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Best Options Alert Service – Top 5 Choices

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Whether you’re new to options trading or an experienced options trader looking for new trade ideas, an options alert service can help you find bigger and more consistent wins. These services offer professionally curated options trades recommendations as well as a range of helpful tools for trading options.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about options alerts and highlight our 5 favorite options alert services.

What is an Options Alert Service?

An options alert service is an online trading service that helps you find and act on options trading opportunities. They’re typically run by experienced professional traders who spend their days scanning the market so that you don’t have to.

The specifics of these services can vary, but they typically provide specific options trade recommendations complete with suggested strategies, entry points, and price targets. In addition, many options alert services have research tools to help you do your own research into potential options trades.

How to Choose the Best Options Alert Service?

There are dozens of options alerts services, each with different approaches to the market, trading tools, success rates, and more. When choosing an options alert service, these are the three primary factors to consider:

Strategy Alignment

It’s essential that whatever options alert service you use aligns with your trading strategy and style. Think about the types of options strategies you most commonly use and look for services that focus on those strategies. You’ll also want to think carefully about what type of return-to-risk ratio you want in your options trades and whether an options service operates within a risk level that you’re comfortable with.

Proven Track Record

Options alert services that issue defined trade recommendations typically have logs of their past trades or measurements of their past performance. These records are important because they allow you to see whether a service has been consistently profitable and whether it has suffered any major losses.


Options alert services can be expensive, especially for those that offer multiple trade recommendations each week. High prices may be justified if you are trading large amounts of money, but it’s important to think about the return you expect from a service based on its track record.

Best Options Alert Services

With those considerations in mind, let’s take a closer look at the 5 best options alert services you can start using today.

The Motley Fool Options – Best for Long-term Options Traders

Options Services - The Motley Fool Options

The Motley Fool Options is a unique options alert service in that it’s designed for long-term investors. Suggested trades focus on stocks that The Motley Fool’s analysts view as long-term winners. These options strategies typically target stocks for which a short-term pullback represents a long-term buying opportunity. 

Helpfully, The Motley Fool Options offers a training course and some trades are tagged as beginner-friendly. These features make this service more accessible to new options traders.

The Motley Fool Options costs $999 per year.

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Market Rebellion – Best for Short-Term Options Traders

Market Rebellion Unusual Options Activity

Market Rebellion is an options trading service founded by Jon and Pete Najarian, who are well-known options traders, CNBC hosts, and FinTech entrepreneurs.

Market Rebellion offers a range of different services for options traders, including “Unusual Options Activity” and “Oracle Essential.” These options alert services are ideal for traders who want a fresh flow of options alerts throughout the week. Each Market Rebellion service provides 1-2 options alerts per week, making it ideal for traders who want to swing trade options over a few days or weeks.

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Sky View Trading – Best for Alerts & Education

Options Services - Sky View Trading

Sky View Trading is an options alert service that focuses on short-term trade opportunities. The service issues daily trade alerts by email and SMS, making it easy to stay on top of new trades. There’s also a portfolio of options trades that’s consistently updated so you can follow along with the service.

Sky View also includes educational features like an in-depth training course. The course is designed for beginners but offers expert advice that even seasoned options traders will find useful. A Discord chat room also adds a community presence to Sky View’s service.

Sky View Trading costs $149 per month. You can try out the service for 14 days for $14.

Benzinga Pro Options – Best Options Trading Community

Benzinga Pro

Benzinga offers one of the most comprehensive options alert services I’ve seen. In addition to the platform’s real-time market news scanner (which is worthwhile for many options traders on its own), Benzinga Pro includes an unusual options activity scanner. This alerts you to large block trades and options sweeps as they happen. It also has an unusual options calendar, which lets you look back at recent block trades and options sweeps to get an idea of what big bets are riding on a stock.

Benzinga Pro Options, the top-tier Benzing Pro subscription, includes an options-picking newsletter edited by Nic Chahine. It’s released twice per month and includes highly actionable details like entry prices and expiration dates for recommended trades. The service also includes access to weekly webinars and an online chat room for discussion.

Benzinga Pro costs $204.97 per month with unusual options activity scanning. Benzinga Pro Options costs $347 per month.

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Optionsonar – Best for Self-directed Options Traders

Optionsonar Homepage

Optionsonar is an online options scanner and alert service that’s best-suited for self-directed traders. This service will highlight potential trading opportunities based on unusual options activity, block trades, dark pool activity, and options sweeps. You can sort recommended trades based on a wide range of criteria, including strategy, moneyness, expiration, and more.

However, it’s up to you to sift through all of the potential trades presented to figure out which ones are worth pursuing. Optionsonar doesn’t offer a ton of trade research features, so it works best when paired with an in-depth options analysis platform.

Optionsonar plans start at $35 per month.

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Market Chameleon – Best for Advanced Options Traders

Market Chameleon Homepage

Market Chameleon is a data-rich options screening tool that’s best-suited for advanced self-directed traders. The platform offers a variety of tools, including an options order flow sentiment scanner, a list of top moving stocks by implied volatility, and a backtester to find the best straddle strategies on a weekly basis. An unusual options activity screener and earnings screener round out the platform for traders in search of catalysts.

Market Chameleon offers several features for free, such as a list of stocks with unusual options volume and an implied volatility ranking report. The Options Trader plan, which includes most options screening and analysis rules, costs $69 per month.

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Conclusion: Best Options Alert Service

Options alert services can help you find potential options trades and guide you to profitable strategies. When choosing an options alert service, it’s important to make sure that it aligns with your trading style and has a proven track record of success. Check out the top 5 options alert services we reviewed to find more options trading opportunities today.

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