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EquitySet Review – Is This Stock Data And Analysis Platform Worth Using?

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EquitySet Review

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EquitySet Review

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Any trader will tell you, a solid data and analysis platform can make a world of difference when it comes to investing in the stock market. EquitySet is a data platform that offers stock data and analysis. It aims to be a simple and easy-to-use platform with features including stock reports, investing themes, a top-performing stocks list, a built-in stock screener, and more. Is this the right platform for your stock analysis? Find out in our complete review of EquitySet.

EquitySet is a data platform that offers basic stock data and analysis. The platform puts financials, analyst ratings, and fair value estimates in a single place, giving you additional data points when making decisions about what stocks to buy and sell. However, you’ll need a premium subscription to access most of the data, and EquitySet has little information that’s not available elsewhere for free.

So, is this tool worthwhile? Our EquitySet review will cover everything you need to know about this platform to help you decide.

EquitySet Homepage

EquitySet Pricing Options

You can sign up for a basic EquitySet membership for free. As a free subscriber, you get access to the dashboard, stock summary pages, and fantasy stock leagues.

If you want access to fair value estimates, price targets, or financial data, you’ll need an EquitySet Premium membership. This costs $20 per month and comes with a 7-day free trial.

EquitySet Premium

EquitySet Features


The EquitySet dashboard is the main area for viewing market-wide data, your watchlists, and market news. There are line charts of the S&P 500 and Dow Jones, plus a breakdown of how major market sectors have performed during the day’s trading.

One thing that’s noticeable about the dashboard is that it doesn’t include a lot of actionable information. There are lists of the biggest gainers and losers, but you won’t see analyst upgrades and downgrades or recommended stocks. The news feed also can’t be customized to match your watchlists.

Stock Reports

Stock research reports are at the heart of EquitySet. The platform offers summaries for over 8,000 stocks and ETFs (similar to Stock Rover). These summaries include line charts, recent news headlines, analyst price targets, dividend information, and earnings updates. They also have a list of factors such as “analyst opinion,” “financial strength,” and “industry comparison,” for which each stock is given a buy, sell, or hold rating.

EquitySet Stock Report Summary

EquitySet also calculates its own price targets and fair value for each stock, independently of Wall Street analysts. Price targets are updated monthly for most stocks, although there’s not much detail on how the fair value estimate is calculated.

Premium subscribers also have access to more detailed earnings and dividend data for each stock that EquitySet covers. The platform recaps the latest earnings result and highlights how much the stock price moved on the days before and after earnings. You can also see a summary of a stock’s dividend payouts and whether the company has consistently paid out or grown its dividend each quarter over the last five years.

EquitySet Stock Report Earnings

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The financial data available on EquitySet includes companies’ income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements for the past four years. This data is only available to Premium subscribers, although it’s available for free from services like Yahoo! Finance.

Investing Themes & Top Performers

EquitySet offers a series of stock lists to help you find stocks worth exploring. The Investing Themes page has 19 individual lists curated around themes like “5G Networking,” “Energy,” and “Streaming.” The lists display a buy/sell/hold rating next to each stock, but don’t compare the current price against EquitySet’s fair value estimate. So, you’ll need to go to each stock’s report to find out more about EquitySet’s price target.

EquitySet Investment Themes

The platform also has a list of best and worst performing stocks, which are chosen based on EquitySet’s calculated price targets and buy/sell ratings. The list shows both daily and weekly performers, which is helpful for investors with different timescales.

Stock Screener

EquitySet has a built-in stock screener, but it’s fairly basic. You can filter stocks based on EquitySet’s buy/sell/hold ratings and whether a stock’s current price is above or below its fair value estimate. Another filter enables you to screen for stocks that beat or missed their last consensus earnings estimate. Beyond that, you can only screen by market sector, P/E ratio, revenue, and dividend yield.

EquitySet Stock Screener

While these parameters can be helpful, the screener seems to be missing a lot of basic filters. For example, you cannot screen stocks by market cap or recent performance.

Fantasy Stocks

One unusual feature that EquitySet includes is a fantasy stock picking competition. You can set up a fantasy league and invite friends to pick stocks. The winner is chosen based on portfolio performance over a preset period of time.

EquitySet Fantasy Stocks

The fantasy tool was neat, but it felt a little out of place. In theory, you can use EquitySet’s data to build a mock portfolio. However, it seems much more useful – and in keeping with the primary focus of the platform – to use that data to set up watchlists that you can invest in. EquitySet also doesn’t have any other social trading features, so there’s no way to see what stocks your friends are exploring outside of the fantasy league.

EquitySet Customization and Layout

EquitySet offers some customizations, including the ability to create watchlists. However, you cannot customize the dashboard to show stocks you’re interested in alongside the major indices. The platform also doesn’t allow you to import data from your brokerage, so you can’t easily see whether the stocks you currently hold are overvalued or undervalued based on EquitySet’s data.

EquitySet Platform Differentiators

The main thing that differentiates EquitySet from other stock research platforms is its fair value estimates for over 8,000 stocks and ETFs. This can be very useful in deciding whether to buy or sell a stock. It’s also helpful that EquitySet includes price targets from Wall Street analysts, so you can use the platform’s fair value estimate as another data point in your decision-making.

What Type of Trader is EquitySet Best For?

EquitySet can be useful for investors who want a single place to find the data they need to make a decision about whether to buy or sell a stock. The fair value estimates are very useful, and the ability to scan for stocks that are trading below their fair value estimate makes it easy to find new investment opportunities.

However, the rest of the data that EquitySet offers isn’t particularly unique. In fact, much of the information that you need a Premium subscription to view can be accessed for free using services like Yahoo! Finance, TipRanks, and CNN Money. At $20 per month, it’s hard to justify EquitySet’s price tag.


  • Free to access dashboard and stock summaries
  • Fair value estimates for over 8,000 stocks and ETFs
  • Lists of best and worst performing stocks
  • Stock screener with fair value filter
  • Platform is very easy to use


  • Stock screener lacks many basic filters
  • Most Premium data is available for free elsewhere
  • Limited customization options
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