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Estimize Review – A Tool for Earnings Traders

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Estimize Review

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Estimize Review

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In need of a platform to help you collect data on the market? Estimize is a platform with a unique approach to collecting data. This platform allows any user, from Wall Street analysts to individual retail investors, to contribute revenue estimates and EPS to its database, allowing for a broader view of the market than one may normally get with only professional analysts. Its features include an earnings screener, an earnings calendar, economic forecasts, rankings, and access to Estimize’s complete database. Is this platform right for you? Find out with our complete Estimize review.

Estimize is a unique service that collects crowd-sourced data to predict the results of quarterly earnings reports. Instead of only giving a small handful of Wall Street analysts a platform, Estimize allows anyone from Wall Street analysts to individual retail investors to contribute EPS and revenue estimates. In doing so, Estimize offers a broader view on the market than you would normally get.

So, can Estimize help you trade around earnings? We’ll cover everything you need to know about this platform in our Estimize review.

Estimize Homepage

Estimize Pricing Options

Estimize costs $325 per quarter and you can try out the platform for 10 days before committing (credit card required). Alternatively, if you contribute EPS and revenue estimates for a company, you can see most Estimize data for that company for free.

Estimize Pricing

How Does Estimize Work?

Before we dive into Estimize’s features, it’s important to understand how this platform generates data. Estimize enables anyone to anonymously contribute earnings predictions to its database. That includes Wall Street analysts, fund managers, and – importantly – retail investors. Contributors are not required to have any qualifications to contribute to Estimize.

This approach means that the Estimize database has predictions from a wide range of investors. However, it also means that Estimize could be biased by poor predictions from inexperienced investors. The platform filters contributions by the number of times and accuracy that a contributor has added estimates in the past, which goes a long way towards ensuring the quality of the database.

According to Estimize, the platform beats Wall Street estimates for EPS and revenue 74% of the time.

Estimize Features

Earnings Screener

The main feature that Estimize provides subscribers is access to its database. After all, what makes this platform unique is its dataset of earnings estimates covering nearly 2,000 different companies.

While it may not be a dedicated screener tool, like FinViz Stock Screener or Uncle Stock, Estimize does offer a screener tool to help users navigate its database. The screener allows you to easily find companies for which there is a large difference between Wall Street expectations for earnings and Estimize expectations for earnings (revenue or EPS). You can also look back at historical data to find stocks for which actual earnings were vastly different from either Wall Street or Estimize predictions.

Estimize Earnings Screener

Another neat aspect of the screener is that it lets you look for stocks with earnings “momentum.” That is, you can search for stocks for which the Estimize or Wall Street EPS or revenue consensuses have been rising or falling in recent weeks. Estimize even lets you filter companies based on how Estimize predictions have performed for that stock in the past.

Earnings Calendar

Estimize also offers a calendar for investors who want to look at companies with upcoming earnings. For each upcoming day, you can see a list of scheduled stock earnings reports and economic releases. A table shows the Wall Street and Estimize predictions, making it easy to spot discrepancies that could offer the potential for trading.

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Estimize Earnings Calendar

Economic Forecasts

The Estimize database isn’t only limited to EPS and revenue estimates for individual companies. It also includes predictions for key economic releases, such as the Consumer Price Index, new housing starts, and the unemployment rate. Users can also contribute predictions for international economic indicators in the UK, Germany, Japan, China, and several other countries.

Estimize CPI Predictions

Ranking and Leagues

Estimize partly gamifies the process of contributing earnings and economic forecasts by assigning users points for each estimate they make. The number of points a contributor is awarded is based on the accuracy of their estimate. For stock earnings, they receive points when their estimate is more accurate than Wall Street’s and lose points when their estimate is less accurate.

Based on this point system, Estimize ranks all of the users that contribute to the platform. While users’ identities are hidden, you can follow individual contributors and see what estimates they have for upcoming earnings.

Estimize Individual Contributor

Estimize also has competitive leagues, which enable you to vie for the most accurate earnings predictions against other users. Some of these leagues are sponsored and have cash prizes for the most accurate contributors. Alternatively, you can create your own league if you want to compete against friends.

Estimize Leagues

Estimize Customization and Layout

The Estimize web interface is easy to navigate. Most data is presented in tables that can be sorted by any column, and you have the option to export any data to Excel for additional analysis. In addition, Estimize allows you to save stocks or economic indicators to watchlists and to follow analysts that you like. 

Estimize Platform Differentiators

Estimize’s database of EPS, revenue, and economic predictions is relatively unique. While it’s easy to find Wall Street consensus estimates, few other platforms make it possible for lay investors and analysts to contribute data together. The fact that Estimize is anonymous makes it more inviting for professional analysts without dissuading individual investors from contributing.

Importantly, Estimize isn’t just putting all contributed estimates together to create its database. The platform quality-filters the data, and that extra step goes a long way towards making the database actionable. According to Estimize, the platform’s consensus estimates beat Wall Street estimates 74% of the time.

What Type of Trader is Estimize Best For?

Estimize is best for investors who want to trade around earnings reports and economic releases. It’s particularly good for traders who want to spot earnings beats or misses – Estimize makes it simple to screen for stocks for which there is a large discrepancy between Wall Street and Estimize consensus predictions.

That said, traders should note that Estimize contributors don’t offer any insight into how they got to their estimates. So, Estimize data is best used as one data point among many others.


  • Unique database of stock EPS and revenue predictions
  • Includes US and international economic release predictions
  • Screen stocks based on Wall Street-Estimize forecast discrepancy
  • Free access for stocks you make estimates for
  • Compete with other contributors in leagues


  • Expensive quarterly subscription
  • Estimize predictions can have a high error rate
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