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Pure Power Picks Review – Is This Trading Signals Service Legit?

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Pure Power Picks Review

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Pure Power Picks Review

  • Value
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Pure Power Picks is a stock and options trading signal service. This service concentrates on swing trades with weekly to monthly timeframes and provides 3-5 trade ideas per week, including entry locations and profit targets. Pure Power Picks aims to be a valuable tool for traders looking for real-time trading possibilities. Find out if this service is right for your needs by reading our complete Pure Power Picks review.


  • 3-5 swing trading alerts per week
  • Long options trades are easy to follow
  • Alerts are based on options sweeps and support/resistance levels
  • Relatively inexpensive and offers a 7-day free trial


  • Few details about past performance
  • No risk management strategy for recommended trades
  • Profit targets are not updated as trades progress

Pure Power Picks is a trading signals service for stocks and options. The service offers 3-5 trade ideas each week complete with entry points and profit targets. Pure Power Picks doesn’t offer much detail about its performance, but the platform advertises that its top five trades in 2021 returned an average of more than 500%.

So can Pure Power Picks help you find profitable trades? In our Pure Power Picks review, we’ll explain everything this service has to offer.

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Pure Power Picks Pricing Options

Pure Power Picks offers two services: Alerts and Trading Room.

The Alerts service includes access to 3-5 trade ideas each week along with a weekly market watchlist. It costs $37 per month, $97 per quarter, or $297 per year. You can try out the Alerts service free for 7 days (credit card required).

Pure Power Picks - Alerts Pricing

The Trading Room service includes everything in the Alerts service, plus access to a Discord trading room where the traders behind Pure Power Picks share ideas on a daily basis. The trading room also includes options alerts and alerts about results from Pure Power Picks’ live stock scanners. The Trading Room plan costs $97 per month, $247 per quarter, or $797 per year and does not offer a trial.

Pure Power Picks Trading Style & Alerts

Pure Power Picks is a technical trading service that focuses on swing trades with weekly to monthly timeframes. Trade alerts are delivered by email or text message three to five times per week and include all the details that traders need to open a trade.

Nearly all of the recommended trades are long put or long call options trades. Pure Power Picks does not use multi-leg options strategies. Each alert includes the ticker symbol, the recommended options contract to buy, the contract’s bid price at the time of the alert, and the profit target for the trade. For nearly all trades, the profit target is set at 60%.


The service doesn’t offer much detail about the setups that are behind each trade, but each alert includes one or two sentences about the justification for the trade. Pure Power Picks appears to target stocks that are breaking above resistance or below support with strong momentum. The traders behind Pure Power Picks frequently cite options sweeps as evidence for a coming move. 

On occasion, Pure Power Picks also targets reversals around support or resistance areas when stocks appear to be losing momentum and are strongly overbought or oversold.

Pure Power Picks Performance

Pure Power Picks doesn’t provide a detailed accounting of its performance. Traders have access to the full history of alerts the platform has issued, but the service doesn’t go back and fill in details about the outcome of the trades it recommended. So, it’s nearly impossible to determine whether Pure Power Picks has beaten the market over the past year.

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The only performance information that Pure Power Picks provides is that its top five trades in 2021 returned an average of more than 500%. The service’s top-performing trade returned over 2,200%.

However, it’s hard to see how you would replicate these results. Each trade has a profit target of just 60%, and these profit targets aren’t updated after alerts are originally issued. So, a trader strictly following Pure Power Picks’ alerts would rarely close a trade for a gain greater than 60%.

In addition, it’s important to note that Pure Power Picks doesn’t provide any information about risk management. All recommended options trades are long call or long put trades with no stop losses provided. So, for every trade, all of the money that you put into a position is at risk.

What Type of Trader is Pure Power Picks Best For?

Pure Power Picks is designed for traders of any experience level, but we would caution that it should only be used by experienced traders who can do their own analysis to scrutinize the trade alerts. Beginner traders could easily lose money using Pure Power Picks if they’re not careful about choosing which trades to follow and how to follow them. 

Traders need to evaluate the recommended trades themselves to decide whether a long options strategy makes sense or whether alternative options strategies would better fit their risk tolerance. If traders do adopt a long strategy, they need to be able to decide where to place stop losses. As a trade evolves, they also need to be able to re-evaluate the trade’s profit target.

That said, Pure Power Picks could be a powerful way for traders to find trading opportunities in real-time. Day traders who want to be active with some longer-term swing trades may find Pure Power Picks’ alerts helpful, and swing traders may be able to incorporate the alerts into their existing strategies. The service isn’t very expensive, so traders only need to make one or two profitable trades for Pure Power Picks to pay for itself.

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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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