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Simpler Futures Review – A Service for Futures Traders

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Simpler Futures Review

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Simpler Futures Review

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Simpler Futures is a subscription service from Simpler Trading. This service focuses on forex, index, and commodities futures trading with the goal of teaching traders how to develop their own strategies. Simpler Futures includes a variety of tools and features, such as education videos, daily videos, a trading room, and more. Find out if this service has what you need in our review of Simpler Futures.

About Simpler Futures

Simpler Futures is a subscription service from Simpler Trading that focuses on forex, index, and commodities futures trading. The service is built around daily videos and live chat sessions with professional traders. The idea isn’t to pick assets, but rather to teach traders how to develop their own strategies and share insights into the current market. So, getting value out of Simpler Futures requires putting in quite a bit of work on your own.

Simpler Futures Homepage

Simpler Futures Pricing Options

A Simpler Futures subscription costs $197 per month. You can try out the service for seven days for $7.

Simpler Futures Pricing

Simpler Futures Features

Daily Videos

The bulk of Simpler Futures’ value is contained within the daily videos. These are approximately 20-minute long videos from trader Raghee Horner that cover specific topics related to the day’s market. While the exact assets discussed in the videos vary, they tend to focus more on commodities and forex than on index futures.

Simpler Futures Daily Videos

Often, these videos focus on specific strategies or setups that Horner saw earlier in the day and walk traders through the process of recognizing them and trading them. In other cases, the videos will cover a specific asset or a day of unusual market activity and explain how the traders behind Simpler Futures dealt with the conditions.

Horner’s advice is moderately aggressive, but she frequently offers tips for traders on how to approach a setup more or less aggressively. Almost all examples are accompanied by highly detailed charts, and most daily videos spend a few minutes looking back on charts that were covered in previous days to see how the setup progressed.

Education Videos

Simpler Futures also includes a database of nearly 40 training videos that are meant to teach beginner and intermediate futures traders about specific indicators and strategies. These videos are typically longer – many are over an hour – and go into more depth than the daily videos, but without the focus on the current market. These videos can be very useful for trying out new strategies, including some that were custom-built by the professionals behind Simpler Futures.

Simpler Futures Education Videos

Elliot Wave Dispatch

The Elliot Wave Dispatch is another series of daily videos, featuring trader David Starr. These are typically only around five minutes each and focus specifically on Elliot Wave analysis. Notably, these videos specifically cover the S&P 500, so they are ideal for traders looking to buy or sell e-mini contracts. All of the charting behind Starr’s analysis is shown on-screen, making it easy to follow changes from day to day.

Simpler Futures Elliot Wave Dispatch

Trading Room

The Trading Room is another important component of Simpler Futures. This is essentially a running chat room with other subscribers, and there are typically several hundred members present during trading days. The chat is lively, and while it can sometimes veer off-topic, it tends to stay pretty focused on what strategies and assets members are currently following.

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Simpler Futures Trading Room

The Trading Room is also useful because Simpler Futures traders hold presentations inside the room several times a day. They typically share their trading screens so you can see the charts they’re monitoring and the technical studies they have plotted. During these presentations, traders can ask questions using the chat and record the presentation for future reference.

How Does Simpler Futures Stand Out?

Simpler Futures will look extremely familiar to anyone who has used Simpler Trading’s other subscription services, such as Fibonacci Queen. It uses the same format but focuses on forex, commodities, and index futures rather than stocks or options.

Compared to other services, Simpler Futures stands out for its focus on education. The platform doesn’t hand traders any stock picks. Rather, it forces you to take your trading into your own hands and gives you a set of tools and strategies that you can use to improve your analyses.

Whether this is good or bad depends on what you want out of trading. If you’re looking for a hands-off approach to trading futures, Simpler Futures certainly isn’t it. It takes a significant amount of time to watch all of the videos published each day, not to mention the time you might spend in the Trading Room. But, if your aim is to become a stronger trader, Simpler Futures’ video resources are excellent.

It’s important to keep in mind that Simpler Futures does have some bias in the assets it covers. The daily videos lean towards forex and commodities, but they tend to stick to showing charts for the most widely traded contracts. The same is true for the index analysis, which really only covers S&P 500 futures and no other indices.

What Type Of Trader Is Simpler Futures Best For?

Simpler Futures is best for beginner to intermediate traders who want to improve their understanding of trading strategies. The platform does require a relatively firm background in technical charting and analysis, so it’s less than ideal for first-time traders. Since the Trading Room is active throughout the day, traders who are trading futures contracts part-time or full-time will be able to get the most out of the service.

Importantly, getting the most out of Simpler Futures requires a time commitment. Expect to spend at least an hour every day with the platform. The videos are designed so that falling behind for a day won’t be that bad, but it’s easy to lose the threads of analysis if you step away for a week or more at a time.


  • Excellent resources for improving your trading strategies
  • Nearly 40 in-depth educational videos
  • Two daily videos cover forex, commodities, and the S&P 500
  • Daily access to professional traders through Trading Room
  • Chat with other members through the Trading Room


  • Monthly subscription is pricey
  • Doesn’t cover a wide range of futures contracts
  • Requires a significant time commitment to keep up
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