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SmartTrader Review – An In-Depth Look at This Charting and Analysis Platform

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SmartTrader Review

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SmartTrader Review

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Any trader will tell you, a solid charting and analysis platform can make a world of difference when it comes to success. SmartTrader is a charting and analysis platform designed for stock, forex, and cryptocurrency trading. SmartTrader includes algorithmic trading, charting, workspaces, smart tools, and a variety of other features with the aim of finding successful trades. Is this the platform you’ve been searching for? Before you dive in, read our complete SmartTrader review now!

About SmartTrader

SmartTrader is a comprehensive charting and analysis platform for stock, forex, and cryptocurrency trading. The platform supports automated technical analysis and algorithmic trading, plus comes with access to professional trade ideas and trading rooms. SmartTrader is highly customizable and can be connected to any MetaTrader 4 brokerage.

So, is SmartTrader the right trading platform for you? Our SmartTrader review will cover everything you need to know to decide.

SmartTrader Homepage

SmartTrader Pricing Options

You can try out SmartTrader for free and access many of the platform’s basic charting and analysis tools. Free users are limited to 1 saved workspace, 3 indicators per chart, and in-app alerts only. In addition, you don’t get access to most of SmartTrader’s automated technical analysis tools with a free account.

SmartTrader Pricing

The Plus plan costs $14.95 per month or $155.40 per year. You can have 5 saved workspaces and 5 indicators per chart, as well as email-based alerts, automated trendlines, 1 custom market watch panel, and custom indicators.

The Prime plan costs $29.95 per month or $299.40 per year. It unlocks more chart types, including Heikin-Ashi, automated pivot point analysis, and SMS alerts and alert-based trades. Prime users can also set up scripts for algorithmic trading and backtest these strategies.

The Pro plan costs $99.95 per month or $1,019.40 per year. It mainly offers more workspaces, custom indicators, and alerts than the Prime plan. You can also connect an unlimited number of brokerage accounts with the Pro plan, compared to 3 for the Prime plan.

SmartTrader also has a marketplace where you can purchase custom indicators and algorithmic trading scripts at prices starting from $29.50 each. You can also purchase monthly subscriptions to trading rooms, which range in price from $99.95 per month to $999.00 per month.

SmartTrader Features

Charting and Workspaces

SmartTrader’s charting interface is at the heart of the platform. Charts are available in a wide variety of styles, including candlestick, bar, line, Heikin-Ashi, kagi, mountain, and point-and-figure. Price intervals can be as short as 1 minute and there are over 100 popular technical indicators available to add to charts. You can also create your own custom indicators and save them for future use.

SmartTrader Charts

One of the nice things about SmartTrader’s interface is that you can view multiple charts simultaneously within a workspace. The platform provides a selection of layout options to control the size and arrangement of charts within a workspace, and it’s easy to rearrange charts simply by dragging and dropping. On top of that, you can have multiple workspaces which you can organize by asset, trading strategy, or however you choose.

SmartTrader Workspaces

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Smart Tools

A big part of what makes SmartTrader’s charts actionable is the platform’s automated technical analysis toolbox. The software will automatically overlay Fibonacci retracements, trendlines, support and resistance lines, pivot points, and candlestick patterns. For retracements and trendlines, all you need to do is click on your chart where you want the pattern to start.

SmartTrader Smart Fibonacci

Another helpful automated tool is the encapsulation tool. On intraday charts, this draws a box around all of a single day’s price bars and clearly displays the high and low. That makes it easy to spot support and resistance bands as well as trends. SmartTrader also has a weekly encapsulation tool that works on hourly and daily price bars.

SmartTrader also offers a “smart gauge” tool, albeit as an add-on for $99 extra regardless of your subscription. This tool lets you create thresholds for any sets of indicators and, based on those thresholds, displays buy, sell, or hold ratings. So, at a glance, you can easily see whether an asset is rated as a buy or sell for your trading strategy.

SmartTrader Smart Gauge

Market Watch Widgets

Alongside the charting interface, you’ll find a panel with multiple widgets that help you keep track of the market. Default widgets include watchlists, news feeds, an economic calendar, and alerts. If you have connected brokerage accounts, you can also set up a widget for each account to place trades right from your charting screen.

SmartTrader Market Watch

Alerts and Algorithmic Trading

SmartTrader also lets you create alerts, with notifications by sound, email, or text. Alerts can be based on price, volume, or any technical indicator. The only limitation is that you can’t combine multiple indicators when creating an alert. Prime and Pro users can set up alerts so that they not only send a notification, but also execute a trade with your connected broker.

SmartTrader Alerts

Prime and Pro users can also tap into SmartTrader’s algorithmic trading capabilities. You can use the built-in script editor to set up a custom trading strategy and issue trade orders through your connected brokerage. SmartTrader also has a backtesting tool to help you evaluate and refine your trading strategy.

Trading Ideas

SmartTrader has a feed of trade ideas that typically offer annotated charts as well as entry and exit points for the suggested trade. Unlike on platforms like TradingView, not just anyone can submit trade ideas. Rather, most of the ideas in the feed are derived from the professional traders who run SmartTrader’s paid trading rooms.

SmartTrader Trade Ideas

SmartTrader Assets and Compatible Brokers

SmartTrader offers charting and analysis for over 8,000 symbols, including stocks, ETFs, forex, and cryptocurrencies. The platform is compatible with any MetaTrader 4-compatible brokerage, but you can only trade forex directly through SmartTrader.

SmartTrader Platform Differentiators

SmartTrader is a comprehensive trading and analysis platform in the vein of services like MetaTrader and TradingView. A big part of what sets SmartTrader apart is its use of automated technical analysis tools. The fact that you can add trendlines and spot support and resistance zones with just a few clicks is a major advantage for traders.

In addition, SmartTrader has several features designed to help you execute on your trading strategy. The smart gauge, for example, lets you define your strategy in terms of indicators and then quickly see whether a stock or forex pair meets your requirements for trading. Likewise, SmartTrader’s alerts are fairly customizable and can even be used to automatically execute trades with your connected broker.

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The main area in which SmartTrader is lacking is in idea generation. While there is a feed of daily trade ideas, SmartTrader doesn’t have a stock or forex scanner. Turning the smart gauge into a scanner, for example, would make it possible to instantly discover stocks and forex pairs that are ripe for trading. There are also no default trading strategies to lean on, so traders need to bring their own in order to make use of the platform.

What Type of Trader is SmartTrader Best For?

SmartTrader is best for experienced traders who already have a developed trading strategy and need a platform that can help them execute it. The platform’s analysis tools are very well developed, but the automation features can be a double-edged sword for inexperienced traders who aren’t careful about using them. At the same time, algorithmic trading is best reserved for traders who have a strategy that’s already proven to be reliably profitable.

SmartTrader’s flexibility means that it’s suitable for both day and swing traders and stock, forex, and cryptocurrency traders. However, stock and crypto traders should keep in mind that only forex can be traded directly through the platform.


  • Highly customizable workspaces
  • Automated technical analysis tools
  • Feed of daily trade ideas
  • Supports algorithmic trading and strategy backtesting
  • Compatible with any MetaTrader 4 brokerage


  • Only supports trade execution for forex
  • No stock or forex scanners
  • Trading rooms and smart gauge cost extra
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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