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Fibonacci Queen Review – A Look At This Service From Simpler Trading

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Fibonacci Queen Review

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Fibonacci Queen Review

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Looking to learn more about Fibonacci patterns when it comes to trading? Fibonacci Queen from Simpler Trading aims to help you learn everything you need to know about Fibonacci patterns and what stocks to pick using them. This service includes features such as trader education, daily videos, and more. Will Fibonacci Queen give you all the knowledge you need? Read our review of Fibonacci Queen and learn more before you buy.

About Fibonacci Queen

Fibonacci Queen is a service from Simpler Trading run by Carolyn Boroden. The service combines stock picking and trader education, offering tutorials on how to incorporate Fibonacci patterns for trading and analysis of top stock picks based on these patterns. Fibonacci Queen also comes with access to a trading room where you can interact with other members and Carolyn herself.Β 

There are trading education services out there for almost every kind of trading. There’s Sky View, if you’re looking to learn about options trading. There’s Market Traders, if you’re interested in some Forex education, and many more. So is Fibonacci Queen right for your Fibonacci pattern learning? Let’s find out in this Fibonacci Queen review.

Fibonacci Queen - Homepage

Fibonacci Queen Pricing

Fibonacci Queen costs $197 per month. You can try out the service for seven days for $7 before committing to a monthly subscription.

Fibonacci Queen - Pricing

Fibonacci Queen Features

Trader Education

The first place to start with Fibonacci Queen is the Learning Center, where traders will find several dozen videos to help you get the most out of the service. These typically feature Carolyn Boroden explaining her trading strategy and the tools she uses to find setups.

Many of these videos cover the basics and applications of Fibonacci patterns, while others focus on how to create alerts and custom indicators in ThinkorSwim. You will also find some videos that cover trading essentials, like how to decide on a time frame for trades and how to set price targets.

Fibonacci Queen - Education Videos

Most of these educational videos are less than five minutes long.

Daily Videos

The meat of Fibonacci Queen is in the daily videos that Carolyn Boroden releases, which are around 20 minutes in length. These start out by covering important support and resistance levels in the broad market based on Fibonacci patterns, then dive into stocks that Carolyn has been following in previous videos. The last several minutes of the video usually focus in on a single stock’s price patterns to identify patterns, stop loss areas, and price targets.

Fibonacci Queen - Daily Videos

Boroden moves quickly through these videos, but does lean heavily on Fibonacci patterns that have been identified in previous days. She also demonstrates for every stock that she analyzes how these patterns inform support and resistance levels and how they can be applied to make trading decisions.Β 

Notably, Boroden doesn’t give simple yes or no buy recommendations. Rather, she suggests several decision points for each stock she analyzes in the videos and leaves it up to traders to take the pattern information and make their own choices.

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Annotated Charts

Boroden also releases annotated charts for all of the stocks that Fibonacci Queen is following each day. There are usually about 50 stock charts, which are lightly annotated with Fibonacci patterns to show potential support and resistance levels. These charts have a lot of the same information as the daily videos, but don’t offer as much context about how the retracements were arrived at.

Fibonacci Queen - Annotated Chart

Trading Room

Another important feature that Fibonacci Queen offers is the trading room. This is essentially a video conferencing room where you’ll find hundreds of other members congregated on any given market day. Most of the time, Carolyn leaves her screen or a set of charts she’s following in the room, so traders have some direction for the day.

Fibonacci Queen - Trading Room

In addition, Boroden and trader Tammy Marshall host two Q&A sessions in the breakout room each day. You can also interact with other traders at any time using a chat window within the trading room, and Boroden and Marshall frequently respond to questions and comments in the chat.

How Does Fibonacci Queen Stand Out?

Fibonacci Queen is an interesting service in that it blends stock picking and trader education. Rather than simply offering stock picks based on Fibonacci patterns, the goal of the service is to show how those picks were arrived at and teach traders to apply Fibonacci patterns to their own analyses. For that reason, the service tends to focus on a range of only around 50 stocks at a time and doesn’t keep a “portfolio” of current picks.

At the same time, Fibonacci Queen is much more in-depth than standard trader education platforms and tutorials. You get day-to-day analysis of stocks based on Fibonacci patterns rather than static historical examples of how this technical tool can be used. Having access to Boroden through Q&A sessions in the trading room is also an important benefit, since you have the opportunity to ask about atypical retracement patterns.Β 

What Type Of Trader Is Fibonacci Queen Best For?

Fibonacci Queen is best for self-motivated traders who want to learn a new trading technique and apply it rather than simply receive stock picks. Making the most of this service requires some dedication, since you need to not only follow along with Boroden, but also practice and apply the techniques yourself. The fact that Boroden offers multiple possibilities for most stocks she analyzes means that you need to take a hands-on approach to trading with this service, and the ultimate goal should be to feel comfortable trading on your own without Fibonacci Queen’s analysis.


  • Teaching tool, not just stock picks
  • Educational videos to cover the basics of Fibonacci patterns
  • Daily videos explain how to identify and use Fibonacci patterns
  • Access to Boroden and other traders through the trading room
  • Annotated charts for around 50 stocks each day


  • Expensive monthly subscription
  • No mechanism to ease you into trading
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