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Beat the Market Analyzer Review – Is This Simple Tool Helpful?

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Beat the Market Analyzer Review

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Beat the Market Analyzer Review

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Have you heard of the stock analyzer, Beat the Market Analyzer? This stock scanner aims to serve the everyday investor with its simplicity and straightforwardness. Beat the Market Analyzer tries to make picking stocks as simple as yes or no. Are they actually all they say they are? Read our review of Beat the Market Analyzer to learn more.

About Beat the Market Analyzer

Beat the Market Analyzer is a ridiculously simple stock analyzer that tells you in “Yes” or “No” terms whether you should invest in a stock based on fundamental data. In effect, it’s a digital checklist of Warren Buffett’s criteria for investing in a stock. There is little that Beat the Market Analyzer offers that traders can’t do themselves. But at just $99 per year, it’s a time-saver that could be worthwhile for fundamental traders.

Beat the Market Analyzer Review: Key Facts
📈 Features Stock Analyzer, Stock Picks, and More
💰 Pricing $69-$99
Discounts 30% Off Annual
Best For Retail Investors

Pricing Options

Beat the Market Analyzer costs $69 for a six-month subscription or $99 for a one-year subscription. You can also try out the platform for free for one week.

Beat the Market Analyzer Pricing

Beat the Market Analyzer Investment Strategy and Tools

Beat the Market Analyzer is entirely based on fundamental company information. Most of the metrics that Beat the Market Analyzer uses come from Warren Buffett and Benjamin Grahams’ books and strategies. In fact, the platform is littered with quotations from these two famous fundamental investors.

Essentially, the analyzer looks at fundamental information and uses a series of equations to convert that information into actionable metrics. What’s unique about Beat the Market Analyzer is that it’s written for the everyday investor rather than the seasoned trader. Metrics are phrased as simple questions or phrases – “Ability to Recover from Market Crash” on a scale of 1-15 – which makes the platform much more approachable than similar offerings. The fact that the analyzer tells you what a “good” score for most of its metrics are makes it easy to discriminate between stocks at a glance.

Beat the Market Analyzer MetricsThis isn’t a stock discovery tool by any means. You have to search stocks by name or ticker to analyze them, and there’s no way to show all stocks within a sector or industry. But, you can compare multiple stocks directly, which makes it relatively useful for deciding between investments within a single industry.

Ultimately, Beat the Market Analyzer is a great tool because it gives a simple answer to the incredibly complicated question of whether you should invest in a particular stock. Based on the sum of the derived metrics that the platform uses, it will come up with the fundamental-recommended price at which to buy a stock. If the last closing price was higher than that fundamental price, or if there were any significant red flags in the fundamental analysis of the stock, the analyzer will tell you not to buy the stock and explain why.

Beat the Market Analyzer - Analyzer

Qualitative Analysis Checklist

Once you’ve investigated a stock using the analyzer, Beat the Market Analyzer offers a sanity check to prevent you from investing with your heart. This feature seems somewhat silly, but it actually offers a good speed bump to ensure that you’ve done due diligence on a stock.

The checklist asks basic questions, like whether you understand how the company works (with a reminder of a Warren Buffett adage), whether the company is priced fairly based on its fundamental data, and whether there are any red flags to watch out for. You can add notes throughout the process, and ultimately save your annotated checklist at the end. This last feature, while extraordinarily simple, means that you can have a detailed record of why you chose to invest in a company years after you purchase shares.

Beat the Market Analyzer Qualitative Analysis Checklist

Service Differentiators

Beat the Market Analyzer is so simple it almost seems silly. But, that simplicity is the platform’s main advantage. All of the information is presented in a way that any long-term investor can understand and there are as few barriers as possible to investing based on a sound fundamental trading strategy. This is also one of the only investment platforms that will tell you, yes or no, whether to invest in a company based on available fundamental information.

If Beat the Market Analyzer was expensive, it would be a lot harder to recommend since it’s such a simple tool. But at just $99 per year, traders can save a lot of time on researching bad stocks with this platform.

What Type of Trader is Beat the Market Analyzer Best For?

Beat the Market Analyzer is designed for long-term fundamental investors who want to emulate the investing style of Warren Buffett. It doesn’t present the research behind its metrics, so traders should be able to conduct their own follow-up analyses on stocks that are recommended by the platform. Ultimately, the low cost of this platform makes it an easy purchase for traders who want to save time on research and improve their fundamental investing.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Understandable derived metrics with easy-to-interpret scales
  • Simple answer to the question of whether to invest in a stock based on fundamental data
  • Qualitative analysis checklist provides a record of your investment decisions


  • Can largely be replicated in Excel with some initial effort
  • No explanation behind how the metrics used were derived
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