sports an easy to use interface, thoughtful integrations with stock news feeds, and decent charting capabilities. The platform also supports tracking for a wide variety of mutual funds, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.

Stockfolio Homepage

Stockfolio Pricing Options

Stockfolio is only available for Mac desktops and can be purchased through the Mac App Store. It costs $24.99 for a lifetime license. You can also try out the software for free for 14 days before purchasing.

Stockfolio Pricing

Stockfolio Features

Asset Tracking And Portfolios

Stockfolio’s most basic feature is also its most important one. This platform is designed to track the value of your investments. But while many other platforms only track stocks or mutual funds, Stockfolio can access real-time price data for mutual funds, ETFs, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency support, in particular, stands out. This platform collects real-time price quotes for more than 200 digital coins and supports manual transaction tracking for more than 1,800 coins. 

For all assets you track through Stockfolio, the software clearly displays essential information about your return and total investment. You can also easily generate visualizations of your current positions to see how much each individual asset is contributing to your overall portfolio. Perhaps most helpfully, all of this data is retained in a chronological and searchable list of historic transactions after you close out a position.

Stockfolio Open Positions

All open positions are given their own portfolio by default, but you can also create an unlimited number of portfolios within Stockfolio. That’s helpful if you want to group stocks according to sector, risk, or strategy as opposed to just by brokerage account. You can analyze the performance of any individual portfolio as well as examine the portfolio’s weighting by holding, asset class, or market sector.

Technical Charts

Stockfolio also goes a step further than many other portfolio tracking tools by providing basic technical charts. You can view charts for any of the assets for which the software provides real-time price data as well as apply a handful of popular technical indicators. You can also annotate charts and save them with a single click. 

Stockfolio Charts

Stockfolio’s charts aren’t comprehensive by any means (you may prefer a platform like TradingView for more advanced charts). But they are useful for quickly checking support and resistance levels on days when there’s a lot of price action.

News Feed

The platform also includes a simple news feed that draws in headlines from sources like Forbes, StockTwits, Twitter, and CoinDesk. This isn’t customized to your portfolio, but rather appears when you’re looking at an individual stock or asset. Helpfully, each news source has its own tab, so you can quickly switch between looking at tweets and looking at more formal market news headlines.

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Once again, Stockfolio is designed to provide basic tools and will not provide the same news resources as a standalone platform like Benzinga Pro or Tradethenews.

Stockfolio Customization And Layout

Since Stockfolio is designed for Mac desktops only, it is able to integrate with your computer somewhat more than most other software. For example, Stockfolio has an item on the menu bar so that you can monitor stock prices without switching screens. It also works with the MacBook Pro touch bar.

The one major issue with Stockfolio is that the software doesn’t integrate with any brokers. You must input all transactions manually or import them from a CSV file. This gives you control over your transaction data – you can add commissions, fees, and other charges – but it also means that it takes consistent effort to keep your portfolio up to date. This might not be a problem for long-term investors who only trade occasionally, but for frequent traders, it makes keeping your Stockfolio account up to date much more time-consuming.

Stockfolio Add Transaction

Stockfolio Platform Differentiators

Stockfolio is much more robust than many free alternative stock tracking platforms. It offers tracking on not just stocks, but also mutual funds, ETFs, indices, and cryptocurrencies. You can divide up your portfolios any way you want and easily search your entire transaction history for trade details. Plus, Stockfolio goes a few steps further by offering a news feed and basic technical charting.

However, Stockfolio is missing one key feature: broker integration. Since Stockfolio doesn’t connect automatically with your brokerage accounts, you need to update the software manually every time you make a transaction. The lack of automation is a major disadvantage to Stockfolio, although many other tracking apps suffer from a similar problem.

What Type Of Trader Is Stockfolio Best For?

Stockfolio is best suited for long-term investors who have their holdings spread across multiple brokerage accounts. This software makes it easy to put all your transactions in one place and to reorganize them into portfolios as you see fit. Stockfolio could also be very useful for short- and medium-term traders who want to track their win rates, but the manual nature of importing transactions makes this something of a tedious prospect. Also, keep in mind that Stockfolio only works for Mac desktops, so you cannot access your transaction data on the go from a mobile device.


  • Relatively inexpensive portfolio tracking app
  • Supports mutual funds, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies
  • Unlimited portfolios can be organized any way you want
  • Historic transactions are searchable
  • Integrated news feed
  • Basic technical charting


  • Transactions must be imported manually
  • Only available for Mac desktops
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