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Quiver Quantitative Review – Is This Research Platform Worth Using?

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Quiver Quant Review

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Quiver Quantitative Review

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Quiver Quantitative is a stock research platform that aims to provide traders and investors with a unique perspective on the market. This platform includes stock data for Congress members, hot stocks from Wall Street Bets, and information on which companies are receiving government contracts. Quiver Quantitative also offers portfolios created using unusual datasets called strategies and stock charts through TradingView. Learn more about this stock research platform by reading our full Quiver Quantitative review.

About Quiver Quantitative

Quiver Quantitative, also known as Quiver Quant, is a free stock research platform that uses publicly available data sources to give traders and investors a different perspective on the stock market. The platform offers data about what stocks members of Congress are trading, what stocks are hot on Wall Street Bets, and what companies are receiving government contracts.

Is this platform worth your time? In our Quiver Quantitative review, we’ll take a closer look at everything this service has to offer.

Quiver Quantitative Dashboard

Quiver Quantitative Pricing Options

Quiver Quantitative offers a lot of its data for free, but there are two premium options.

Quiver Quantitative Pricing

The Hobbyist plan costs $15 per month or $150 per year. It offers a custom news feed and access to Quiver Quantitative’s stock screener.

The Trader plan costs $30 per month or $300 per year. It allow you to see what stocks are in each of Quiver Quant’s strategies (essentially model portfolios). You can also copytrade Quiver Quant’s strategies using Quantbase and backtest custom trading strategies.

You can try out either premium plan free for one month.

Quiver Quantitative Features


The most significant feature Quiver Quant offers is its strategies. These are model portfolios created from unusual datasets, like what stocks members of Congress are buying and selling or what companies are being searched the most on Wikipedia. Some of Quiver Quantitative’s strategies cover specific Congressional representatives like Nancy Pelosi or specific committees like the Senate Homeland Security Committee. All of the alternative data Quiver Quantitative uses comes from public filings or databases.

As of September 2023, only one strategy (‘Inverse Twitter Momentum’) has delivered positive returns over the past 12 months. However, over a longer timeframe, the best-performing strategies have annual returns of more than 40%. For reference, the S&P 500 has returned an average of 13% per year since 2010.

Each strategy provides information about what stocks are included in the strategy and its performance over time. If you’re signed up for Quiver Quantitative alerts, you’ll receive an update about position changes in any of the strategies in a daily pre-market email.

Alternative Data Feeds

Quiver Quantitative uses its alternative data sources to create unique feeds that traders and investors can monitor to generate trade ideas. One feed shows trading performance by US House representatives and overall trading activity by Congressional representatives over time. Another examines stock recommendations made by CNBC hosts. You can see what stocks are most recommended to buy or sell on CNBC right now as well as how each host has performed over the past week and the past quarter.

Quiver Quantitative CNBC Feed

Additional data feeds provide insight into corporate lobbying activity, what stocks are most discussed on Reddit’s Wall Street Bets or on Twitter, and even how companies’ mobile app star ratings are changing over time. These feeds can be really helpful for gauging stock popularity.

Quiver Quantitative Mobile App Ratings

Quiver Quant also tracks more traditional financial filings, including insider trading and institutional holdings. The platform also has a dashboard that highlights stocks for which the Estimize earnings estimate is significantly above or below the Wall Street consensus estimate for upcoming earnings reports.

Quiver Quantitative All Feeds

Stock Research

You can also research individual stocks in Quiver Quantitative. Stock pages include a basic price chart and financial data from TradingView, plus dashboards summarizing the alternative data that Quiver Quantitative provides.

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Quiver Quantitative Stock Page

You can view summaries of how institutional investors, hedge fund managers, insiders, and members of Congress are changing their position in a stock. You can also see how frequently the stock is mentioned on Wall Street Bets, what government contracts it has won recently, and what lobbying activity it has reported. If you have a paid Quiver Quantitative subscription, you can also see which strategies a stock is currently included in.

One thing to note is that there’s no historical data available. You can see a stock’s current financial metrics, but not how it’s performed in the past.

Stock Screener

Quiver Quantitative also helps premium subscribers find trade ideas with a stock screener. You can filter stocks based on a wide range of traditional financial and performance metrics as well as many of the unique indicators that Quiver Quantitative tracks. For example, you can screen stocks based on Congressional trading volume, insider sentiment, and more.

Screen results are displayed in a sortable table. The table headers can’t be customized, but there are several views available that emphasize stocks’ financial performance, social performance, insider trading, and Congressional trading.

Quiver Quantitative Stock Screener

Customization and Layout

Quiver Quantitative doesn’t offer many customization options. You can’t customize the dashboard and you’re limited to only one wathlist (and that’s only available to premium users). You also can’t create price or insider trading alerts for individual stocks. Still, the platform is fairly easy to navigate and you’re unlikely to have trouble finding all of the data feeds.

Quiver Quantitative Platform Differentiators

Quiver Quantitative offers a very different perspective from most other stock research platforms. Whereas services like Zacks Premium or Validea focus on company financials or technical indicators, Quiver Quantitative uses publicly available datasets to paint a picture of sentiment, momentum, and insider activity. Some of Quiver Quantitative’s data feeds, including the ones that cover Wikipedia searches, CNBC recommendations, and mobile app ratings, are datasets that you’ll have a hard time finding elsewhere.

There’s also potential value in using Quiver Quantitative strategies since many of them have beaten the market’s performance since inception. However, all but one are down over the past 12 months, so approach these strategies with caution.

If you’re most interested in Quiver Quantitative’s coverage of Congressional trading, note that there are also several other platforms – including Capitol Trades and Senate Stock Watcher – that offer Congressional trading data for free.

What Type of Trader is Quiver Quantitative Best For?

Quiver Quantitative is best for retail investors and traders who want to incorporate non-traditional datasets into their stock analysis. The platform’s data points can provide additional insight into whether consumers are enthusiastic about a company, whether a company is expanding or contracting activities like lobbying, and whether insiders, hedge funds, and members of Congress are hot or cold on a stock. Quiver Quantitative can also be used to generate stock ideas using the data feeds, strategies, and stock screener.

Is Quiver Quantitative Worth Paying For?

For the vast majority of investors and traders, a free account will provide plenty of information for quantitative analysis. Quiver Quant puts nearly all of its alternative datasets out there, and it’s this data that really makes the platform special.

The most important features you get with the paid plans are the stock screener and strategies. The screener is nice, but it’s hardly groundbreaking. You can use a top stock screener like FinViz for free and the cross-check the results against Quiver Quantitative’s free alternative datasets.

The strategies are more interesting, but they’re surprisingly pricey to access them. More important, their performance record is mixed. If you’re looking for trading ideas from these strategies, you may be better off with a trading newsletter service like GorillaTrades.


  • Offers unique, alternative stock datasets
  • Many strategies have beaten the S&P 500 since inception
  • Most data feeds are available for free
  • One-month free trial for paid services


  • Very few customization options
  • Access to strategies is pricey
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