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The T3 Trading Group is a proprietary trading firm offering a variety of services including a brokerage, trading programs, education and more. Read through the review to see if T3 Trading Group is a good fit for your trading goals.

About T3 Trading Group

T3trading.com is a fully integrated proprietary trading firm offering on-location and remote brokerage services, education, and training programs. The firm is a registered SEC broker-dealer and member of the NASDAQ PHLX. The main headquarters are located in New York City, which many branch offices located throughout the country.

T3 Trading Group

Proprietary traders are required to hold a Series 57 or Series 7 license to become Class C members, which allows them ‘Professional’ leverage using firm capital. Members are required to make a capital contribution, and various profit splits and amount of leverage can be negotiated based on experience and track record.

Commissions and Fees

T3 will sponsor traders for the Series 57 license. This license grants the trader ‘Professional’ status, which allows the trader to bypass the $25,000 PDT rule and have access to higher leverage. Members are required to make a minimum $7,500 risk capital contribution, which is used to absorb fees and trading losses.

Commissions will vary by individual ranging from $0.001 to $0.005 per share, depending on the negotiated profit splits (50/50 to 90/10) and trading volumes. Desk, data, and software fees are charged monthly for live traders at various branch locations. Since member traders are considered ‘Professional,’ the fees will be more expensive than ‘Non-Professional” retail traders. However, the leverage can be as high as 20-to-1 on equity trades. T3 also provides options, futures, and Forex trading.

Platform Features and Tools

T3 offers multiple trading platforms; Fusion, Lightspeed and Sterling

The Fusion platform has all the basic tools, including level 2, time and sales, charting, hot-keys, watch lists, point-and-click direct access order routing, scanner, and tickers.

T3 Lightspeed Hot Keys


The Lightspeed platform has all the basic tools with a concentration on augmenting order routing and execution with improved depth and flexibility. I was very impressed with the extended hot-key programmability down to each specific ECN.

T3 Lightspeed

The Sterling Pro platform has the most features, including news feeds, scanners, and charting, along with seamless direct-access routing and execution.

T3 Trading Sterling Pro

Research Tools

Each platform has its own basic stock scanner with multiple watch list capabilities. T3 also offers a customized scanner add-on powered through Trade-Ideas for member traders.

Customer Service

On-location prop traders have access to immediate customer service and tech support in the branch office. Remote traders have access to phone, instant messenger, and e-mail support during market hours.

Execution and Routes

T3 traders have extensive direct access routing capabilities to all the popular exchanges and dark pools. Hot-keys are easily programmed on each platform with instantaneous fills on direct access orders.

Borrows and Locates

Professional prop traders have extensive short-sale borrowing capabilities that are more expansive than retail short-sell lists. The professional status allows for more access to make locates quicker and more extensive. Even the toughest hard-to-borrow (HTB) stocks can be available to short-sell for member traders.

Training and Education

T3 offers in-house live training, online, and home study programs that traders can partake at their own pace. Their Platform Development Program (PDP) is a core-training platform that covers topics from Cycle of Stock Movement to Understanding Algorithms and HFT, Candlestick Analysis and Chart Patterns, Money Management, and Trading Psychology. On-location training is for member traders and has the added benefit of being totally (mentally and physically) immersed in the complete professional trader ecosystem where you can sit next to seasoned traders and mentors throughout the day watching how they navigate through the trading day. This is one of the most valuable aspects of live training. The numerous nuances can be addressed and studied in real-time in a mentorship.

T3 Trading Education

Online and Home Study Training

The interactive online and remote home study programs can be accessed through the T3Live.com web portal. This training is available to retail traders who are not members of the prop brokerage arm. The Home Study Programs offer specific courses for $477, which is in line with the pricing of competing courses, like those offered by Investopedia Academy.

Co-founder of Pristine Trading, Greg Capra, has condensed his “Pristine Method” trading methodology into 11 on-demand videos and a 319-page course booklet for $477 (discounted from $795). Other courses include Advanced Technical Strategies, Advanced Scalping Techniques, Advanced Gap Strategies, Advanced Management Strategies to Forex Profit Accelerator Lab, Quant Edge Home Study, and Options Home Study.

Live Interactive Courses

These are individual courses that provide in-depth and personalized mentorship training. The Redler Ultimate-Access provides 20 traders with full access to Chief Strategic Officer Scott Redler in a 12-month online mentoring program. This includes a live retreat in New York City plus video library and transcripts of all lessons, monthly in-depth training sessions, webinars, VIP access dinners, and private Facebook group for $4,995. There are other various programs, including 5-Day Private Mentorship, Omega Prop Trading Program, Quant Edge Coaching Program with Rob Smith for$2,195, and the Options Training Program with Doug Robinson for $495. Dates and pricing may change.

trading courses

Chatroom and Alerts Service

As part of the training, traders can also opt to subscribe to the various live trading chat rooms on T3live.com. T3 calls these rooms Virtual Trading Floors (VTF) as the moderators post their trades and positions throughout the day with narratives and analysis so that members can learn and also adopt the trades themselves. These are not long-term stock picks, but short-term momentum trades. You need to be able to actively monitor the markets to get value from them.

It is always noted that viewers should not piggyback the trades and should only adopt them if they are fully aware of the risks and the methodology to manage it. The Black Room VTF membership is $195 per month. The Quant Edge room is also $195.

What Type of Trader it Is Best For

T3 is commonly compared to  Topstep Trader and Maverick Trading, as these all fall under the category of publicly accessible prop firms.

T3 Trading is for serious traders willing to make the investment financially (capital contribution) and psychologically to become a professional proprietary firm trader. Traders have to be committed to pass the Series 57 licensing exam to move forward with the firm. T3Live.com is for traders of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros that want to sharpen their skills and augment their trading methodologies and management.


  • Excellent support and complete trader ecosystem encouraging growth
  • Access to multiple direct-access platforms
  • Access to top world-class expert traders in-house
  • Sponsors Series 57 licensing
  • Professional leverage for licensed members


  • Training programs can be expensive